2/28 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: Gut Check features potential Knockouts, build for Lockdown continues, Velvet Sky vs. Tara

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Feb 28, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Aired live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] The opening video recapped the past four shows…Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan were shown arriving and the Invisible Question Guy asked about Hulk. Brooke said there wasn't much to say, he was home healing. Ray said he was messed up bad and then said enough talking before dragging Brooke in the door…Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley opened the show. Bully Ray made his entrance and that was how they explained no Taz.

Ray said he was happy to be back in the Impact Zone, but he was pissed off. He ran down the crimes of Aces and Eights and said their latest was denying the people seeing Hogan back in the ring. Ray swore to God he was going to get Devon and transitioned to introducing Jeff Hardy. Hardy came to the ring and took a victory lap before climbing in the ring.

Ray encouraged the fans to chant for Hardy. He put over how big their match was. He said he didn't feel right about it. He said he didn't want to get the title shot just because he was family. He said he was afraid that was why and so he wasn't sure that he was the right guy to face Jeff. Jeff put over being back in the Impact Zone as well and said everyone knew their history and they were going to make more at Lockdown.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came to the ring. Kaz said Ray didn't feel right about the title shot because he didn't earn it. He said Hogan gave it to Ray just like he gave him his daughter. He cracked about Hogan putting suntan lotion on Brooke and tweeting inappropriate pictures. Daniels said the only person who deserved to be in the title match less than Ray was Hardy.

Ray snatched the appletini away. He drank it and then spit it back into the glass. He said real men didn't drink appletinis and threw it in Daniels's face. The babyfaces beat up the heels and Ray said they would all be in a tag match later…Velvet Sky was shown heading toward the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: Two Impacts until Lockdown and this is what they go with to open the show? It wasn't poorly done, but Ray's speech seemed so out of character for him that it stood out in the wrong way. It looks like Ray will stay as baby as possible until this Sunday, assuming they turn him and reveal him as the leader of Aces and Eights. But what are Bad Intentions going to do at the PPV. Shouldn't TNA being trying to set their match up too? I just don't get the pairing.

[Q2] Backstage, Magnus politicked to get on team TNA for Lethal Lockdown… Gail Kim joined the commentary team. Tara and Jesse made their entrance as a video showed Kim eliminating Tara last week. Velvet Sky was out next while a video showed her defeating Kim for the title last week…

1. Tara (w/Jesse) vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship. Tara attacked at the bell as Kim trashed Taryn for "protecting" Velvet. Jesse got involved and Taryn tossed him from ringside. Tara complained, which allowed Velvet to hit her finisher for the win. She will face Gail Kim at Lockdown…

Velvet Sky retained the Knockouts Championship at 2:06.

Backstage, Austin Aries was on the phone with Bobby Roode. He mentioned that they will be in a triple threat tag match at Lockdown with Chavo and Hernandez and Ban Intentions. He said Roode was late for their photo shoot. Chavo and Hernandez walked up and Chavo and Aries shared some witty banter (no, not really) and Chavo told Aries he had to face Hernandez. Aries was not pleased…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wow, the build for Lockdown is terrible. We get the Knockouts match from a commentary sit in and the tag title match from a throwaway comment on the phone. Wow.

[Q3] Backstage, the IQG asked Kenny King where he went from here. King got frustrated and said he was the X Division. He went and told Rob Van Dam that he was better than him and RVD needed to know it. He challenged RVD to a title match againa dn RVD granted it, but he said King had to leave the X Division if he lost… Taz was back on commentary as Aries and Hernandez made their ring entrances…

2. Austin Aries vs. Hernandez. Hernandez started with power, but Aries dumped him to the floor and hit a suicide dive. Aries went for frog splash. Hernandez moved and started his shoulder tackle comeback. Aries went to the floor, grabbed his title, and started to leave. Hernandez dragged him back to the ring. Aries handed him the title belt and dropped to his knees. The ref pulled the belt away and Aries pulled a chain from his tights to hit Hernandez for the win…

Austin Aries defeated Hernandez at 4:28.

Backstage, Joseph Park tried to politick Sting for a spot on the tem while eating a plate of ribs. Sting told him to "kayfab" the ribs and chased after Matt Morgan who had just walked by. Sting asked Morgan to join the team and Morgan said anyone who associated with Hogan was guilty of keeping him down. He turned Sting down and left…[C]

Shore's Slant: Oh please God let Kenny King win tonight. I can't imagine they would make this stipulation with RVD keeping the belt, but please don't screw this up TNA. RVD is a bad champion. But Kenny King sent packing from the X Division, especially if it is a swerve, is a terrible idea. I wonder what Morgan is going to do at Lockdown now. He's so completely lost right now.

RVD and King made their entrances…

3. Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam. RVD hit a nasty looking German suplex and King had to take a second to recover. King dumped RVD to the floor and tried for a dive. RVD moved and hit a kick from the apron. He set King across the barricade and hit a leg drop from the second rope that they both sold…[C]

Back from commercial, a video showed how King took control during the break by slamming RVD against the apron. RVD reversed a whip into a roll up attempt and hit a clothesline and rolling thunder for two. RVD went to the top and tried for a 450 after pointing to himself. King moved and RVD crashed. King covered, but Earl Hebner botched the finish. They called an audible and King struggled to get RVD on his shoulders. He finally did and hit the Royal Flush for the win…

Kenny King won the X Division Championship by pinfall at 9:13.

Backstage, Sting showed Kurt Angle his list for the team. Angle asked about one guy and Sting said he was taking a chance. Angle told him to handle business because he was about to…

Shore's Slant: A fine match that suffered from the botched finish, but was hurt more by how fast they transitioned away from King to go to the silly Sting and Angle segment. It's like after four weeks they forgot how to pace out live TV. It's crash TV all over again. I'm exhausted and it's only half over.

