4/4 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: Gut Check featuring former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan face to face, Aces and 8s vs. TNA in a10 man tag match

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Apr 4, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped on 3/28 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

[Q1] The opening recap video aired, and then Aces and Eights made their ring entrance, sans Bully Ray. Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, and Taz checked in on commentary. Mr. Anderson took the mic and offered a cut to AJ Styles and said he hoped Styles made the right decision. Devon held up a manila envelope and said when Ray comes out later with Brooke, they will have a changed relationship.

D Lo took the mic and said he got a letter of termination from TNA. He said deserved more than a letter and demanded a TNA official come to the ring and tell him why he deserved to be fired. Kurt Angle came to the ring and said he wanted to tell D Lo how he felt to his face. He climbed in the ring and tackled D Lo. The rest of the gang attacked, but Angle's team ran out and chased the gang off…

Backstage, Brooke Hogan and Joey Ryan traded uncomfortable sexual innuendo as Ryan asked to be the Knockouts ref. Brooke was initially skeptical, but finally relented when Joey promised not to touch…[C]

Shore's Slant: Weird opening segment in that it covered three or four different topics quickly, but it wasn't necessarily bad. I'm hoping that the gang getting chased away means they win the match because that has been the problem with Aces and Eights for months now. They have these big beat down moments, but then they get their asses handed to them in the ring constantly. On a side note, Joey Ryan as Knockouts ref could be fun in a one off, but I hope this isn't a long term plan. That act will get old fast, just like it did last time.

Gail Kim and Tara made their entrance as a video recapped their attack on Taryn Terrell last week and her subsequent attack backstage. The babyfaces were out next…

[Q2] 1. Gail Kim and Tara (w/Jesse) vs. Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell. Joey Ryan checked all the women very well and then slapped Velvet on the ass. She stared at him and Tara attacked from behind to start the match. Velvet locked in a side headlock and Ryan started massaging her shoulders. Ryan continued to put his hands on the women and would only stare at their asses whenever a pin attempt occurred. Jesse got pissed off at one point and went after Ryan, but Tara calmed him down.

Kim started flirting with Ryan, and he took his shirt off and pour cologne on himself. Taryn rolled Kim up while that was going on, but Ryan took so long that Kim reversed it and Ryan fast counted for the win…

Gail Kim and Tara defeated Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell at 5:26.

Post-match, Ryan tried to celebrate with the heels, but Kim pushed him away. He then tried to get with the babyfaces, but Taryn gave him a low blow…The tag champs were shown backstage…[C]

Shore's Slant: Yeah, I was wrong. That sucked big time. The worst part had to be Todd Keneley's joke that, "The ropes aren't the only thing blue" when Kim rejected Ryan.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring with the tag champs and Mexican America 3.5. Borash started to hype their match, but Austin Aries cut him off. He said they were a tag team of World Champions. Bobby Roode said they outclassed Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo reminded them he was a Guerrero. Borash tried to get back to the contract signing, but Aries said they wanted to add stipulations.

[Q3] After goofing about green M&Ms, Chavo added a stipulation. Aries said they were fine with that and added another. Chavo agreed and JB finally announced it would be a 2-out-of-3 falls match and that if Chavo and Hernandez lost, they could never team together again. Everyone signed the contract…

Adam Pearce was shown getting ready backstage and his hype video aired. It set him up as taking advantage of an opportunity…[C]

Shore's Slant: This show has been dreadfully boring so far. It hasn't been bad, just dull. It's usually cliché that contract signings devolve into brawls, but that would have better than the silliness we got for this one. Adam Pearce's video was good, but he tried to walk a line between being a veteran who deserves a chance and being lucky to get that chance. Not a great start for him, but lots left to play out.

Magno's video was him talking in Spanish about his mask. A Bellator graphic covered up some of the subtitles…

2. Adam Pearce vs. Magno in the Gut Check match. Magno scored some quick take downs using his speed, but Pearce knocked him down with a forearm to take control. Pearce hit a nice spinebuster, but Magno came right back and clotheslined Pearce to the floor. He hit a standing moonsault from the top to the floor. He rolled Pearce back in the ring, but Pearce rolled him up and grabbed the ropes for the pinfall victory…

Adam Pearce won the Gut Check match at 4:15.

A video recapped the argument between Sting and Hogan last week…

Shore's Slant: Fair match. Magno appeared blown up pretty early, but I'm not as familiar with his work so perhaps he's more methodical than I expected for a luchador. Pearce cheating makes for an interesting discussion next week, but I'm also afraid this means he ends up cut and joining Aces and Eights. That's total speculation, but I can see that being the setup.

[Q4][C] Backstage, Aces and Eights walked up on AJ Styles. Anderson said they liked his new attitude and gave him the cut. He told Styles to think about it and they walked off…A video recapped the Aces and Eights storyline, focusing on Hulk Hogan and Sting. Backstage, Hogan was asked about Sting and Hogan said Sting wasn't there because they needed warriors, not politicians. He said he was headed to the ring to call out a warrior who was in a grey area…[C]

Shore's Slant: Almost one hour into the show and the only thing worth checking out is the Gut Check match. Hopefully the second hour picks up.

Backstage, Joseph Park told Angle he was ready for a fight, and Angle told him to follow his lead, but take a shot if an opportunity presented itself…

[Q5] Hulk Hogan made his ring entrance. He called out AJ Styles, who came to the ring holding the cut he got backstage. Hogan said he realized Styles has been under stress lately with losing his "no title match for a year" match, but Styles had never turned his back on his TNA family. He said he needed someone dangerous like Styles to help TNA.

