TNA British Bootcamp Episode 5 review: The contestants visit the Impact Zone after having matches at Ohio Valley Wrestling critiqued by Al Snow and Doug Williams

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Jan 22, 2013 - 03:16 PM

By Jason Powell

The following is a review of the fifth episode of TNA British Bootcamp. The one-hour season finale will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. UK time (5:00 p.m. ET) on Challenge TV.

The opening video and a recap aired... Viewers were reintroduced to Ohio Valley Wrestling and trainers Al Snow and Doug Williams... Contestants Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll, Hannah Blossom, and Holly Blossom worked matches in front of the OVW crowd...

Spud and Marty teamed up for a tag match against Raphael Constantine and Eddie Diamond. Spud and Marty bickered briefly about which one would start the match. Marty wanted a late tag, but Spud flipped him off and took the pin himself. Footage was shown of Marty telling Spud he would finish him off with "The Party's Over." Spud said "Sure."

Spud said Marty has tried to embarrass him since day one. They bickered backstage. Snow scolded Spud for letting personal business affect what they were doing in the ring. Snow told them to get the hell out because he had a show to run. "Move," Snow yelled. "Don't f---in' eye me," he said...

Powell's POV: That looked a little fishy. I have a hard time believing the match wouldn't be laid out meticulously ahead of time. It looked like a little reality show enhancement. If so, both guys bickered well and were believable. It's also times like this when I'm reminded that WWE dropped the ball by not retaining Snow to have him host Tough Enough for life. Okay, so they haven't done enough of them to justify that, but the guy was just perfect for that role. I'm happy TNA included him on this show despite the obvious comparisons between the two shows.

The Blossom Twins were up next for a match against Gut Check winner Taeler Hendrix and her partner Josette Bynum. All the footage featured the women on offense. They went back to Snow's office. Snow told them they need to work more like a team than a regular team because they look, talk, and act like each other...

After the show, Snow and Williams met with the contestants. Snow told Marty that he needed to do more of his entrance in the ring. He noted that when you are on the floor, you humanize yourself and let people assess whether they are bigger or taller than the wrestlers. Williams told him to slow down, especially during his comeback and not to chase the opponents, but rather to let them come to him.

Snow addressed the Blossom Twins. "You went out there and wrestled like guys with boobs," Snow said. He told them now to lose their femininity in the ring. He said they have to be just as technically sound and athletic as the man without losing that. Williams said they also need to be aggressive while still being feminine. He also scolded one of the twins for pulling hair while they were playing babyfaces.

Snow addressed Spud. He said it's a competitive business, but they all need each other. He said he didn't appreciate the way he stood up, but not the unprofessional manner in which he did it. Williams said Spud got himself over so well to start the match and then it was ruined. Snow said Spud didn't show them that they could trust him or do business with him. Snow and Williams agreed that he had an aura and a charisma to his entrance. Snow stressed that "that guy can't go away" once the match starts.

Snow said he and Williams agreed that they can send all four of them to Orlando for their ultimate test. "Don't blow it, don't make us regret making this decision," Snow said...

Dixie Carter was shown saying that Snow called and told her that all four passed the test. She said the big challenge comes now because they will be wrestling in front of Hulk Hogan, the TNA wrestlers, the fans, and a national television viewing audience...

A teaser showed Bully Ray saying Spud chases women and beats people up. "He could be my bastard son." Funny. The contestants were told that someone wanted to wish them good luck and to turn around. The mystery person was not shown... [C]

Powell's POV: Another good hook for the commercial break. I can't say we learned much about the contestants from the OVW footage, though they were definitely right about Spud showing good charisma during his entrance. It was nice to see them in the ring, but the edited matches obviously focussed on their strengths. Snow still has that Tough Enough touch as the firm but fair trainer.

The contestants were shown arriving at the TNA Impact Zone and they all spoke about the experience...

Dixie Carter said all four of them have something unique to offer. Jeff Hardy was shown saying that Marty has a ton of energy. Taryn Terrell and Samoa Joe echoed those sentiments. Dixie said people are naturally drawn to Marty and he's the most proficient technically in her opinion.

Hardy spoke about the Blossoms being siblings and said he could relate. Mickie James said she worked them about a year ago and told Dixie that she needed to hire them immediately.

Jeff Hardy said Rockstar Spud has a ton of charisma. Bully Ray said anyone who has the balls to call themselves Rockstar and Spud in the same name is someone he wants to see win. Samoa Joe said Spud has a meanness to him...

Powell's POV: The TNA crew handled it well, though I was left wondering whether some of them were actually familiar with the contestants or just hyping them up based on the bullet points they were given. James certainly seemed sincere in her praise of the Blossom Twins.

Four hours before match time, the Blossom Twins were in the makeup chair. The contestants were shown shaking hands with Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Bruce Prichard...

The contestants were told someone wanted to wish them good luck. They turned around and saw Rollerball Rocco on the big screen. He wished them luck and said he was confident that they were ready. He said Marty has the skill and the experience and said he has his "best hopes on you." Rocco put over Spud in that he reminds him of himself because he won't take no for an answer. He put over the twins as having raw talent.
Powell's POV: Rocco was featured for such a short time in episode one that it didn't feel like the coming full circle moment that it should have. Again, it's probably an issue of the 30-minute format. Did they train with Rocco for a matter of hours one day or was it longer than that? I still don't have a feel for which twin is Holly and which is Hannah unless Marty is flirting with Hannah or sucking on her face.

Backstage, Dixie Carter met with the contestants prior to their matches. She said Rocco took a vested interest in them. She informed them who they would be facing. Dixie said the twins would have the honor of facing Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. The Knockouts were shown in character saying it was an honor for the Twins to face them in the ring.

Powell's POV: It's a little thing, but I like the way Dixie said the twins would have the honor of facing Kim and Rayne. It should feel prestigious to the twins and the viewer that the rookies are getting a chance to step in the ring with established stars.

Dixie said Spud and Marty would face one another. She said she oped all of the animosity and issues they've had could be channeled into a good match. Dixie said she, Hulk Hogan, and others would watch the match and deliberate before announcing who won...

The TNA wrestlers were shown making predictions. Brooke Hogan said she has to go with her girls. Angle said spud stands out. Taz said Marty is legit and the real deal. Snow said it was a tough call. A.J. Styles said he would have to wait like everyone else. Angle said you never know what's going to happen and it's really up to the judges.

Footage aired from the matches as Hogan and Carter watched on a backstage monitor. Spud and Marty were shown performing some impressive moves. Hogan said he was blown away...

Powell's POV: I was hoping the guys would get to face different opponents in singles matches, though the highlights made it look like they were performing some big spots together. We'll see how the twins do. They performed a pretty awful double dropkick in one of the clips that was shown. I still have no idea who is going to win and I don't think any viewer has seen enough in-ring action to feel like they could form an educated opinion. I guess I'll say Marty based on Dixie and Rocco putting over his in-ring ability, though I continue to be impressed by Spud's charisma. The Twins seem to have a future in the business if they can go in the ring.

I really like the way the show makes TNA look big time. The contestants have come across as being awestruck by the talent, Dixie Carter, appearing at the Hall of Fame ceremony, Bound For Glory, and the Impact Zone. The production has been slick and TNA has looked major league throughout the series. I will have a review of the finale up once it airs in the UK on Tuesday at 10 p.m. UK time (5:00 p.m. ET) on Challenge TV.

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