2/25 TNA in Hagerstown, Md.: Sold out venue for Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray, Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson for the TNA Tag Titles, camera crew present

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Feb 26, 2012 - 02:50 PM

TNA Live Event
Hagerstown, Md.
Report by Dot Net reader Ben Hough

The show was a complete legit sell out crowd. Not an empty seat in the building and they were turning fans away. The crowd was red hot from the very beginning and stayed that way all night. Before the show, if you bought a double pack figure set of AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, they would sign it for you.

Jeremy Borash came out for the usual beginning and they had a film crew from Spike TV filming parts of the show. They were filming all over the arena, including the lobby.

1. X Division Champion Austin Aries beat Alex Shelley. Really good match and the crowd popped for everything. Aries won by submission.

2. Mickie James and Velvet Sky beat Angelina Love and Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. The crowd was into Mickie and Velvet. Earl Hebner did the usual comedy spots, including one where he ended up kissing Angelina, who than received a chick kick from Mickie.

3. TNA Tag Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Matt Morgan and Crimson. The crowd came literally unglued for this one. Morgan was SUPER over. The finish came when Crimson accidentally speared Morgan, who than was pinned after a flying elbow by Magnus.

4. Christopher Daniels beat AJ Styles. Daniels cut a pre match heel promo. Daniels pinned Styles after Kaz held AJ's legs down when the ref wasn't looking. The fans ate it up. After the match, Styles hit a Pele kick on Daniels, who than ran to the back.

5. ODB and Eric Young beat Robbie E and Rob Terry. They had a pre match dance off. ODB and EY were hilarious, as was Robbie E. Young pinned Robbie E after a flying elbow smash.

6. James Storm and Jeff Hardy beat TNA Champion Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. Hardy's entrance got a very loud, sustained reaction. He went into the crowd during his intro and they seemed to be filming something, because the cameras followed Hardy all around during entrance. The crowd was loud throughout his entrance and the entire match. It started as Roode vs. Hardy for the title, but Bully Ray came out and attacked Hardy, which prompted Storm to run out, leading to a tag match. The crowd was on their feet for entire match. Hardy won after pinning Roode with the Twist of Fate.

Afterwards, Hardy and Storm did pics in the ring. Cameras were interviewing fans about there experience after the show as well.

Notes: Jeremy Borash informed the crowd before intermission that Dixie Carter was aware of the sellout and she had tweeted it on Twitter, which got a thunderous response from the crowd.

Film crews were filming everything from the merchandise stand to wrestlers entrances during the show. JB kept making fans aware that TNA film crews were there.

The crowd was just hot for everything. Not an empty seat anywhere.

The crew seemed very aware of the turnout, as it seemed everything was turned up a notch for the show.

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