TNA British Bootcamp Episode 2 review: Rockstar Spud scolded for throwing up following a night of drinking, the contestants meet the media and cut promos in front of a live crowd

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Jan 21, 2013 - 03:11 PM

The following is a review of the second episode of TNA British Bootcamp. The one-hour season finale will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. UK time (5:00 p.m. ET) on Challenge TV.

The opening video was shown followed by a recap of the first episode... The show picked up right where the first episode left off with Rockstar Spud throwing up. British wrestling legend Rollerball Rocco scolded him and told him he was throwing his career away. He still wanted to see what he could do in the ring...

Inside the training center, the Blossom twins worked against one another while Rocco looked on. Fellow contestants Marty Scurll and Spud praised them and admitted they may have underestimated them as competition. Rocco stopped them at one point and scolded them for being sloppy. He told them they have to commit themselves to a move.

Holly Blossom threw a dropkick and twisted her ankle. Rocco was shown saying that it snapped back sharply and she twisted her ankle. She eventually stood up and was shown saying there was no way she would stay down. The twins resumed wrestling. Rocco told them they are both very talented and praised Holly's "true grit" for carrying on. "I think you've got a future, I really do," Rocco told them.

Dixie Carter was shown saying that Rocco promised her he would push the contestants to the limit. She said he has his work cut out for him after what happened the night before...

Spud and Marty worked int he ring together. Marty caught Spud in moves and tied him up. Spud was shown saying Marty was preventing him from showing what he could do and he thinks Rocco liked it. Spud left the ring. Rocco told him to get back in there. Spud called him an old man while throwing a tantrum. Rocco told him he'd show him an old man.

Rocco chased after Spud, shoved him, and ordered him back inside in the ring. Rocco got in the ring and worked with Spud. Rocco roughed him up and Spud acknowledged that Rocco beat the hell out of him. Rocco applied a chokehold, but Spud wouldn't tap out. Rocco released the hold. Rocco said Spud is strong-headed, but that can make a strong wrestler.

Rocco lined up the contestants. He said he wasn't going to send one person through. He was going to send all of them. Spud was still holding his neck and gasping for air while the others celebrated. Rocco said he was very pleased with them... A teaser showed the contestants facing the media and squaring off verbal battles in front of live crowd... [C]

Powell's POV: A good start with Rocco putting Spud in his place. Spud is exactly the type of personality the show needs as he's hot-headed, yet he also seems to be fair while reflecting on what happened after the fact. He might end up being more likable than Marty, who comes off like an arrogant jock type while picking on Spud.

TNA publicist Simon Rothstein prepped the contestants for media appearances. Rothstein said they would be speaking with Patrick Lennon of the Daily Star. Lennon was shown interviewing the contestants. Rothstein said Lennon is one of the toughest interviewers in the business. He said they are ambassadors for TNA and Dixie Carter will hear everything they say.

Marty and Spud were shown making media appearances to promote the show. Marty said he has his eye on Hannah. The women were shown talking with a reporter from Cosmopolitan in the back of a limo.

They met up with Rob McNichol of the UK Sun for a group session. Marty put his foot in his mouth by calling Dixie Carter "a fit bird" and added "I really would." Marty was scolded by Rothstein for essentially telling a media member that he would hook up with his boss...

Powell's POV: This came off like the producers giving the media some love on the show as much as anything. Had it not been for Marty's comment about Dixie, the whole thing would have been waste of time. Granted, it's certainly part of the job, but I was hoping for more in-ring training.

Jeremy Borash met with the contestants and prepped them for a promo challenge in front of a live crowd. Spud asked if he could say whatever he wanted. Borash said he could. Spud got heat when Borash introduced as being from Birmingham. Spud said he's never been in the building before, yet the fans seemed to know exactly who he is. He said he's the biggest star in British pro wrestling today.

The Blossom Twins came out for their turn. As they started to talk, Spud took the mic from them and called them glorified ring rats. One of the twins snatched the mic from him. She recalled him saying good things come in small packages, but they've heard he has the smallest packages of all. The other twin got in Spug's face and yelled at him while he did a good job of selling it.

Party Marty was up next and he got a babyface reaction. The fans chanted his name. Spud was shown saying the fans were dating show fans because they wouldn't cheer like that if they saw him wrestle. Borash polled the crowd on which one of the contestants was the best on the mic.

Spud was booed, the twins received mild applause, and the fans popped for Marty. Spud said he didn't want to wait for Wembley, he wanted to face Marty right away. Marty took his shirt off and Spud left. Spud said he wouldn't wrestle Marty for 300 drunk idiots, he would wrestle him at Wembley Arena...

Borash spoke with the contestants and said Spud showed it's not a popularity contest. "You got the crowd to hate you, mission accomplished," Borash said. He also praised the women for fighting back, and Marty for getting the party crowd behind him. He said they all passed that test...

Powell's POV: Spud showed good poise and charisma on the mic and got good heat. It seemed like his interruption of the twins was planned. Either way, everyone handled the promo segment well.

Footage was shown of the contestants saying goodbye to their families in person or on the phone as they headed out for the United States...

The teaser for next week showed the contestants meeting Kurt Angle, Sting, and Hulk Hogan backstage at TNA Bound For Glory...

Powell's POV: We saw them in the ring briefly in episode one and now they are headed out for media appearances and promo contests. It feels a bit rushed due to the 30-minute format and because there are only six episodes. That said, the half-hour goes by quickly and the show still has my interest. The tease for the third episode was well done there was plenty of star power included.

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