6/14 TNA in Belton, Texas: Knockouts in the main event, Crimson is on a losing streak, Matt Morgan returns, wrestler limps his way through the opener, Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff, Doug Williams returns

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Jun 14, 2012 - 10:00 PM

TNA Live Event
Belton, Texas
Report by Dot Net reader Ryan in Austin (@skapocalypse)

They announced at the beginning that we would be declaring a "Knockout of the Night" at the end of the show. What this meant was that different ladies came out to cut promos between matches to declare why they should be chosen. It seemed like a way to just stretch out the show to me.

Tara delivered the first promo.

1. Doug Williams defeated Robbie T in 6:45. Robbie was limping around the whole match and it seemed like his left leg was bothering him a lot. Doug won with a rollup in what seemed like a short match due to Robbie's injury.

There was a Sarita and Rosita Promo/Dance Off

2. Kazarian defeated Kid Kash in 14:49. Entertaining match. Kash had big heat after declaring Texas full of "Steers and Queers." Both guys spent the first three minutes jaw jacking with WWE's Sign Guy at ringside, who was in fine form (Don West's replacement even announced that he was here prior to the show starting). Kaz wins via a reverse tombstone-like move.

Winter delivered her promo. A guy in the crowd shouted, "Take your pants off!!"

3. Garett Bischoff beat Gunner in 7:09. Decent heat for Gunner. The crowd was pretty solidly behind Garret, who won with a cutter-style finisher. After the match, the ring announcer acknowledged two live events going on in two separate states for the first time ever.

Mickie James cut a promo.

Intermission/Crimson Signing

Angelina Love cut promo and said, "I'm the hottest blonde any of you have laid eyes on."

4. Matt Morgan beat Crimson in 7:49. Crimson's losing streak extended to two after falling to Morgan's big boot. There was a botched three count about a minute before the actual finish, when Morgan hit a kick and it seemed like Crimson thought it was the time (he never kicked out).

Sign Guy sign - "Crimson has a new streak going - LOSING."

Velvet Sky delivered her promo and received a big pop. The Other Kknockouts ran out and the match was on.

5. Velvet Sky, Tara, and Mickie James defeated vs Sarita, Rosita, Winter and Angelina in a handicap match in about ten minutes. Velvet won after using her Pedigree-like finisher.

Velvet was declared "KO of the night" for the win. $20 to take a photo in the ring with her. Bye everyone!

OK show considering the fact that most of the roster was in Orlando. It lasted only two hours and 15 minutes, including intermission. I'd say around 1,000 fans attended.

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