6/27 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: A New X Division Champion is crowned, but who is it? The BFG series continues, Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship

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Jun 27, 2013 - 08:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped on 6/20 in Peoria, Illinois.

[Q1] The show opened with the recap video, followed by Sting's entrance to the Main Event Mafia music. Sting introduced Kurt Angle, who got his own entrance to the same music. Taz shit all over it and I can't say he was wrong on this one. Angle curt a promo and said that the old Mafia used to do what they wanted and fight who they wanted. He said that was Aces and Eights now. He said the family was rejoining to accomplish two goals, ending Aces and Eights and making sure Bully Ray lost the title. He said the newest member would be revealed tonight…

The announce team hyped the X Division title match for next and then showed a video that recapped how Chris Sabin won the title. Backstage, Doc grabbed Sabin and dragged him into an open truck where Anderson helped Doc hold Sabin down. Bully Ray told him to relax and said he hoped Sabin won tonight, and then did the right thing. He said the right thing was not cashing in his title shot. He told the boys to let him go, but Anderson pinched his cheek before they did. Sabin grabbed his title and stormed off…[C]

Shore's Slant: I still could not possibly care less about the Main Event Mafia. The fact that they even started the show put a damper on it for me. I'm still stunned they went back to this gimmick. I did, however, like what just happened with Sabin and the gang very much. That seemed logical and was well played by everyone involved.

[Q2] "The Big O" Adam Ohriner was shown getting ready backstage, and a video hyped how he got there…

1. Suicide vs. Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship. All three men flew around the ring with Sabin looking the best in the quick start before the break…[C] Back at 6:30, Sabin hit a Tree of Woe combo dropkick on King and Suicide. That was followed by King hitting the Tower of Doom on Sabin and Suicide. Sabin took a powder and Suicide and King battled. King went for his finisher, but Suicide slid down for a roll-up, complete with rope grab, for the win…

Suicide became the new X Division Champion at 10:09.

[Q3] Hulk Higan made his entrance with a guy who was beatup. Hogan introduced him as TJ Perkins, the guy who has "always" been Suicide. He said he wanted to know who was really under the mask. The Suicide in the ring ran away through the crowd…[C]

Shore's Slant: The match was on for 10 minutes and Hogan didn't find Perkins in time to stop the match? OK. The match itself was just OK. The live crowded about its awesomeness, but it was nowhere near good enough to chant for. Whoever is under the mask did a good job of not giving it away in the ring, but I'm guessing we go with a heel since he grabbed the rope. And speaking of, how bad was that finish with the ref sliding out of the ring like that? How was King not in the ropes if the ref as to be on the floor to make the count? Terrible logic.

A video hyping Ryan Howe, the other Gut Check contestant, aired. Howe made his ring entrance playing a guitar as his own entrance music. Taz said he was happy to have Van Hammer back…


2. Ryan Howe vs. Adam Ohriner in a Gut Check match. Ohriner hit a clothesline that turned Howe inside out. He set Howe in the corner, but missed a splash. Howe started his comeback, but Ohriner hit a power slam out of nowhere for the win…

Adam Ohriner defeated Ryan Howe in a Gut Check Challenge at 2:46.

Backstage, Sting and Angle walked up to a door. Sting said they were definitely going to be better this time around…

Shore's Slant: That looked like an indy show dark match. I don't mean that as an insult, but it does show the weaknesses of both the Gut Check gimmick, and the two guys in the ring. The powerslam finish came out of nowhere and caught the crowd off guard. My guess is Ohriner gets the contract next week. No, I wasn't a big Van Hammer fan, but of all the names I expected Taz to drop tonight, that one didn't make the list. Funny stuff.

[Q4][C] Tenay ran down the BFG standings and hyped the two BFG matches for tonight…Backstage, Bully Ray walked into TJ Perkins's locker room. He told TJ to calm down and said he liked Perkins and thought he was a "good, little wrestler." He asked TJ if Angle and Sting had put him up to it. Perkins said no. Ray asked again, and Perkins said he had no idea what happened. He started to leave, but Ray grabbed him, held him for a second, and then gave him permission to leave…

A video recapped the feud between Mickie and Velvet…Velvet made her ring entrance…[C]

Shore's Slant: Once again, Bully Ray is the best thing on TNA TV. And this segment had the added value of having to do with the title itself and not Hogan. Yes, the MEM was mentioned, but there's no getting around them at this point. Everything involving Ray has been great tonight. The rest is mediocre at best.

Mickie James made her ring entrance and cut a promo. She said she hated that the title had come between them, but she still cared about Velvet, so she was giving her a chance to not get hurt. She told Velvet not to be the "$3 pack mule" she is. Velvet attacked her and the match started…

[Q5] 3. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship. The first minute occurred in the last corner. Velvet beat on Mickie until ODB broke it up. They played that game a few more times before Mickie rolled to the floor to take a break. Velvet tried to grab her, but Mickie slammed the leg against the apron to take control.

Mickie worked over the leg, but the crowd didn't seem into it. Velvet finally kicked her away and Mickie went to the floor to recover. Velvet followed and hit a spinning head scissor on the floor. She rolled Mickie back into the ring, but Mickie kicked the rope as Velvet climbed in and followed with a DDT for two. Velvet tried to stage a comeback, but Mickie hooked in her modified STF for the win…

Mickie James retained the Knockouts Championship at 6:37.

