2/16 Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Live Coverage Review: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy, James Storm vs. Bully Ray, and Austin Aries and Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelly and Shannon Moore

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Feb 16, 2012 - 08:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped earlier in Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] A video package recapped the conclusion of the Against All Odds main event.

Bobby Roode sauntered to the ring. Roode quickly grabbed a mic and made Christy Hemme reintroduce him. Roode mocked the fans for expecting him to lose his title at Against All odds. The fans chanted for Hardy, and Roode told them to shut up.

Roode said he overcame the odds (see what he did there?) and he moved on to discussing Sting. Roode said Sting had been attempting to screw him for moths, but he was unable to get things done. Roode said that Sting blamed him for months, but now Sting was the one to blame. Roode ran through his various catch phrases and said there's nothing Sting can do about it.

Naturally, this prompted Sting to join Roode in the ring. Sting said that Roode got under his skin at Against All Odds. Sting said he allowed his emotions to get in the way and once again Jeff Hardy ended up getting screwed. Sting said that changes tonight, however, and tonight Jeff hardy was coming for Roode.

Sting made a no disqualification match between Roode and Hardy for the TNA Title. Sting's music hit and he started to walk up the ramp when Sting turned around and informed Roode that his match will take place right after commercials… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Quick and painless opening. I'm not crazy about the idea of Sting vs. Roode being the focus because I am honestly just burnt out on authority figure storylines in general, but they didn't drag the segment out and set up for one hell of a hook going into the break.

[Q2] 1. Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy in a no disqualification match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in 16:42. Hardy wasted no time in taking the fight to Roode. Hardy ran through a flurry of offense until Roode caught him with a fireman's carry flapjack.

Hardy knocked Roode to the floor and followed with a slingshot cross body. Hardy threw Roode into the barricade and slammed Roode's head on the steel steps. Roode attempted a suplex on the floor, but Hardy reversed the maneuver and hit a suplex of his own.

Hardy grabbed a steel chair from the crowd and blasted Roode's back with a strike. Hardy continued to beat Roode around the ringside area. Hardy hit poetry in motion and the match went to break at 6:54… [C]

At 11:22, Hardy hit a sitout front release suplex for a near fall. Roode finally gained control, and he tossed Hardy out to the floor. Roode attempted a piledriver on the ramp, but Hardy reversed it into a back body drop. Hardy dragged Roode to the stage and threw Roode down to the concrete.

[Q3] Hardy attempted a Twist of Fate on the concrete, but Roode pushed Hardy towards the broadcast booth. Hardy stopped short, Roode charged, and Hardy dodged causing Roode to crash into the booth.

Hardy dragged Roode back into the ring. Kurt Angle ran down the ramp, threw Hardy into the steel steps, and tossed Hardy back into the ring. Roode hit Hardy with a spear for the win… [C]

Ryan's Rant: So Hardy beats on Roode for over fifteen minutes only to lose to one spear, which is Roode's finisher of the month. That's a quick way to grab a viewer's attention, but the cheap finish could very well send viewers away from the show. This accomplished little. Roode still looks bad for getting almost no offense in this match, and Hardy looks weak for losing after getting hit by two moves. Not my favorite booking decision ever.

After the break, Roode cut a promo about how he's the it factor and Jeff Hardy has ran out of chances. Roode said that Sting keeps trying to stack the deck, but he's the most dominant champion. Sting showed up and told Roode that he keeps attempting to cheat the system. Sting said that there will be a number one contender's match for later in the evening…

Elsewhere, Eric Young was holding a guitar. Young did a comedy bit about why he forgot his Valentine's day date with ODB. Young said something special was going to happen later…

The show returned to Sting, and he asked Bully Ray and James Storm if they were in for later in the evening. They both said that they should already be the champion, and Storm said that he was going to kick Bully Ray in the face. Sting said it sounds like a date… [C]

[Q4] A solemn video package covering Jesse Sorensen's neck injury aired. Jeremy Borasch narrated the video, and he concluded by saying that TNA will keeps fans updated o Sorensen's condition in the weeks ahead…

2. Austin Aries and Zema Ion defeated Alex Shelly and Shannon Moore in 4:08. Aries and Moore started, and Aries controlled the action until Ion blind tagged into the match.

Ion took out Alex Shelley and told Aries that's how it's done. Aries slapped his way into the match. Moore and Shelley managed to isolate Aries and began to wear him down, but Ion blind tagged into the match. Ion rolled up Shelley and got the pin…

Backstage, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne were walking backstage. Rayne explained her actions at Against All odds and she said tonight she would make sure the rest of the Knockouts knew they were getting a golden opportunity. The pair started making their way to the ring… [C]

Ryan's Rant: The match was well wrestled for the amount of time the guys had, but it felt like a repeat of the Zema Ion/Jesse Sorensen blind-tagathon from a few weeks back. These guys deserve more time on the show than what they've been getting.

