7/20 TNA in Cape Girardeau results: New TNA Champion among the wrestlers prohibited from wrestling by the state athletic commission

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Jul 21, 2013 - 11:20 AM

TNA Live Event
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Report by Dot Net reader Brent Lawson

The event got off to a rough start, not only was the event poorly attended, but immediately after Christy Hemme came out she introduced Pay Kenney. He looked very nervous and when he made the announcement I know why. He stated the Missouri athletic commission denied the following wrestlers to compete in the live event: Jay Bradley, Ms. Tessmacher, Gail Kim, Wes Briscoe, Garrett Bischoff, and new TNA Champion Chris Sabin. He did run down the wrestlers that could compete and announced the main event as Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy. He did however state that all fans would meet the entire show roster after the event. Pat finally stated that if you left before the second match you could receive a refund. He was then corrected that the main event was now Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy. 

As stated above the crowd was not large to begin with, so I do not know how many packed up and left when refunds are offered. 

1. Bully Ray defeated James Storm. Bully got the win with the chain assist from Devon

2. Devon beat Gunner. My gut figured with all the unavailable talent a tag match was in our near future. Devon delivered a nut shot with a distraction by Bully for the the win.

This led to the tag title match later in the show. It was billed a "Cape Girardeau Street Fight." And when they meant "later in the show", they meant one match later.

3. Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode. Best match of the night and Joe got the tap-out for the win.

4. James Storm and Gunner beat Team 3-D in a Street Fight to retain the TNA Tag Titles. A lot of comedy in this match with Storm hitting the "Last Call" on Devon for the win.

5. Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle. Another good match and Hardy got the pin so all the overweight goth girls could go crazy (just a joke, but always seems true). Hardy did pictures for $20 in the ring, but if you paid from front row this was included with your ticket.

We went backstage and it was a bit of disarray, but my best friend's son met every wrestler including the ones that did not compete. Chris Sabin was nowhere to be found. Pictures and autographs from: Bully Ray, Devon, Briscoe, Garrett, Jay Bradley, Storm, Gunner, Tessmacher, Hemme, Joe, Angle, Gail Kim, Rood, Earl Hebner and his son.

The wrestlers were all nice and most of the wrestlers that could not compete were not happy they could not perform. I did talk to one wrestler that could not compete about why they could not perform and they stated "TNA did not submit the appropriate paperwork." I did not want to say who this person was, as I am not sure if TNA wanted this to be common knowledge.

Overall, for a small crowd and the limited wrestlers that could work TNA tried to provide a good night of entertainment and meeting the wrestlers meant a lot to my best friend's son. It is sad that someone in TNA did not do their job to make sure all the talent brought to the event could work.

Attendance Guesstimatation: 500 to 600 fans

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