[Q5] A video recapped what happened in the main event last week and the announce team setup the picture of Hogan's knee from Twitter. Aces and Eights made their ring entrance. It was Devon, Doc, Knox, Anderson, and Bischoff. Devon said if Sting thought he had a team that could beat them he was drinking the Hulk Hogan Kool-Aid. He said 2013 was the year of Aces and Eights.

Sing made his ring entrance to the stage. He took his time introducing his team one by one: Samoa Joe, James Storm, Magnus, and Eric Young, who slid in from behind and attacked the gang. A brawl broke out and team TNA chased them out of the ring…

Ivelisse was shown backstage getting ready and her hype video played. She talked about how she was homeless after having a falling out with her mother over wrestling, but they made up…[C]

Shore's Slant: OK, good segment with the teams, but Eric Young? Really? EY? If you say so. I like the teams otherwise. I just wish there was more to the match than just the Lethal Lockdown gimmick. Aces and Eights have looked so bad for so long I can't really say I'm looking forward to the match.

[Q6] A video recapped the brawl from last segment. Aces and Eights stormed out of the building and they were followed by Kurt Angle and a camera man…Lei'd Tapa was shown getting ready and her hype video aired. It put over that she is the niece of the Barbarian and she got emotional. Both women made their entrances…

4. Ivelisse Valez vs. Lei'D Tapa in the Gut Check match. Tapa is built like an Amazonian warrior and she grabbed Ivelisse by the throat immediately. Ivelisse reversed with a front choke. Tapa powered out and Ivelisse went to the sleeper. Tapa tossed her off and hit a big kick like her uncle. Tapa played it up to the crowd, perhaps a little too much.

Ivelisse dove through the ropes to hit a DDT. Tapa sold it for a moment but came back with a Samoan drop. My video player had a moment and I missed the finish, but Ivelisse won by submission…

Ivelisse defeated Lei'd Tapa at 4:13.

Backstage, Austin Aries wished Jeff Hardy luck in his tag match tonight and his title match next week…[C]

Shore's Slant: Stupid video player. Fair match from both women. Ivelisse didn't work well with Tapa's size, but they managed to be above average. Tapa has improved significantly since I last saw her. Ivelisse is the prize here, but I would offer both contracts to OVW. I don't know if Ivelisse would take a developmental contract again, but she still isn't quite ready for primetime. Of course neither is the Knockouts Champion, so there's that.

[Q7] A video had members of AJ Styles's family talking about him in a negative light. Styles walked in looking strung out. He stormed out and drove away on his motorcycle…A video recapped how the Robbies broke up. Robbie E was in the ring and said he had to admit there was a bigger and better bro. He asked "Rob Terry" to come to the ring. Terry complied and E opened the rope for Terry. E held the ropes for Terry to get in the ring and kept begging off as Terry looked pissed.

E said the thing between them had gotten out of hand. He said he crossed the line when he slapped Terry. He said he risked their friendship when he did that and said their friendship meant the world to him. He said he wasn't going to be jealous anymore and admit Terry was the better bro. He said they needed one more Bro off for old time's sake.

E called for the music and danced. Terry smiled but didn't dance. E said he realized Terry deserved the spotlight. He said he was leaving the ring and Terry should give the people what they want. The music hit and Terry started his routine. E slid in the ring and hit Terry with the VIP poster and called him a piece of garbage. Terry stood and went after Robbie E, but E ran for the hills…

Aries walked up to Ray and said he was pulling for Ray in his match. Ray said he wasn't going to let Aries stir them up. Ray said for Aries to get used the title he has because he wasn't getting anywhere near the World Championship. He told Aries to beat it and Aries left mumbling…A commercial for WWE Films "The Call" aired during the break…[C]

Shore's Slant: OK so Robbie E vs. Rob Terry at Lockdown, but did we need all of that to get there? There's so many other matches that need building I can't imagine why they would spend this much effort on this feud.

Kurt Angle and the camera guy broke into Aces and Eights headquarters…

[Q8] The main event entrants made their entrances…

5. Bad Intentions vs. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. Ray took on both heels for a moment and then Hardy ran in to help. Both heels went to the floor to regroup…[C] Back from commercial, the babyfaces continued to work together on the heels, but Kazarian pulled Hardy's hair and they took control.

The heels work in and out on Jeff, but Hardy hit a surprise Whisper in the Wind on Daniels. Ray got the hot tag and took out both heels again. He hit a side slam on Daniels and Kaz broke the count. Ray dumped Kaz and tagged Jeff. The ref turned his back to get Ray out of the ring and Kaz knocked Hardy off the top.

The match broke down again and the heels pounded on their opponents in opposite corners. Ray shoved Kaz away and attacked Daniels from behind. He lifted Daniels for an electric chair and Hardy followed with the Swanton for the win…

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy defeated Bad Intentions at 11"03.

Angle attacked Anderson in the clubhouse. He knocked Devon down with the pipe and beat up the masked man in the room. Angle took the mask off and then said, "Holy shit." He asked how the guy could do it and the rest of the gang attacked from behind. We never saw the person…

Shore's Slant: A good hot close to the show, but what a worthless show overall. They cut all but four PPVs from their schedule to give them time to build to each better, and they have pissed away all the time they had for Lockdown. None of the matches or segments tonight made me want to see that show except for the Lethal Lockdown segment. The main event added nothing to the title match. I did like what they did with Angle, but that didn't sell any PPVs either. This was not the show I was hoping for from TNA. Jason Powell and Will Pruett will have their thoughts tomorrow. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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