11/9 TNA in Windsor, Ontario: Kid Kash crosses the line with an Owen Hart comment, Rob Van Dam's explanation for not having the X Division Title with him, Mr. Anderson and Gunner vs. Aces & 8s

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Nov 11, 2012 - 12:50 PM

TNA live event
Windsor, Ontario at WFCU Centre
Report by Dot Net Member MVernon

The arena (a Junior Hockey arena that holds approx. 6000) was curtained off about halfway. Ringside seats were full and the lower bowl was probably half sold. There were probably around 1,000 people there for the show.

We got there for the 5:30 meet and greet for ringside ticket holders and were able to get autographs from Gunner, Kid Kash, Crimson, Zema Ion, Garrett Bischoff, and Eric Young. Everyone was fairly personable and posed for pictures while sitting to sign. After everyone was done, Miss Tessmacher came out and signed if you wanted to line up again.

Bell time was at 7:30 and SoCal Val was brought out as the "host" and ring announcer.

1. Douglas Williams pinned Crimson. This was a good opener but didn't get a lot of reaction. Both guys worked hard and Val helped try and get the crowd into it with cheers for Williams to come back.

2. Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim with Eric Young as special guest referee. Good match, but mostly comedy filler with EY doing his confused comedy spots of pretending to be a tag partner and locking up with both women. After the match, EY argued with Gail Kim. Eric took off his trunks to reveal Team Canada tighty whitey "trunks" then locked Gail in the Sharpshooter.

3. Kid Kash defeated Garrett Bischoff. Kash got the heel reaction of the night by ripping Windsor, Canada as a whole, and claiming that he would "kick Bret Hart's ass and break Owen Hart's neck." That was a little over the line and Val was visibly shocked at ringside. Kash also ripped up a kid's sign and threw the pieces in the crowd, and threw water into the crowd. Kash beat Bischoff in a decent match and while Kash was booed, he still couldn't get people to cheer Bischoff.

4. Rob Van Dam defeated Zema Ion to retain the X Division Title. The match was billed as a title match but RVD didn't have the belt and several people yelled to point it out. RVD grabbed the mic and claimed the title was confiscated at Customs because he hid his stash in the belt, but he could get it back when he crossed back. RVD beat Ion in about a 10 minute match that had some good spots from both guys. Ion really impressed me with his offense and his ability to play a heel.

Intermission for merch sales was next.

5. Gunner beat a member of Aces and Eights by DQ when another member of Aces and Eights interfered. After the match, Gunner took a double team beating to be saved by Mr. Anderson. Anderson took the mic and taunted Aces and Eights to set up a tag match main event.

6. Ken Anderson and Gunner beat two members of Aces and Eights. Throughout the match, a guy about three rows behind us was ripping into Anderson as loudly as possible, making fun of his gimmick and being injury prone. After about a 15 minute match, Gunner and Anderson got the win with a mic check and pin by Anderson. After the match, Anderson was preparing to announce himself as usual and the heckler could be heard yelling that he's been doing this since "8 years ago on Smackdown."

Anderson mocked his comment then thanked the fan for his money and "a big fat steak" he'd be having later. He finished by having a kid at ringside do the "Anderson" bit and announce he and Gunner as winners. After the show, Anderson stayed in the ring and you could pay 20 bucks per group of people to go in the ring and get photos taken with Anderson.

Notes: All in all, TNA put on a very fan friendly, energetic show even with a small crowd and limited lineup due to the PPV on Sunday. A good time overall.

Biggest Pops
1. RVD
2. Anderson shouting down the heckler
3. Eric Young

Most Heat
1. Kid Kash (by a large margin)
2. Zema Ion stalling before locking up with RVD and spraying his hair spray.
3. Aces and Eights attacking Gunner

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