1/20 TNA in Worcester, Mass.: Jeff Hardy injured and cuts match short, Mr. Anderson returns with a new look, Shannon Moore has a rough outing, ODB and Brooke Tessmacher vs. Rosita and Sarita

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Jan 21, 2012 - 10:10 AM

TNA live event
Worcester, Mass.
Report by Dot Net Member Zachary Zimmerman

The event was held in the convention center at the DCU arena in Worcester (Wuh-Stah) MA. Probably 500-700 in attendance. The set up was more like an indy show than I expected, as everything was in one large room, but that makes for such a close and fun experience. We had great first row seats for this one.         
1. Eric Young over D’Angelo Dinero with a Macho Man Elbow. EY started by chain wrestled a full series with the ref, which included the ref running the ropes and performing leapfrogs. Funny at first but it wore out quickly as EY did the same three or four times.
2. ODB and Brooke Tessmacher beat Rosita and Sarita. ODB and Tessmacher beat the ladies of Mexican America when ODB rolled up Rosita after the ref kissed her.

3. Robbie E (w/Robbie T) pinned Garett Bischoff with a Vito-style spinning DDT. Lots of go-away heat for Garett. Frequent "You cant wrestle" chants and nearly no support. The room was also full of "We want Ryder" chants at Robbie. Roidzilla at ringside was scary huge! I got him to laugh when I pointed out that he had abs between his tits.
4. Shannon Moore beat Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen in a three-way. Moore rolled up Kash Oklahoma style after Sorensen hit a move. Moore looked bad. Like really, really bad. And we let him know it. He had several botches and after a bad one, slipping off the top rope, he made weird faces and yelled "Who f---s up!?!?" after which he was showered with "you f---ed up!" followed by drug/rehab related chants and harassment for the remainder of the match. Moore looked really old and nearly unrecognizable in the face and awkward in the ring. Not the guy I remember from his MF’er or even Prince of Punk days.  

Intermission. Don West pimped merch and ODB and Tessmacher signed autographs at the merch stand.
5. RVD and Mr. Anderson beat Mexican America. Huge pop for RVD. Anderson played a tweener all match, teasing the crowd and playing to them at various points. Holy shit has Anderson packed on the pounds. Had a spare tire hanging over his trunks. His "new look" included dark brown hair, same length roughly, still shorter than his WWE run. Similar baseball cap, same trunks, and a beer gut. Some "new look." RVD hit the Frog Splash on Anarquia for the win.

I had a fun exchange with Hernandez pre-match. A 10-year old behind me was yelling "you suck" so Hernandez came over and shit all over the kid. Then when he asked if anyone had anything else to say about Mexican America, I responded with "LAX was better!!!" which popped Hernandez. I repeatedly yelled "Where's Homicide!?" to which he walked closer and responded "Ask Him!!!" with a friendly smile. When I chanted "1-8-7" at Anarquia and berated him for not being Homicide, Hernandez turned, smiled, and told me to "shhhh" as if he was thinking the same as me. That was cool, you cant do that at a WWE show.
6. Jeff Hardy beat Christopher Daniels with a Twist of Fate. Hardy called the match early as he appeared to injure his tailbone. About halfway through the match he began to slow down and kept one hand on his butt (mind out of the gutter) for the rest of the match. He wasn’t able to hit the Whisper or the Swanton and the match ended out of nowhere with an RKO style Twist.

Within 10 seconds of the win, a trainer was in the ring with a bag of ice. Hardy unzipped his pants, tucked the bag in back, and extremely gingerly hit the turnbuckles to send the crowd home happy. Don’t know if its something that will affect Hardy long term or not but he was clearly not right. He must have complained and rushed the finish, as that was the only way the trainer could have gotten down there that fast to help out. Fingers crossed.

Notes: Overall, a very cool, interactive, and fan friendly experience. I had a great time although I wish I could’ve seen some of TNA’s homegrown talent, as in the majority of the wrestlers featured have been with the company for only a few years. There was no sign of AJ, Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, or Kaz,. More a compilation of green talent and former WWE-ers.

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