8/16 Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Live Coverage Review: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray, AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

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Aug 16, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Aired live form Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] Previously on Impact…

The show kicked off with Austin Aries walking to the ring. Aries gloated over his victory at Hardcore Justice. Aries said he silenced the critics and he erased everyone's doubts. Aries turned his attention to Aces and Eights and he said he refused to let Impact be held hostage. Aries vowed to enter and exit Bound For Glory as the TNA Champion.

Jeff Hardy interrupted Aries and he joined the champion in the ring. Hardy said he's been chasing the TNA Title for the past year and he said he was going to win the BFGS. The two men agreed they would tear it up if Hardy wins. Hardy called out Aces and Eights for costing him his match last Sunday.

Bully Ray answered the call instead and he made a beeline for the ring. Ray called Hardy stupid. Ray affirmed that James Storm is behind Aces and Eights. Hardy said that ray makes some good points. Therein lies the problem with this angle.

Ray said he was going to win the BFGS and go on to become the new TNA Champion. Aries took an affront to this and accused Ray of leading Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights showed up on the big screen and Bane said Aces and Eights is all about luck and commitment. Bane said they would commit to making an Impact tonight.

Ray started to chastise Aries and Hardy but he was interrupted by the commercial break…

Ryan's Reaction: Decent opener that set up the evening with a couple of hooks. I still have to shake my head at the direction they are going with Storm. He isn't over enough to be doubted by babyfaces so readily, yet TNA is undermining him at every opportunity they can get.

[Q2] [C]Magnus spoke backstage about how he has been scouting Samoa Joe for years and how he learned everything about him from their stint together as a tag team. Magnus said he knew Joe the man and he would use that to get in his head…

1. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus in a Bound For Glory Series match. Joe dominated early and nearly locked in an omoplata crossface. Magnus scrambled to the floor. Magnus caught Joe with a clothesline and took control.

Samoa Joe battled back and went for a Muscle Buster. Magnus battled out but Joe hit an urinagi and followed with a rear naked choke. Magnus managed to flip out but Joe rolled him up for the pinfall victory.

Samoa Joe defeated Magnus via pinfall in 3:18 to win seven points in the BFGS.

After the match, Magnus attacked Joe with a steel chair…

Madison Rayne bragged backstage about winning the Knockouts Championship. She was summoned to the ring by Brooke Hogan…

Ryan's Reaction: That was an ok match, but it was criminally short. I would love to see more from those two as it felt like we only scratched the surface of what could have been a great match.

[Q3] [C]Madison Rayne made her way to the ring and said she must have been summoned for a championship celebration. Rayne called earl Hebner to the ring. Earl obliged.

Brooke Hogan made her way to the stage. Brooke chastised Hebner and said that Hebner wasn't going to be referring anymore Knockouts matches. Brooke then informed Rayne that Miss Tessmacher is getting her rematch tonight and there would be special guest referee tonight. Brooke referred to the referee as a female.

Rayne got pissed, insulted Brooke, and asked for her to get in the ring. Brooke stormed the ring and Rayne and Hebner ran away. Aces and Eights got in the ring behind Brooke and she got caught in the corner.

Aries, Ray, Angle, Hardy, Sting, and others stormed the ring to chase away Aces and Eights… [C]

Ryan's Reaction: That degree came a few weeks late. Brooke was a bit painful to watch in this segment. She does alright in some of the backstage segments, but sere she delivered every line in a monotone fashion and it was just bad. This story, and the Claire/AJ Styles drama, needs to just go ahead and end so there can be no black marks on an otherwise great TNA product.

Sting had a microphone and he fumed over Aces and Eights attempt to attack Brooke Hogan. Sting said the locker room was banding together to take on Aces and Eights. Sting said next week is Open Fight Night so next week it will be Aces and Eights vs. the locker room…

Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian were talking about how they were going to be in a comic book. AJ Styles showed up and said he must have been drugged. Styles said that tonight, if Christopher Daniels beats Styles, Styles will accept that he's the father of Claire's child. Styles said if he won, he was getting a paternity test…

Ryan's Reaction: That is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard. Why on earth wouldn't Styles just get the paternity test?

[Q4] [C] 2. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in a Bound For Glory Series match. Styles dominated the early going, and he maintained control going into a commercial... [C]

Back from the break, Daniels was in control briefly, but Styles quickly battled back and went on offense again. Styles locked in an inverted STF.