Hogan handed Styles the mic, and Styles asked, "You want me to help you?" Hogan said yes, but James Storm's music hit and he came to the ring. Styles continued to stare straight ahead as Storm said he was the guy who beat Styles to lock him out of the title picture, but they all lose big matches. He said what bothered him was how Styles watched him get beat up by Aces and Eights.

Storm said the company was built on their backs. He said they come to the ring to perform because that's what they love to do. He said they did it together, and then asked AJ if he really wanted to join Aces and Eights. He said Styles should just go ahead because he had changed. He closed by saying Styles should clock out before he gets knocked out. Styles left the ring looking at the cut…[C]

Shore's Slant: What a mess. Both Hogan and Storm cut rambling promos that had no rational basis. Styles hasn't done anything to make people believe he is with Aces and Eights except not throw away the cut, but he just got it five minutes ago! I know he is acting like a heel, but there are plenty of heels on the roster who aren't associated with the gang, so why jump the gun here? So bizarre.

A video taped during the break had Hogan saying he was done sucking up to Styles, and that Styles had one week to give him an answer. He said Styles was either with the company or done.


A video hyped the One Night Only PPV for tomorrow night…

[Q6] 3. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Mason Andrews in an X Division qualifier. The winner of this match will be in the next title match with Kenny King and Zema Ion. The crowd was hot for Williams. The match quickly became a spot fest with all three guys getting a chance to show off. Andrews hit a flying knee to knock out Dutt, and Williams ran in with the Canadian Destroyer on Andrews for the win…

Petey Williams won an X Division qualifier at 5:19.

Backstage, Bully Ray said he was pissed off at Angle for pissing on their parade and then hyped his team up for the match. Devon asked Ray if he was ready for Brooke. Ray said he missed her and they all laughed. Devon asked for a hot tag and Ray said he didn't think she was in to the tag scene. Bully said he was going to the ring, hand Brooke the envelope, and they could all move forward…[C]

Shore's Slant: Fun X Division match and it's good to see Petey Williams back. The Canadian Destroyer never gets unimpressive, no matter how many times I see it. As much as I like the chemistry when Ray is sitting around with the gang, this was disjointed until they moved to Brooke. He started out all pissed off and then said he knew they would be fine. If that's the case, why be pissed off? Lots of weird logic in promos tonight.

The announce team hyped next week's Impact…Aces and Eights made their ring entrance. Team TNA was out next…

[Q7] 4. Aces and Eights (Devon. Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Knux, and Doc) vs. Team TNA (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, and Magnus). Angle and Brisco started. TNA had early control with Angle and Samoa Joe having all the fun. Eric Young dove on Knux on the floor to go to break…[C]

Back from commercial, EY took a beating from the gang. All four TNA guys on the apron stood still and watched Doc knock them all down. Fail. Park recovered first and took the hot tag from Young. Park took out everyone and hit a splash on Brisco. The match broke down at that point with guys everywhere. Park and Devon ended up in the ring and Devon hit a spinebuster. He missed the top rope head-butt, but Doc hit a low blow on Park for the pinfall victory…

Team Aces and Eights defeated Team TNA at 13:53.

[Q8] Backstage, Hulk told Brooke he didn't like her going out to face Bully. Brooke said she just wanted to get it over with and agreed to take security with her to the stage. She said he would probably just hand her divorce papers and be done with it. Hogan agreed and told her to be careful…[C]

Shore's Slant: I'm glad the gang got the win, but once again we have poor logic. Park almost pinned Wes Brisco, yet he was pinned by Doc. What the hell? I know, I know, the ref couldn't keep up so he just counted the pinfall, but that's why I hate these multi-man matches. Still, a good win for Aces and Eights.

A video recapped Bully Ray's history with Brooke Hogan. Ray made his ring entrance and scared the hell out of some little kid. Funny. Ray called out Brooke and asked her where her wedding ring was. He said he was wearing his and expected her to do the same. He asked if the security guards were there for his protection. She yelled at him and he said they should be there for him because she was insane after Lockdown.

He said her husband became world champion and she should be happy, but she wasn't because she was insane. He asked if she knew what was in the envelope and she said she hoped it was divorce papers. Ray acted hurt and said she was the wind beneath his wings. He said he couldn't have done it without her. He gave her the envelope, and she opened it to reveal a front row ticket to next week's Impact. Ray said he wanted her to sit front row and watch him beat Jeff Hardy for a second time. He said he wanted her to look the best she could because she had let herself go. Brooke slapped him.

He laughed and called her pathetic. He said he was in her head so bad and backed her into the ropes. He asked if she wanted to smack him again, but Jeff Hardy's music hit and he ran to the ring. Brooke bailed, and the two men brawled to end the show…[C]

Shore's Slant: Um, OK? I'm not sure what the purpose of that was. I'm pretty sure this points to Brooke turning down the road, as she should, but I just didn't get the segment. The same could be said about the show. I have very little to quibble with, but I just didn't get it. The show came across like one of those holding pattern shows where nothing really advances. Technically there was movement on the tag title feud and the X Division, but it didn't feel like it mattered, and none of the major storylines moved an inch.

Other than Gut Check, this seemed like a two hour infomercial for next week's Impact. This was my biggest fear with the new PPV schedule. We saw it on the road to Lockdown, and we're seeing it again. If TNA is going to have these big breaks between PPVs, they need to do a better job of filling the time. Jason Powell will have his thoughts in the Hitlist tomorrow, and Will Pruett will add his with the Impact audio review. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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