[Q5] The announcers recapped the TNA Title match from earlier in the evening and hyped the number one contender's match for later in the evening…

Before the following match could begin, Madison Rayne cut a quick promo about how Gail Kim is a gracious champion. She screeched several times and the bell rang. Madison Rayne took her place next to Gail Kim at ringside.

3. Madison Rayne won a Knockouts Battle Royal to become the Number One Contender for the Knockout's Championship in 6:32. ODB eliminated Winter and Brook Tessmacher almost instantly. ODB then lifted Rosita and threw her over the top rope.

Mickie James ascended the ropes only for ODB to shove her to the floor. The remaining women swarmed ODB and she was quickly eliminated. Sarita eliminated Tara Tenay informed us we get to hear from Garett Bischoff later. My life is complete.

Angelina Love and Sarita double-teamed Velvet Sky. Angelina Love had Velvet Sky hung up on the top ropes, but Sarita attacked Love. Love and Sarita went back to attacking Sky and Love hit the Botox Injection on Sky. Sarita eliminated Love.

Sarita charged Sky, but Sky pulled the top rope down and Sarita went crashing to the floor. Sky began to celebrate, but Madison Rayne ran in and threw her over the top rope. Rayne celebrated her victory.

Backstage, James Storm said that his match later would be about more than a number one contendership. He said it was going to be a fight…

Elsewhere, Gunner and Eric Bischoff were strolling through the locker room…

[Q6] [C]

Ryan's Rant: So, Kim and Rayne are now going to be feuding over the Knockouts Championship. Can we just pretend the Knockouts Tag Titles they are holding no longer exist and have them retired?

Samoa Joe and Magnus cut a quick promo backstage about how they are the best team out there. They talked about their rematch against Matt Morgan and Crimson next week, and they said they are not concerned…

A video package hyping Garett Bischoff and his match against Gunner at Against All Odds aired...

Eric Bischoff, Gunner, Ric Flair, and the returning Chelsea made their way to the ring. Bischoff thanked Chelsea for reaching out to him, and he thanked Gunner for taking out Garett at the PPV. Eric had Chelsea bring each man a few cigars and some champagne…

Bischoff said Garett Bischoff will never follow in his footsteps and despite the fact that he shares some of his DNA, he would never be as great as him. Eric wished his son best in his future endeavors…

Backstage, Bully Ray said he should be the TNA Champion right now, and he would have no problem going through Storm later in the evening… [C]

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Mike Straka, the host of MMA Uncensored Live. He plugged his show…

[Q7] Young found ODB he serenaded her with his personal apology song. She slapped his butt and pulled him out of the shot…

4. James Storm defeated Bully Ray to become the Number One Contender for the TNA Title at 11:33.Storm hit an early flurry, but Ray managed to get the advantage by targeting Storm's left leg. Ray removed Storm's boot and knee pad on the injured leg as he continued his methodical assault.

Bully Ray continued to club Storm's leg and the show went to break at 5:48… [C]

The match returned at 9:33, and Bully Ray continued his attack on Storm's leg.

[Q8] Storm hit Closing Time out of nowhere and followed with the Last call superkick for the win. New York Giants' Brandon Jacobs jumped the guard rail and celebrated with James Storm.

Bully Ray attacked Storm and got in Jacobs' face. Ray took Jacobs's beer and spat it in his face. Jacobs knocked Ray on his backside. Storm and Jacobs celebrated together in the ring… [C]

Ryan's Rant: I could not be less impressed with the booking of the TNA Title picture at the moment. I am glad that we got will finally get Storm vs. Roode, but we saw both men get their asses handed to them for the majority of their matches only to hit a couple of moves and pick up the victory. That makes their wins look like flukes, and it does not put heat on their feud. There's plenty of time to change that before they meet, but TNA really needs to start treating these guys like they are as big of a deal as the former WWE wrestlers on their roster.

Back from the break, Brandon Jacobs and James Storm celebrated in the back. Jacobs cut a promo about how Storm is his buddy and he couldn't believe what Bully Ray did to him. Jacobs said he got the last word, and he would get some payback next week.

Sting stood in the ring and he called Bobby Roode to the ring. Roode made his way to the ring and sold the beating he took from earlier in the night. Sting made the announcement that Bobby Roode and James Storm would meet in a cage match at Lockdown with the TNA Title on the line.

Roode kicked Sting in the crotch. Twice.

[Overrun] Roode put Sting's sunglasses on before blasting Sting with the TNA Title. Sting bladed, Roode mounted him and started raining punches. Roode returned Sting's glasses to their rightful owner. TNA piped in heat as the show went off the air.

Ryan's Rant: I did not care for tonight's show. There was some solid action, but both of the big matches featured the champion and the number one contender getting destroyed, which just continues to take heat off of the Roode/Storm feud. On top of that, The focus for Roode continues to be a feud with Sting, which is counter-productive to the Roode and Storm feud. Roode/Strom does not need an added figure involved in their feud as TNA does not have the discipline to push Storm properly during a multi-man feud. Overall, it just added up to a show that felt like it was dragging on for this viewer.

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