6/13 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: Stings responds to being left alone at Slammiversary, Will Hulk Hogan try and kill Bully Ray again? BFG Series entrants named

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Jun 13, 2013 - 08:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped on 6/6 in Duluth, Georgia.

[Q1] The opening video hyped the BFG selections and Hulk Hogan's near murder of Bully Ray…The show opened cold with Hogan's music as Taz and Mike Tenay checked in on commentary. Hogan said it was an act of God that kept him from chopping Bully down with the edge of his hand. Swear to God. He said things had gotten so twisted, he made Brooke stay at home.

Hogan transitioned to the BFG series and announced the three men already in it. He added Jeff Hardy automatically since he won last year's BFG series. Hardy came out and started to cut a promo, but Bobby Roode cut him off and announced himself as the other guy automatically entered.

Hogan announced the fans would get to decide who got to use the first call out on next week's Open Fight Night. Roode mocked him and said he hoped everyone voted for him because he would call out Hardy and kick his ass. Jeff told Roode to kick his ass now.

Aces and Eights music hit and the whole gang came to the ring. Bully Ray asked them why they were fighting amongst themselves. Bully demanded to know why there wasn't any of the gang in the series. Hogan said he was going to give them one spot, and it would be decided by an Aces and Eights battle royal.

Bully said whoever was in the series was a target and that Hardy and Roode were targets now. He set the young boys on them, but Roode and Hardy fought them off. Roode clipped Hardy from behind and left him lying to close the segment…

Backstage, Bad Influence cracked on James Storm and Gunner before saying they would win their tag match and one of them would go on to win the BFG series and become World Champion…

Shore's Slant: A weird opening segment. Ray's promo was delivered well, but the order of some of the sentences was odd. As soon as Hogan announces an Aces and Eights slot, Ray declares everyone in the series a target. And then the weak attack from Brisco and Bischoff. The whole thing was just weird.


1. Bad Influence vs. Gunner and James Storm in a BFG Qualifier. The match broke down quickly and Bad Influence dumped Gunner to the floor. Storm ducked a double clothesline and hit a backstabber on Daniels, who rolled to the floor, and a Codebreaker (I forget what he calls it) on Kaz.. Storm played to the fans from every side of the ring and setup for the Last Call, but Daniels recovered and hit him with a title belt. Kaz rolled him up for the win…

Bad Influence both qualified for the BFG series at 4:32.

Backstage, Crimson was suddenly there. IQG asked him what he was doing there. Crimson asked when we last saw him, and then answered 12 months. He said he wasn't going to say why he was there and walked off…[C]

Shore's Slant: Hernandez, Roode, and Bad Influence in BFG? Who the hell are the tag champs going to feud with? Good to see Crimson back. I saw him on the indy scene not too long ago and he's made pretty good strides.

Velvet Sky was shown with an envelope and said it was a surprise for Mickie James and was also good news…

[Q3] Crimson made his ring entrance and cut a promo about being undefeated for 470 days but one blemish on his record sent him home for 12 months. He said those numbers consumed him, but he had an opportunity to qualify for BFG. He called out Joseph Park to "dance with the devil's own." Park made his entrance…

2. Crimson vs. Joseph Park in a BFG Qualifier. Crimson squashed Park all over the ring. He hit a spinebster and backed into the corner. Park took a million years to stand up, and then moved when Crimson charged. Park rolled him up for the win and quickly left the ring…

Joseph Park qualified for the BFG series at 2:37.

Backstage, Mickie James finished putting her makeup on and said Velvet was sweet to have something for her. She asked her reflection if she was ready and walked away…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wow, Joe Park over Crimson. I hope this sets something up, but even if it does, Crimson looks like a complete punk. Poor re-introduction.

Velvet Sky made her ring entrance with her envelope. Velvet said her friendship with Mickie James has been up in the air since Mickie won the title. She said she had the solution to their problems in the envelope and asked Mickie to come out, which she did.

