TNA British Bootcamp Episode 1 review: Rockstar Spud, The Blossom Twins, and Marty Scurll introduced, alcohol, fighting, and more

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Jan 21, 2013 - 02:24 PM

By Jason Powell

The following is a review of the first episode of TNA British Bootcamp. The one-hour season finale will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. UK time (5:00 p.m. ET) on Challenge TV.

The show opened with photos of past British wrestlers and a narrator spoke about how Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter were out to find the next star for TNA. Hogan and Dixie were shown sitting in an office. Hogan praised the UK wrestling history, and Dixie said she feels they selected the four top candidates to compete on the show. "Well, let's find our next TNA superstar," Hogan said before shaking Dixie's hand...

Footage aired from a TNA party with Carter announcing British Bootcamp on a big screen. Marty Scurll was the first contestant introduced to the crowd. A video showed him talking about how he wanted to be a wrestler since he was a kid. TNA wrestler Magnus chimed in and said Marty is his best friend and spoke about how hard it's been for Marty to watch his friends find success. "Now it's his turn," Magnus said.

Powell's POV: Marty has a good look and seems likable enough. It's hard to get a feel for his size via the video. From a production standpoint, the show looks slick and professional.

Carter introduced Rockstar Spud. She said he's been wrestling all over Europe for ten years and he's never gotten his big break. The crowd cheered when he was introduced. Spud's video package was shown and he noted that he's 29 years-old. He said he never thought he got Carter's attention but apparently he did since he's on the show. Spud said Hulk Hogan was his favorite wrestler growing up.

Hogan chimed in and spoke about how he's seen a lot of Hulkamaniacs go on to get in the business. Magnus said Spud has a really good shot to win and he's always felt he belonged on a bigger stage. Spud said pro wrestling his what he loves and no one can stop him. He recalled people telling him he's not big enough. He held up both middle fingers and said he's on the show and he's going to be the biggest star in Impact Wrestling.

Powell's POV: Hogan was way over the top while talking about Hulkamaniacs who found success in pro wrestling. Spud is definitely small, but he also has a good look and seemed charismatic.

Carter said the only thing better than a TNA Knockout is two TNA Knockouts. She introduced Hannah and Holly Blossom. The Blossom twins video package showed them at home and talking about how they've been wrestling for eight years. They were shown briefly working at Ohio Valley Wrestling and working with children in their day job. Tara said she met the twins and felt they were sweet and respectful.

Powell's POV: The Blossom twins came off as sweet as Tara indicated. They are attractive and likable women.

Dixie appeared on the big screen again. She said the journey started the next day and would conclude at the Impact Zone. She said the winner would become a TNA superstar. "Oh, and by the way, bootcamp starts tomorrow," she said. Carter told them to get a good night's sleep and to go out and make Great Britain proud... Hogan cut another over the top promo while saying it's just the beginning...

A teaser heading into the break showed tension between Spud and Marty. Spud threatened to smack Marty in the face and he appeared to take a swing prior to the break... [C]

Powell's POV: A strong teaser heading into the first break. The narrator played it up as if Spud's run on the show could be in jeopardy.

Footage was shown of Marty and Spud trading verbal jabs at the TNA party... Dixie was shown saying that she doesn't expect the contestants to get along, but she does expect them to be respectful...

The contestants were shown drinking in the back of a limo. Spud was drinking and appeared to be lit up. Marty told him he was embarrassing himself. The twins said they wanted to go out and have a good time, but they'd already lost Spud. Marty and Spud were talking when the twins ran up concerned. Both men took offense to them treating them like the children they work with....

Spud was lit up and Marty said he wouldn't mind if Spud got arrested. Marty got under Marty's skin about who has more Twitter followers. Spud said it's only because he went on a dating television show. Spud said he would smack Marty in the face if the girls weren't there. "You would not," Marty said. Spud smacked him. He was shown saying it would have been worse if the girls hadn't been there. Marty acted shocked that Spud smacked him because he didn't have as many followers.

Spud left the party and went off to continue his own party, as he was shown drinking. Meanwhile, Marty and the twins headed off on a limo as footage was shown of Spud drinking in a pub...

The next morning, the girls were shown walking up and Marty was doing cardio. Spud was shown waking up after passing out in his clothes...

The group were standing in the street as a limo pulled up. Spug said he was a bit under the weather. A driver opened the door of the limo. Rollerball Rocco emerged. Hogan endorsed him via video, and Mike Tenay was shown giving some tidbits about Rocco's career. Rocco gave them ten minutes to get ready for training.

Spud was shown throwing up outside the training gym. "Are you serious?" Rocco asked...

The narrator asked whether this was the end of Spud. One of the twins was shown suffering an ankle injury...

Powell's POV: A strong first episode with all the right ingredients for a good reality show - quarreling cast mates, attractive women, lots of alcohol, and good cliffhangers heading into the commercial break and for next week's television show.

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