1/31 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: First show of the UK tapings, Dixie Carter hypes "major announcement," Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a cage match

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Jan 31, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped in Manchester, England.

[Q1] The recap covered the Aces and Eights storyline with Bully Ray…The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Todd Keneley, Taz, and Mike Tenay checked in on commentary. Bad Influence made their ring entrance dressed like extras from Braveheart. Kazarian said they were there to celebrate the real warriors of the UK, the Scots. He drew great heat.

Daniels took over and said he was as upset as they were over Jeff Hardy still being champion. He said he would get another chance to win the title and when he did, he would bring the title over to the UK and defend it against the English. He said everyone knew how easy it was to beat the English. He said the crowd could now worship them.

Magnus's music hit and he came to the ring to a surprising pop.

Shore's Slant: That was sarcasm folks.

Magnus said he had his own theories why Daniels wasn't the champion. He said maybe it was because Hardy beat Daniels like he owed him money. He said made it was because Daniels was a strange man who used weird words like appletini. He said it might be because they were a couple of muppets who needed to be slapped. He said if they wanted to play William Wallace and wanted to fight an Englishman, he would be happy to. Daniels called England an armpit. Magnus attacked Kazarian, who dancing around like a schoolyard idiot, and ended up spilling both men to the floor.

Shore's Slant: Good stuff for the live crowd. It didn't have that great of an appeal for the US fans, but the crowd was so hot for it, and everyone played their part so well, that it was easy to like.

Magnus took the mic again and said everyone in the locker room thought coming out and performing for the fans was an honor and somebody tried to take it away from him. He said since it was Open Fight Night he wanted to call out the person who did that. He called out Devon and Devon made his ring entrance…

[Q2] 2. Magnus vs. Devon. The bell rang as soon as the show came back. Magnus attacked at the bell and Taz complained about it. Magnus dumped Devon to the floor and slammed him around the railing to get the crowd hot. Devon kicked the middle rope as Magnus tried to climb back in the ring. Magnus hit a flying knee to come back. Magnus hit a sitout slam, but before he could do more, Doc and Knox ran in causing the DQ. Magnus tossed the all from the ring and celebrated with the fans…

Magnus defeated Devon by disqualification at 5:10.

A Joseph Park video recapped his speech from last week and his debut for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Basic match from Devon and Magnus. The UK crowd is popping for everything, so even if they laid an egg it wouldn't feel like it stunk. I don't say that to disparage this match, there was nothing technically wrong with it. But it was pretty plain. The right opener for the live crowd, but uneventful for the TV audience.

Backstage, Bull Ray, Sting, and Brooke sweated over where Hogan was. Sting said Hogan left him a voicemail saying, "I'll be there." Brooke said her Dad has always pulled through. Bully started texting him again…

In the ring, Park put over the UK crowd. He said he had studied a lot of tape and was about to make his pick when Robbie E's music hit. He came to the ring with Robbie T cutting a promo on Park. He said Park wasn't a wrestler, he was a hamster just like all the people in the UK. He said it again and pointed to all the people, but stopped when he saw Robbie T and backtracked. He said T was in America now so he was basically an American. He dared Park to fight him and Park agreed…

[Q3] 2. Joseph Park vs. Robbie E (W/Robbie T). Park hit a quick hip toss and arm drag, but he missed a splash and Robbie took control. Robbie missed a clothesline in the corner and Park hulked up. Park hit a belly to belly suplex and then a splash from the second row for the win…

Joseph Park defeated Robbie E at 3:31.

Park celebrated with the fans around the ring as E whined to T…[C]

Shore's Slant: Silly stuff, but I liked it. There's room on every show for one comedy moment/match and this was well done.

Hulk Hogan was shown arriving backstage…Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were in the ring and Aries cut a promo about how they keep getting robbed. He said they were getting on the same page and ushering in a new era. He said one by one they were going to collect all the gold. He said he would take the World Championship and Roode said they had an agreement on that. Aries said they were starting with the easiest titles, the tag tittles.

