6/6 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: Rampage Jackson makes his debut, Jeff Hardy returns to Impact, Slammiversary fallout, big six-man tag match with new tag champions

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Jun 6, 2013 - 08:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Aired live from Duluth, Georgia.

[Q1] A video recapped the big moments from Slammiversary…Mike Tenay and Taz opened the show as Bully Ray made his ring entrance. Ray harassed Tenay a little before getting in the ring. Ray said Sting hasn't had good luck at Slammiversary. He said last year was when Sting was jumped by the Aces and Eights for the first time. He said last night he "single handedly" defeated Sting and rumors are Sting might retire.

Ray said there were no heroes left in TNA, he had defeated them all, and there was no more competition, so there was only one thing left for him to do, be put in the Hall of Fame. He demanded Dixie Carter come to the ring, but Hulk Hogan's music hit instead. Hogan came out with the Michael Jackson one glove look and said it was really all of the Aces and Eights that beat Sting, but he was going to give the devil his due.

Hogan asked if Ray really said there were no more opponents. Ray said that was correct and called him Dad. Hogan called him his "son of a B," and said they would spend all summer finding his opponent at Bound for Glory, but there was someone who was getting a match tonight, Jeff Hardy. Hardy came to the ring and Hogan said it wasn't going to be a title match, but it would be a ladder match with something special hanging above the ring. Hardy pulled out the hammer Bully has been using and Hogan said whoever got to it first got to use it…

A video hyped the beginning of the Bound for Glory series next week…Backstage, Chavo and Hernandez talked about being put into the BFG series. Hernandez thanked Chavo for all he had taught him and offered his hand. Chavo said, "I taught you a lot, but not everything," before walking off…

Shore's Slant: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is Russo booking again? It’s basically a hammer on a pole match except with a ladder instead. This is so lame. Why does TNA feel the need to gimmick everything? It just doesn't make any sense.

[Q2][C] Chavo and Hernandez made their entrance. It's a BFG qualifier. I missed that somehow so I removed my pervious comment, it makes sense now. My bad…

1.Hernandez vs. Chavo Guerrero in a BFG qualifier. The two shook hands to start. Chavo tried to use his speed, but Hernandez would catch him on every move and slammed him around. Chavo finally hit a kick to the head and went for the frogsplash, but Hernandez got the knees up. Hernandez went for the Border Toss, but Chavo flipped out. They slowly moved into a roll-up position and Hernandez defeated Chavo…

Hernandez defeated Chavo Guerrero to qualify for the BFG series at 4:56.

Backstage, Rampage Jackson was shown arriving and meeting some of the guys backstage…[C]

Shore's Slant: That match was bad. Hernandez is a terrible wrestler, but Chavo is a stale act, so there really wasn't a good outcome possible. I guess this is the least offensive.

[Q3] Rampage was hyped for the top of the hour…Devon made his ring entrance. He told everyone to shut up and demanded that Abyss bring the title to the ring since it wasn't a sanctioned match. Joseph Park came to the ring instead and said Devon screwed him out of his chance and attacked Devon. He hit several shoulder tackles, but Devon finally fought back and knocked Park from the ring.

Devon started to hit Park with a chair when Abyss's music hit. Devon got in the ring and waited. The music stopped and Devon took the mic and said since Abyss didn't want to come out, he would come back there and find him. He took a pot shot on Park before heading to the back. Park stood up and there was blood from his mouth. He looked at it and started to freak out as the show went to commercial…[C]

Shore's Slant: I'm not a huge fan of the split personality angle, but I'm willing to give it a chance. This was pretty good. I did pop a little when Park dropped Devon because I didn't expect it and the crowd loved it.