Mickie thanked her in the over the top way of her new character. Velvet took the paper out of the envelope and handed it to Mickie. She explained that it was clearance from her doctor and she wanted her rematch. Mickie said it could be fake, but Velvet said there was no way. Mickie said she was cleared yesterday, but today, Velvet's knee was still hurt.

Mickie kicked Velvet in the knee and went full heel. She slammed the leg around and then locked on an STF, except Mickie was twisted back instead of lying across Velvet's back. Velvet tapped, but Mickie held on until refs came out to force her to break…Backstage, Matt Morgan cut an angry promo about having to qualify for the BFG series being another Hogan mistake…

Shore's Slant: Once again, the Knockouts entertain. Mickie's turn wasn't shocking. She has been playing this bitchy character for weeks now. It was surprising though, because it wasn't clear when it would go from tweener to full on heel. Well done.

[Q4][C] 3. Kenny King vs. Magnus vs. Rob Terry vs. Matt Morgan in a BFG fatal fourway qualifier. Apparently there are tags in this match. OK. Morgan and King started, but King tagged Terry immediately. Terry and Morgan started by slamming into each other. Morgan backed Terry into the corner and choked him with his foot. King tagged himself in on Morgan, but when Terry started to recover, he tagged Morgan back in.

King tagged himself back in, but Terry tossed him high in the air. Magnus tagged himself in on Terry and took everyone out. Magnus hit a top rope elbow on King and Morgan made the save. Everybody hit finishers. Morgan went after Magnus but Magnus pulled the rope down and Morgan crashed to the ramp. Magnus hit a driver on King for the win…[C]

Magnus qualified for the BFG series at 4:46.

Shore's Slant: Look at the matchup. One of these things is not like the others! King looked out of place, body wise. That was a weird mix. At any rate, I like Magnus, but I hate to see Morgan left out. TNA should have both of these guys in the mix.

Backstage, Eric Young talked to the camera crew. He hyped his reality show and then said he was going to bet Austin Aries to get into BFG series. He said he was nervous and went into a stall to throw-up…

[Q5] A video recapped Rampage Jackson's debut last week. Rampage was shown backstage putting his chain around his neck…A video recapped Bully Ray's win over Sting at Slammiversary. Sting made his ring entrance to a great pop. Good to be back in Atlanta I guess.

Sting said it was good to be back in Atlanta.

Shore's Slant: Told you.

Sting said last year he was the first guy inducted into the Hall of Fame and he would never forget it. He said one year later he was given one final chance to wrestle for the title and he failed. He said Bully Ray sent wave, after wave, after wave, until his strength gave out and Bull won.

He said the other thing that he will never forget was that while that was happening, not one single wrestler came to his rescue. He said Aces and Eights were like a well-oiled machine, like family. He said family over and over and then said he needed to make his own family, or better yet, his own mafia. He said the new Main Event Mafia would soon rise and Aces and Eights would fall…[C]

Shore's Slant: My first instinct is to say "Kill me," but I will wait to see what happens. If Sting settles into a role where he brings credibility to some new guys, then this won't be a waste of time. If, as I fear, they get a bunch of old guys together and keep pushing Sting, then this will be an abject failure.

Eric Young made his entrance as a video showed ODB guest appearing on his reality show. Aries was out next…

[Q6] 4. Eric Young (w/ODB) vs. Austin Aries in a BFG Qualifier. Eric Young goofed off the bulk of the match, but Aries hit the brainbuster for the win…

Austin Aries qualified for the BFG series at 6:05.

Backstage, Bully Ray told Doc to get in the game. He said he wasn't going to let Hogan get to them. He said they had one spot and it was Anderson's. He asked everyone if they agreed and they each said, "aye." Doc was last and hesitated, but he finally said, "aye" too and they clinked beers. Most of the gang left, but Devon watched Doc, who didn't look happy at all…[C]

Shore's Slant: Sorry, I was distracted during the match. Plus it was EY vs. Aries. What were they going to do, put on a clinic? I'm not so sure it's the right time to start picking away at Aces and Eights. You have to be careful not to drag it on too long and have it collapse under its own weight, but that doesn't mean you immediately start dismantling it either. This seems rushed, though we need to see how it plays out.