Post-match, Christie Hemme asked Velvet about the match. Velvet cried and said she was heartbroken before walking off sobbing…A video recapped Suicide's win and Hogan's announcement…Sting and Angle walked up to Bobby Roode and they exchanged looks, but not words…[C]

Shore's Slant: Another "eh" match for Velvet Sky. She's getting better, but she still looks a little lost in the ring sometimes. The heat in the division is definitely Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. It makes sense to have the other two hook up while they finish their feud, but as much as I have liked Mickie's heel turn, it hasn't been the best in-ring angle.

Backstage, Hogan asked the X Division ref if he saw something in the way Suicide wrestled that might tip him off whop it was. The ref said no, so Hogan told him to go find him and tell him he had to unmask tonight or he was getting stripped…

[Q6] Ring introductions occurred for the first BFG match…

4. Magnus vs. Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory series match. Both men started quickly, but Roode hit a bottom rope slingshot. He worked over the neck, but Magnus came back with a top rope elbow. Roode immediately recovered and hit a spinebuster. He grabbed Magnus for his fisher suplex, but Magnus hit a move for the win…

Magnus earned 7 points in a BFG series match at 6:40.

Shore's Slant: I missed the move just as I looked down at my keyboard and I don't have DVR where I'm watching. I don't think it matters all that much. It was a fair match, but they haven't made these BFG series matches feel important yet. It's still in that lukewarm stage.

Backstage, Aces and Eights stormed into a locker room with Jesse, Robbie E, and Chavo and demanded to know if any of them were Suicide. They all denied it, and Ray said if he found out any of them were involved, it would be career suicide for them. He told Jesse to lay off the carbs before they left…

[Q7] James Storm cut a rambling promo about being the champions with Gunner. Before he could go much farther, Robbie E, Jesse, and Tara made their ring entrance to Robbie's music. Robbie took a mic and asked them if they really thought they were tough. He said they were looking at the two toughest guys in the locker room. Taz added, "And Robbie is there too." Ouch.

Robbie said he couldn't believe Storm didn't pick him, but that "train has sailed down the road." He said he and Jesse were the future. He called them something that sounded like "Bromance," but when Storm asked him if he said that, they went crazy and said it was "Bro-mans." Jesse said they had a hot chick with them. Storm said she was a butter-face, which the crowd chanted. Jesse went after Storm, but Gunner knocked him out in a weird looking spot. Storm said his catch phrase and they played to the crowd…

Backstage, IQG asked Sting and Angle about the Suicide issue. Sting said he thought it was great, and Angle said they should go talk to him…[C]

Shore's Slant: The Aces and Eights thing was OK, but I could have done without the carb shot at the end, especially considering it lead into that god-awful talking segment. Robbie E is not funny anymore, and Jesse looks like a buffoon getting knocked out like that. I'm not sure what was supposed to happen there, but it looked like shit.

5. Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory series match. Joe pounded on Anderson and the fight spilled to the floor. Anderson drove Joe's back into the apron and rolled him in the ring. Joe quickly recovered and hit his combo with the senton for two.

[Q8] Aces and Eights ran out and teased getting in the ring. Anderson took advantage and hit a DDT for two. Joe came back with a powerslam. The two Aces and Eights guys climbed on the ramp, but the MEM ran out and drove them from the ringside area. In the ring, Anderson went for the mic check, but Joe held onto the ropes and hooked in the rear naked choke for the win…

Samoa Joe earned 10 points in a BFG series match.

Post-match, the MEM climbed in the ring and they all hugged. Joe made gang hand symbols to signify he was now in the MEM…[C]

Shore's Slant: Another uninspriring match. The finishing sequence was particularly weak. Joe looked like he stood there while Anderson tried his move. Crazy. Another entry into the MEM. I'm not surprised, but I don't think it helps the story at all.

I had a quick power flash right at the end of the last match, and when my cable box reset, Hogan was in the ring with Suicide and asking him to reveal who he was. Suicide shook his head no. Hogan started to say something, but Bully Ray's music hit. He came to the ring and said he and Hogan were on the same page for once. He demanded Suicide take his mask off, but Suicde refused.

Ray said it didn't matter, all that mattered was what Suicide did with the title. He told him he didn't want any of Ray. He told Suicide to tuck his tail and walk away. Hogan said he had had enough and demanded Suicide take the mask off. Suicide cut a promo, complete with the computerized voice fix. He said Bully was always asking if everyone knew who he was, but the question was, did Bully Ray know who Suicide was. He said he should, because he was the guy who invented "plan C." He snatched off the hood to reveal Austin Aries and said he cashed in the title once before, and he was going to do it again…[C]

Shore's Slant: To be fair, it made for a good moment when Aries revealed himself, The live crowd popped big, and they played the angle out well. That said, I still don't like the angle. It muddies the waters in the BFG with Aries being in it. It takes the spotlight off Sabin It burns the very popular Suicide character (now that they showed us Perkins). There's just a lot wrong with this decision.

Overall a poor episode of Impact. The BFG matches still don't seem like big deals. I get the feeling very few people care anything about the Main Event Mafia. The Knockouts match was mediocre. That tag champs had a weird segment, and I've already covered my problems with the Suicide angle. We'll see where it goes next, but it isn't a great beginning. Jason Powell and Will Pruett will be along with more tomorrow. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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