Devon and Knux were shown storming around backstage looking for Abyss…Robbie E made his ring entrance and cut a promo saying he was the MVP of the 2012 BFG Series. He said he defeated Jeff Hardy, who won the series, and he even earned five points. He said once he wins this qualifier, he might earn 10 points or more. Samoa Joe was out next…

2. Robbie E vs. Samoa Joe. Joe attacked as soon as he hit the ring. Robbie managed to get in two punches. That was, literally, all of his offense. Joe won with the rear naked choke…

Samoa Joe defeated Robbie E in a BFG qualifier at 1:43.

[Q4] The announce team hyped the main event and Rampage…A short video clip hyped more on Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame announcement next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Quick and painless. Well, maybe not for Robbie. Joe chopped him in the back, which I am told sucks worse than most anything in the ring because you can't do anything to protect yourself. So far this show is flying by. It's not quite crash TV, but it is a quick pace.

A video recapped Gail Kim's attack on Velvet Sky last week and focused on Mickie James's lack of interference. Backstage, Mickie walked up on Velvet Sky and offered her a lottery ticket with Velvet on it. Mickie apologized for not helping Velvet for not helping her and said she was shocked into inaction.

Velvet gave her a "whatever" and asked for her rematch tonight. Mickie said she talked to Brooke Hogan and one of them (it was poorly mic'ed and I couldn't make it out) was facing someone Velvet passed over when she was champion. She said when Velvet was healthy they would have their match and left. Velvet slapped the wall in frustration…

The Kurt Angle Hall of Fame video aired…[C]

Shore's Slant: The Knockouts division might be the best thing on all of wrestling TV. I mean, they seem to be the only division with more than one feud going. I'm really digging what they are doing with the women in TNA. The Kurt Angle video is well done, and playing it here--the first show after the announcement--makes sense. But they better not play that video every week or it will be gag worthy by the time October gets here. Pick your spots TNA.

[Q5] Jeremy Borash stood in the ring and introduced Rampage Jackson. Jackson came to the ring and said he started as a wrestling fan and that's what he did until he fell in love with knocking people out. He said he was excited to come to TNA and knew that he wanted to face the best.

Kurt Angle's music hit and he came to the ring. He took the mic and said he knew Jackson was the master of the cage, but this was his ring. He said one day, when Jackson was ready, he didn't have to look far for the best because Angle was the best there was. Angle offered his hand and Jackson shook it. Jackson pulled Angle in close and they had the stare down moment before Angle left the ring first…Backstage, Jeff Hardy cut a promo and said he and the creatures were excited for the match tonight…[C]

Shore's Slant: Jason Powell and I speculated how they would get Jackson into his first feud today on Dot Net Weekly. I said Angle wasn't a compelling matchup from a storyline standpoint, but I think I stand corrected. This made sense to me and was well done.

Backstage, Anderson and Bully Ray talked about kicking D-Lo out and Anderson said that left the VP spot open. Ray asked if Anderson had any ideas to fill the slot. He changed direction and complained about having to face Hardy and that there were no Aces and Eights in the BFG series. He said he was going to go correct that. Anderson asked if Ray wanted any help tonight. Ray said a good VP would know if he did and walked off. Anderson asked if that made him VP…

[Q6] 3. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Kenny King vs. James Storm, Gunner, and Chris Sabin. Sabin and King started, but Storm was the guy who took the beating from the heels. The crowd chanted "We want Gunner" and Storm tagged him in to their delight. Gunner took out all three guys and hit a slingshot suplex on King and the match broke down. Somehow Sabin became the legal man and he hit his finisher on King for the win…

James Storm, Gunner, and Chris Sabin defeated Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Kenny King at 6:38.

Mickie James was shown backstage heading toward the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: Good fast action match that showed off the new champions. I would have preferred they went straight into their next storylines, but I'm not sure TNA knows what to do with these guys yet. Where the hell is Devon and Knux? They've been looking for Abyss for like an hour. I'm fairly sure that building isn't that big, you would think they would have given up by now.

Backstage, Devon and Knux got to the last door in the building and decided Abyss must be there. They charged through the door…and they cut away….

Shore's Slant: Ask and ye shall receive!

