6/25 TNA in Troy, OH: Earl Hebner gets to make out with Madison Rayne, Crimson vs. Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson, and two Bound for Glory series matches

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Jun 26, 2011 - 12:42 PM

Dot Net reader Kurt Graver attended the TNA house show in Troy, OH on June 25 and sent along the following report:

The show featured two Bound for Glory Series matches that they taped to show highlights of on Thursday’s Impact. I’m actually curious to watch to see if they do make it on TV...

1. Alex Shelley defeated Robbie E (w/ Cookie) and Generation Me in what they called a tornado tag match by pinning one of the Bucks. This was a really good opener, but there were a few problems.

Problem #1: This was a tag match yet only Alex Shelley won.
Problem #2: This was a Tornado tag match and they were still tagging each other in.
Problem #3: I guess Shelley and Robbie were partners, but Shelley still attacked and tried to pin Robbie.

2. Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship. This was an ok match. It ended when James hit her tornado DDT for the pin. During the match James knocked Rayne into Earl Hebner’s arms and Hebner kissed Rayne.

3. Abyss defeated Kazarian to retain the TNA X-Division Championship. Basic match. It was good, but I’m not into Abyss. Abyss got the clean win with the blackhole slam. A fan brought a “Got Teeth” sign to the event. I got a chuckle out of that.

4. Beer Money defeated Devon and The Pope in a tag match with BFG Series points on the line. An enjoyable tag team match. Beer Money is super over. James Storm picked up the win for Beer Money by pinning Devon after a superkick. After the match Beer Money and Devon attacked The Pope. Devon did the Wassup on the Pope. This match was taped for Impact.

5. Crimson defeated Jeff Jarrett by pinfall after the sky high. An ok match. Crimson needs a lot of work. I just don’t care about Crimson right now. They announced this match would have a 20 minute time limit. This was the only time they did that and the matched ended after about 6 minutes of action. It was strange.

6. AJ Styles defeated Gunner by pinfall in a match with BFG Series Points on the line. This match was also taped for Impact highlights. The match ended after AJ hit the Pele Kick. AJ was able to carry Gunner to a decent match. Just a few blown spots. The only noticeable one was when he messed up two arm drags in a row. A lot of heat on Gunner tonight.

7. Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson by pinfall in a nontitle match. Basic Angle/Anderson match. The ending was kind of sudden but still an enjoyable time.

Don West is very good at his job. He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. West also said all night long that Christopher Daniels was an actual member of fortune. I just assumed he hung out with them.

I had backstage passes and got to meet a lot of the wrestlers. Most were friendly and willing to take pictures and sign things. Pope would only sign something if you said thank you first. Angle looked like he was out of it. Styles didn’t seem interested in meeting the fans. He signed whatever it was and pushed it away. I felt kind of bad for Cookie. People didn't seem to know who she was.

Is it just me or has Angle gotten a little smaller? Also their bell is very quiet. It was a small arena and I still didn’t hear it most of the time. Overall it was a good time. I still think that Impact Wrestling would be better if every show was like this. There were no Dusty finishes or anything. It was strictly wrestling.

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