1/24 TNA in Brussels, Belgium: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA Title, Samoa Joe vs. Crimson, Gunner vs. Douglas Williams

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Jan 25, 2012 - 09:35 AM

TNA Live Event
Brussels, Belgium
Report by Dot Net reader Grtz Kevin DC

Christy Hemme came out and said thank you all for coming and it was nice to be in Belgium for the first time.

1. Austin Aries defeated Alex Shelley beat Mark Haskins in a three-way to retain the X Division Championship. Good match, Aries is actually good in the ring. The crowd was behind Shelley, but Austin won.

After the match Christy called out the " most controversial referee" in the history of wrestling. Earl Hebner came out, entered the ring, and we yelled, "You screwed Bret." He yelled at us and than took of his shirt and had a "Damn Right I Did" shirt on. He also pulled out some glasses and acted like Bret.

2. Gunner defeated Douglas Williams. Gunner was good. I was the only one who wasn't booing him. Decent match, all Gunner. During the end, he spat in the crowd. Gunner won.

3. Crimson defeated Samoa Joe. The crowd was singing "Joe is gonna kill you," but he showed us his middle finger. Crimson won.

4. Mickie James and Tara defeated Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Tara came out filming the crowd. A lot of humor and screaming from Madison. It ended with Mickie and Tara winning and Hebner kissing Madison.


5. A.J. Styles beat Bully Ray. Bully was really funny, and also great in the ring. This was the best match of the evening! AJ is also à great performer and best wrestler of the evening!

6. Bobby Roode defeated James Storm and Kurt Angle to retain the TNA Title. When Angle came out, he got the biggest pop of the evening. He didn't even act like a heel. Good match, like a main event should be. It was the second best match of the evening. They saved the best for after the intermission. The match was all about Roode telling Angle to get Storm, which he did, but then attacked Roode. In the end, Roode won. After the match, Roode attacked Angle, but Storm came to the rescue. Angle and Storm greeted us.

Christy said thank you and said they probably will come back next year.

It was a good show. A smaller crowd than WWE house shows get, but we didn't care.  

Biggest Pop
1. Kurt Angle
2. AJ Styles
3. Mickie James

Most Heat
1. Gunner
2. Bobby Roode
3. Bully Ray

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