A video recapped the Knockouts match at Slammiversary and in a different part backstage, Brooke Hogan congratulated Taryn Terrell on her win. Taryn put the match over and said she was looking forward to challenging for the title. She asked Brooke about Bully Ray and Brooke told her they should keep it about wrestling. Terrell agreed and left a frustrated Brooke…

Mickie James made her entrance, followed by Taeler Hendrix, who got absolutely no reaction. Hendrix played to the crowd and James applauded her efforts…

[Q7] 4. Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix. Hendrix had several close pin attempts and played to the crowd who finally got behind her. Mickie applauded several times, but then faked a knee injury to hit a surprise shot to the face. She followed with the Mick Kick for the win…

Mickie James defeated Taeler Hendrix at 3:48.

Outside, Knux and Devon looked for Abyss. Devon went around the corner and a shadow showed Abyss attacking Knux. Devon ran back around the corner and the TV title slid into view, followed by Knux rolling in. Abyss attacked Devon and beat him down…[C]

Shore's Slant: I have the hots for Taeler Hendrix--I'm a sucker for redheads--but I haven't been all that impressed when she has appeared on Impact. This was well done and very entertaining. Of course Mickie really sold it, but if she is staying on the main roster, this was a good way to get the crowd behind her.

A video recapped Sting getting beat at Slammiversary. They showed a tweet from Sting today saying, "No one helped me. Message received." The announce team hyped Sting addressing his future next week, as well as AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle in a BFG qualifier and Storm and Gunner vs. Bad Influence in a BFG qualifier…A video recapped the brief altercation between Rampage and Angle…Hardy and Ray made their entrances. Ray took his time, so Jeff dove on him on the floor to start the match…

[Q8] 5. Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray in a hammer above the ring ladder match. Hardy hit a flurry of offense and dove on Ray on the floor again. He got the ladder and put it in the ring, but Ray grabbed his leg and dragged him to the floor…[C]

Back from commercial, Bully was in charge and worked over Hardy. Hardy hit a surprise DDT and his mule kick in the corner. He set the ladder up for the first time and climbed it. Bully recovered and shoved the ladder over, but Hardy jumped off. He hit a kick and Ray had to jump over the ladder to land in the corner, where Hardy drove the ladder into Ray's nuts.

Hardy climbed the ropes again and this time Ray pushed the ladder over with Hardy crashing in the ropes. Ray called out to Taz about his balls and I died laughing. Hardy hit a chinbuster and climbed the ladder again. Again, Bully Ray knocked Hardy off the ladder in the corner, but Hardy recovered to hit Whisper in the Wind.

Hardy climbed once again, and this time Ray snatched the ladder away and Hardy crashed down hard. He dragged Hardy aside and climbed the ladder to claim the hammer. He went to hit Hardy with it, but Hardy kicked him and hit Twist of Fate. Bully tossed the hammer in the air and Hardy recovered it. He went after Bully, but Bully ran and Hardy sold being to hurt to give chase. He was helped to the back by the ref…

Bully Ray fought Jeff Hardy to an apparent no contest in about 16:30.

[Overrun] Backstage, Bully staggered around and called for his belt. He sat down and Hulk Hogan sneaked up behind him with a hammer. He went to hit Ray, but Brooke screamed for him to stop and ran up. All three looked at each other and Ray staggered off to end the show…

Shore's Slant: The match was what it was, but I loved the ending. Brooke Hogan's "is she or isn't she" is the logical next storyline progression. TNA is managing to keep it very ambiguous. Brooke could have been helping Bully here, or she could have been preventing her dad from sinking to the level of Aces and Eights. Well done.

Overall a pretty good edition of Impact. The main event stipulation was stupid, and Rampage Jackson didn't do very much, but I liked what they did with him. The Knockouts continue to entertain. The Hogan family drama is somehow keeping me intrigued, and the two hours flew by. Will Pruett and Jason Powell will have more tomorrow. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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