12/27 TNA in Philadelphia results: Surprise wrestler accepts EC3's open challenge, Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a cage match, Magnus vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Title, Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin, Velvet Sky vs. Lei'D Tapa

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Dec 27, 2013 - 11:27 PM

TNA Live Event
Philadelphia, Pa.
Report by Dot Net reader Kevin Yoegel

Arena was less than half full. Maybe 1200 people.

1. Austin Aries pinned Chris Sabin to retain the X Division Title. It wasn't that exciting, but Aries got a decent pop.

2. Lei'D Tapa beat Velvet Sky. Either they are trying to get Lei'D over or Velvet actually hurt herself. Tough to tell. Tapa via pin.

EC3's open challenge was accepted by Tommy Dreamer.

3. EC3 defeated Tommy Dreamer. EC3 did a 5 minute rant bashing Philly before Dreamer accepted. However, no one could hear nor understand him. It was fun to hear some Fandango chants. EC3 won after stopping a kendo stick whack.

There was a 15-plus minute intermission pimping the Hebners signing, a $10 tshirt. 75 or so people got suckered in.

4. Kurt Angle faced Bobby Roode with special guest ref James Storm. Storm came out in Brent Celek Eagles jersey. He got involved, but I honestly forgot the finish.

5. Robbie E and Jessie defeated Eric Young and Abyss to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Really bad. Between the "Yes" chants for Eric Young and the Abyss chants for Joseph Park, no one really cared. Bro Mans won by pinfall.

6. Magnus retained the TNA Title in a match against Samoa Joe. This wasn't much better. Magnus's entrance was way drawn out. 

7. Mr. Anderson defeated Bully Ray in a cage match. Another 15 minute break that required us to listen to Jeremy Borash again. Good match. Anderson  bled. Little Hebner got knocked out. Anderson (plenty of Kennedy chants) was on the bottom step but came back in and got whacked. Bully Ray then left cage. He insisted of having his name announced as winner only to be met by Tommy Dreamer, who forced him back into cage. Dreamer tossed Anderson the kendo. Smack. 1-2-3. Why have Dreamer be a surprise earlier, get squashed, and come back to be hero at end? It makes no sense.

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