TNA British Bootcamp Episode 4 review: James Storm takes the group out for a Nashville party, one contestant hauled out by a bouncer pulling a Ric Flair

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Jan 22, 2013 - 09:24 AM

By Jason Powell

The following is a review of the fourth episode of TNA British Bootcamp. The one-hour season finale will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. UK time (5:00 p.m. ET) on Challenge TV.

The opening video and a recap aired... Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll, Hannah Blossom, and Holly Blossom met Dixie Carter in her Nashville office. She informed them that they would be taking a tour around the offices and go out for lunch. She told the twins they would be set up with the hair stylist of the stars...

The twins went to get a makeover and spoke about how you have to look the part. They spoke about wanting to win the contest so they could show they kids they work with that they can do anything. The guys showed up and praised their new hairstyles. Marty still has the hots for Hannah...

They all met up in the limo with Dixie Carter. She said she was taking them to The Palm in Nashville. She said celebrities go there and they would recognize some famous faces on the wall. Some celebrities were shown on the wall, and Dixie also has her face on the wall. Dixie toasted them all.

Dixie played the footage of the contestants brief appearance on the Bound For Glory pay-per-view. She scolded Marty for having gum in his mouth. "That didn't look like a star," Dixie said. She asked Spud whether a rock star is cool and hip or if he was doing what he did during his appearance. Spud was shown saying that his ears will be open and his tongue will stay in his mouth when Dixie talks.

Dixie admitted she came into the competition with some preconceived notions as to who was going to win. "And that's changing," Carter said. Spud said he hopes that meant him because he knows he rubs people the wrong way. Marty felt it was a positive thing for him because Carter may not have known much about him. The twins said it made them nervous. Carter said she enjoyed lunch and getting to know them, but it makes it hard because she knows how much they want to win...

The narrator said the toughest challenges were still ahead... The contestants were shown playing tourists in Nashville. Spud said he wants to live in a city like Nashville and to eat in restaurants like they ate in with Dixie...

The contestants accompanied James Storm to his Bound For Glory victory party. They were doing shots at the bar together... A teaser showed more footage and things getting out of control heading into the commercial break... [C]

Storm said they saw his street fight with Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory and learned what it takes to stay in TNA. "It takes heart," Storm said. At the bar, he told them it's not partying all night, it's working your ass off every day. Footage of the bloodbath match between Storm and Roode was shown. Storm said the fans pay the bills and you have to show them something.

Storm and the contestants did a round of shots. Storm said it will be tough for the Blossom twins because of how loaded the Knockouts division is. He said Marty seems like the guy who wants to be the cool guy and all slick, but he's pretty cool. Storm said Spud is like him in that he goes out and does what he wants to do. He told him to be true to himself.

Storm took the contestants to ride a mechanical bull. Jeremy Borash interviewed the bull operator and delivered play-by-play as the contestants took turns riding the bull. Next up was a karaoke bar and more shots. Hanna and Marty made out. Holly said it's weird and she doesn't want to watch. Spud mocked them. Marty said it's his lifestyle. "The Blossom twins are just one of many," Marty said. A woman came up and kissed Marty.

Storm and Spud gargled a shot before drinking it. FIve minutes later, Spud climbed onto a table and took off his shirt and pants. He was hauled out by a bouncer while Marty laughed...

The contestants headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky. The narrator delivered brief introductions of Al Snow and Doug Williams. Dixie Carter was shown saying that they will make the determination of who is ready for the Impact Zone. Snow addressed the contestants in the ring. He was shown saying he looks for confidence. Snow chided Spud for looking nervous.

Snow said he hears the same story about sacrificing everything and how they would do anything for this. He said he tells them all, "We'll see." Snow grilled the contestants with various questions. Williams noted that the ring they were using is bigger than they are used to in England. He had them run the ropes to get acclimated.

Snow scolded Marty and Spud for not hitting the ropes properly. He told him to always grab the rope because if it breaks you'll end up tumbling onto your head. The twins ran the ropes. He corrected the twins on how they hit the ropes and had some fun with them being twins while dropping a G.I. Joe reference.

A teaser for next week featured the narrator saying the wrestlers would all compete in matches next week. Spud and Marty bickered. The narrator said that if Snow and Williams approve of their performances, they will compete in the finals in the Impact Zone...

Powell's POV: It's good to see the show getting back to wrestling. It's hard to tell who is actually winning the contest because viewers get no feel for where the contestants are at from an in-ring standpoint. That said, there has been some very good behind the scenes footage that keeps the show compelling and the 30-minute format helps it move along quickly.

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