[Q5] Daniels battled out and gained control. Daniels went to work on Styles' midsection. Daniels locked in the Koji Clutch on a standing Styles. Haven't seen that in a while.

Styles managed to regain control after catching Daniels with a Powerbomb. Styles blitzed through his offense but Daniels managed to dump Styles to the floor. Daniels followed and Styles jumped in the ring, hit the ropes, and hit a dive in a fluid motion.

Kazarian showed up on the floor and helped hold down Styles for Daniels to get the pin. Brian Hebner saw what happened, however, refused to ring the bell, and Styles hit Daniels with a Pele kick. Styles picked up the 1-2-3…

AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels in 16:15 via pinfall to earn seven points in the BFGS.

Styles hit the Styles Clash on Daniels after the match…

Hogan was on the phone and he said he was going to be next to Sting next week when he goes against Aces and Eights…

James Storm was unloading in the locker room when Jeff Hardy approached him. Hardy said the Aces and Eights stuff was shady. Storm said he was going to help the locker room fight next week. Storm then promised to be out at Hardy's match later to ensure that Aces and Eights don't show up…

Bobby Roode was shown walking through the back…

Ryan's Reaction: That was good times. I don't think these two are capable of having a bad match together. The stipulations added to the match were absolutely asinine, but that fails to matter when we get a match of such high quality.

[Q6] [C] Bobby Roode made his way to the ring. Roode said he won the match at hardcore Justice because the official signed to the match called him the winner. Roode complained about the restart and said he should be the TNA Champion.

Roode said that he blames Sting, Aries, the referees, and the fans for him no longer having his championship. Roode said he deserves respect from the fans. They chanted that Roode is a loser.

Roode pondered what he is to do now. He came up with nothing and he dropped the microphone in the middle of the ring before leaving…

Miss Tessmacher and Madison Rayne were shown split-screen preparing for their match…

Ryan's Reaction: That was an odd promo. Roode left looking sympathetic and it had some parallels to Storm's "I lost my luck" promo from earlier in the year.

[Q7] [C] A vignette for the next Gut Check participant aired. If they said his name I didn't catch it but it was focused on his rough life…

Brooke Hogan announced Taryn Terrell as the special guest referee, and then nearly fell off the stage...

3. Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher with Taryn Terrell as the special guest referee for the Knockouts Championship. Rayne dominated in the early going, and Tyrell had to establish her authority on several occasions.

Tessmacher made her comeback and hit a flurry off offense, but Rayne managed to regain control briefly. Rayne argued with Terrell and Tessmacher scooped Rayne up and dropped her on her face to pick up the pin…

Miss Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne in 2:33 to win the Knockouts Championship.

Ryan's Reaction: So, um, what was the point in suffering through all the Earl Hebner brouhaha and switching the title? This angle is just odd. Terrell, formerly Tiffany in WWE, played her part well, but with how she screeched ever single count, I hope they're not intending to make her a permanent female referee.

[Q8] [C] Bane of Aces and Eights accepted Sting's challenge, but one of Bane's buddies reminded him that they have some unfinished business left tonight.

4. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound For Glory Series match. James Storm made his entrance early. Bully Ray quickly gained the upper hand on Hardy. Ray went to jaw with Storm on the floor and hardy hit him with a baseball slide… [C]

Back from the break, Ray continued to work over Hardy. Hardy began making his comeback, but Ray hit a huge urinagi for a near fall. Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb for a near fall of his own. Hardy dove at Ray on the outside but Ray pulled Storm in the way to take the blow.

Hardy hit Whisper in the Wind and Aces and Eights got in the ring only to be chased out by TNA main eventers.

Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and covered Ray for the pinfall victory.

Jeff hardy defeated Bully ray via pinfall in 11:46 via pinfall to earn seven points in the BFGS.

After the match, Bully Ray floored Hardy with a clothesline. He grabbed a chain and called Storm into the ring. Ray shoved Storm, who responded with a Last Call but ray moved and Hardy took the hit.

Aces and Eights got in the ring and attacked James Storm. The show went off the air with Aces and Eights putting the boots to Storm.

Ryan's Reaction: Good match. Ray has really improved in the ring since losing so much weight and Hardy is just flat out good. I'm glad that TNA finally put the Storm accusations to rest, but I would have preferred that they would have never damaged his character in the first place. Overall, this was a good show. We got two lengthy and entertaining matches and the cringe worthy stories were kept to a minimum. The two hours flew by without feeling frantic and rushed.

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