A pre-tape video promo from Chris Sabin had him questioning whether he should trade in his title for the shot at the world title…Aces and Eights made their ring entrance…

[Q7] 5. Aces and Eights battle royal as a BFG Qualifier. The six men squared off for a moment, and then Anderson shot Wes with a finger gun. Wes fell from the ring. He eliminated everyone but Doc in a silly manner. He called for Doc to jump over the rope and Doc stalled. He finally walked over and started to climb over the rope, but changed his mind and climbed back in the ring.

Anderson ran Doc down and poked him in the chest. Doc punched him and they brawled for a moment, but Anderson hit a knee lift and dumped Doc for the win…

Mr. Anderson qualified for the BFG series at 3:48.

Post-match, The entire gang stormed to the back as Taz tried to put it over as no big deal and a probable misunderstanding…Backstage, Rampage asked Angle what he meant last week when he said when Rampage was "ready." Angle said he only meant that Rampage was going to have to train, just like if Angle went to Bellator he would have to train to be great too. Rampage seemed to accept that and said he would be watching Angle's match tonight…[C]

Shore's Slant: I thought Doc might pop Ken in the mouth and then eliminate himself so he could plead that he followed instructions. This kind of surprises me. I hated the interaction between Angle and Rampage there. I like the intense, "baddest men in their sport" gimmick from last week, not this mutual respect gimmick. Hopefully this is a ruse.

Backstage, Aces and Eights freaked out and yelled at Doc. Doc said he was just trying to step up, but Bully said Hogan was pulling their own tricks on them and that wasn't acceptable. Doc apologized and said he wanted to take out AJ Styles tonight for hitting him with the hammer. Ray told him to get it done…

The announce team hyped the return of the Main Event Mafia and then hyped the voting for next week's Open Fight Night between Hardy and Roode…Kurt Angle made his entrance, followed by AJ Styles, who got the hometown pop…

[Q8] 6. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles in the last BFG Qualifier. AJ took quick control with a drop kick and back breaker. Rampage was shown backstage, watching in the control room…[C]

Back from commercial, Angle hit a belly to belly suplex on the floor to take control. Angle hit a back breaker in the ring, but AJ exploded with a flurry of strikes and both men sold. AJ hit a springboard forearm for two and the crowd loved it.

Angle came right back with his three belly to back suplexes. He went for the Angle slam, but AJ reversed into a swinging DDT for two. A "This is awesome" chant broke out. AJ missed a corner splash and Angle hit the Angle slam for two.

Angle dropped the straps and hooked the ankle lock. AJ reversed into the calf killer, but Angle reversed again. AJ drove Angle into the corner to cause the break and then climbed the rope. Angle ran up and tossed AJ off, but AJ landed on his feet. He grabbed Angle and hit a DDT in the corner that Taz oversold. Aces and Eights ran out to take out AJ, but AJ took them out and rolled up a distracted Angle for the win…

AJ Styles qualified for the BFG series at 15:34.

Post-match, AJ split and Aces and Eights attacked Angle. Rampage ran out with a chain to make the save, though he didn't actually do anything to anyone, just scared them away. He and Angle stood together in the ring to end the show…

Shore's Slant: Not a bad match, but Slammiversary was better. Also, thanks for shitting on me as a PPV buyer TNA and giving away the best match from the last PPV for free just two weeks later. I still don't like Rampage in this role. He does need to train, not save Kurt Angle. Do we see him in a tag match next week? I guess tune in with me to find out.

All in all a mediocre Impact. Nothing stunk, but nothing blew me away either. I can't believe we didn't get any follow-up to the big cliffhanger last week, but TNA loves to drag out their storylines. I'm all about taking your time, but once again they are failing to use their time wisely. Jason Powell and Will Pruett will have more tomorrow. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

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