2/28 TNA in Columbia, S.C. results: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a best of three falls cage match, James Storm vs. Gunner, ODB vs. Rockstar Spud, Samuel Shaw vs. Kenny King

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Mar 1, 2014 - 11:10 AM

TNA Live Event
Columbia, South Carolina
Report by Dot Net reader Wesley Holland

Gunner called out James Storm and pumped up the crowd. James Storm came out and they did a little fight on the floor. Gunner called for a No DQ match tonight vs. Storm.
1. Manik defeated Chris Sabin and Zema Ion in a three-way. Zema and Chris were playing heels and working together. Manik played to the crowd at the start and got quite a few cheers. Manik defied the odds and beat them.
JB did his "loudest fans would go backstage" bit. Rockstar Spud came out and said No! No! No! to anybody going backstage. After they went back and forth, “the nerds” as they called them,  Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum, came out to say give them a match to change his mind. They did a handicap match vs Ethan Carter III. If they win, people go backstage, if they don’t win, nobody is backstage.
2. ECIII beat  Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum. Rockstar cut another promo saying the nerds belong in the Knockouts division, etc. ODB came out to call for double or nothing with a match vs Rockstar.
3. ODB beat Rockstar Spud. ODB ended up winning in a match with a lot of sexual innuendo.
4. Samuel Shaw beat Kenny King. King did a promo saying he was on his way back. He said he was gonna do the ladies a favor and kick Shaw's butt. He also also called him a Creepy B. Shaw ended up winning.
5. Gunner defeated James Storm in a No DQ match. Gunner came out with a trash can, stick, etc. He did his America stuff and made the crowd do the pledge of allegiance. Storm and Gunner battled to one of the best matches of the night and Gunner went over.
There was a backstage meet and greet held prior to the main event.
6. Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray in a best of three falls cage match. Anderson was making his way in when he was attacked by Bully Ray. I think he knocked him out with his chain. Bully Ray did his heel promo to massive heat. He is good at what he does that’s for sure. Anderson is on the ground to be thrown in the ring. Ray just pinned Anderson for the first fall easily. Anderson was still down to be pinned again by Ray. After a slow count from Earl, Anderson kicked out. Ray and Earl went at it yelling at each other. After a bit, Anderson rolled up Ray for the second fall. The third one started finally to a real match. They went back and forth with Anderson hitting the Mic Check for the win.
After the match, Anderson did his Mic lines with help with a kid in the stands. Then they did the photo op with Anderson with the steel cage behind them.

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