2/24 TNA in Bowling Green: Jeff Hardy vs. Devon in a cage match for the TNA Title, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson, which TNA wrestler won the correspondent over being treating fans well

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Feb 25, 2013 - 10:05 AM

TNA live event
Bowling Green, Ohio at The Stroh Center
Report by Dot Net reader Edward Wonder

The arena was pretty filled up for it being the Stroh Center. They haven't done any shows like this here other then small concerts and comedians. My girlfriend and I won free tickets for the sixth row from the local radio station. Our seats were awesome.

1. Joseph Park beat Robbie E (w/Robbie T). They had a very funny dance off before the match with Park winning and Little Rob attacking him. Park won by pin fall and the aftermath was Robbie E slapping Big Rob, and Big Rob kicking his butt and chasing him from the ring. Not a big pop for Little Rob, but they loved Bigger Rob. He was frustrated with Little Rob from the get go. I see the end of them coming on live television very soon.

Earl Hebner came out with a huge pop. He generated lots of heat when he took off his uniform shirt to reveal his "Damn Right I Did" shirt and put on a pair of Bret Hart glasses.

2. Velvet Sky and ODB beat Tara and Gail Kim. Lots of booty slapping and comedy from ODB, Velvet got a good reaction but ODB stole her shine. OHIO loves beer drinkers. Velvet pinned tara after stripping her of half her clothes.

3. Magnus beat Bobby Roode by DQ. Bobby ran around the ring and argued with the crowd a lot. He really played up the crowd. Aries ran out for the DQ and attacked Magnus, resulting in James Storm running out for the save. They did a lot of talking and the tag champs agreed to a tag match but they wanted to be re-introduced and the match would not be for their titles. The only stipulation was if Aries and Roode won that Magnus and Storm could never come back to Bowling Green (very funny and the crowd loved it).

4. James Storm and Magnus beat Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in a non-title match. Aries and Roode heeled the hell out of the entire match and it ended with Aries accidentally spitting beer in Roode's face and Storm hitting the Last Call super kick for a clean pin. They celebrated and drank some beers with the crowd.

5. Kurt Angle beat Mr. Anderson. Anderson got a lot of heat and loud "Green Bay sucks" and "Kennedy sucks" chants from my area. Angle got a huge pop. The roof blew off that place. The match was great. Anderson really got the crowd against him and it fed into Angle scoring the clean win.

The intermission was the autographing session with Earl and Brian Hebner at the merchandise stand. You had to buy Earl's shirt to get the autograph. I was first in line.

6. Jeff Hardy beat Devon in a steel cage match to retain the TNA Championship. Jeff got a great reaction (not as big as Kurt). Devon generated a lot of heat. A good back and forth match. A rough bump took out Brian Hebner, and Jeff escaped through the door only to have the Bane looking Aces & 8's guy come out and push him back in and pull Devon out. Kurt ran out for the save and roughed up "Bane" and put Devon back inside. Brian Hebner came to as Hardy made the clean escape through the door. Devon generated more heat and said that he and Aces & 8's were the best product TNA has to offer. Not a lot of high flying from Hardy They all looked tired and rough.

Kurt took pictures with groups or singles for $20. The arena started rushing people out who weren't in line for pictures, so i took my two younger brothers and my girlfriend around the back we ran into Big Rob and Robbie E getting in their car. Big Rob said what's up and Little Rob signed my girlfriends ticket. We ran into D-Lo Brown talking to a few fans. He said he is happily retired and no return to the ring any time soon.

Devon was out next. He snuck right to his car and we all yelled at him but he just waved. Hardy snuck out and didn't acknowledge anyone until he was driving away and people realized who it was. Kurt came out last and signed more autographs and signed my ticket for me. A good show and Kurt really loves his fans. i've never been a huge Kurt guy, but i am now.

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