Roode started to say more about the tag titles, but Chavo's music cut them off. Chavo asked if they were even a tag team. Aries said they were and Chavo challenged them to a fight. Aries agreed and said if they won then they got a tag title shot. Chavo agreed and Aries said he would take the match…

3. Austin Aries (w/Bobby Roode) vs. Chavo Guerrero (w/Hernandez). Chavo stomped Aries down into the corner quickly…

[Q4][C] Back at 5:06, Aries slid to the floor for a break. Chavo dove on Roode and Aries hit a dive on Chavo to take control. Competing chants broke out and Aries hit a big back drop for two. Aries tried for a frog splash and Chavo rolled away. He followed with a drop kick to start his comeback. Chavo hit the three amigos and went to the top rope. Chavo hit the frog splash, but Roode slid in the ring to distract the ref. Hernandez ran in and in the confusion, Aries hit a drop kick in the corner. He followed with the brain buster for the win…

Austin Aries defeated Chavo Guerrero at 10:28.

Pot-match, Aries and Roode argued like they did last week…Backstage, Brooke ran up to Bully and told him Hogan was there. They headed to toward the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: I just can't get into either act. Aries and Roode are not good together, and Chavo and Hernandez have never been good.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Samoa Joe he just wanted to make sure it was he and Anderson. Joe said he had his back. Wes Brisco and Garret Bischoff said they were there too. Joe said nobody needed their help. He yelled at them and left. Brisco asked what was up with him and Angle said that was just Joe. He sent them on their way so he could warm up…

[Q5] A video recapped the wedding angle and Bully's plea to be reinstated. Bully and Brooke made their entrance. Taz repeated that if anyone touched him he would sue. I'm pretty sure they aren't there and this is dubbed over, but I could be wrong. Ray said he and Hogan were family now and they had a common enemy. He said they needed to bury their differences and reinstate him so he could get to Aces and Eights. He said they couldn't get him to come out, but Sting could.

Sting made his ring entrance and said he couldn't get Hogan to come out, but the people could. He led them in a Hogan chant that died and had to be restarted before Hogan came out. Sting said he couldn't think of a better place for Hogan to make things right with Bully Ray than right there. Hogan repeated his "Always do the right thing," garbage and said that was why Bully was reinstated. He also booked a tables tag match next week between Sting and Bully on one side and two Aces and Eights guys on the other…

Velvet Sky was shown heading toward the ring and Dixie Carter's announcement was hyped for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: I still cannot believe we have spent so much time on this angle with nary a match to be seen until now, and it's a tag match. This is what gets the premium top of the second hour spot? Unreal.

[Q6] Dixie Carter's major announcement was that the Impact tapings were going on the road permanently. She said the first event would be in Chicago and thanked the fans for their support…

Shore's Slant: Best news we've heard since the live shows began last summer. Just watch this show and the last show in the Impact Zone if you don't see what the big deal about being on the road is. It makes it a totally different show.

Velvet Sky made her ring entrance. She said she wanted to call out the two reasons why she wasn't the Knockouts Champion. She said it would be in Tara's best entrance to come out and bring her Hollywood girlfriend. Tara and Jessie complied. Velvet she didn't want a handicap match. She said she found her a tag team partner. James Storm's music hit…

4. James Storm and Velvet Sky vs. Jessie and Tara. The men started and Storm beat down Jessie. Tara grabbed Storm's leg and that allowed Jessie to attack from behind. Keneley asked Taz if he rode a tricycle for the gang and Taz went off on him. Storm hit Closing Time on Jessie and the women tagged in. Velvet hit a head scissor, but Jessie distracted her allowing Tara to attack. Storm hit another closing time on Jessie and Velvet hit her finisher for the win…[C]

James Storm and Velvet Sky defeated Jessie and Tara at 3:48.

Shore's Slant: James Storm is feuding with Jessie? My how the mighty have fallen.

A video recapped the attack on Jeff Hardy last week and the much teased further information on Hardy was that they would have even further information next week. Fail…A video recapped the Hogan segment.

[Q7] A video from "moments ago" Hulk was talking to the camera with Brooke standing there. Hogan said he realized after Bully took the beating last week he realized Brooke was right about Ray and so he gave him a wedding present with the tables match…A video recapped the history of Anderson vs. Angle in a cage. Anderson said the gang has shown him more brotherhood in the past few weeks than he has seen in the past few years. He said Angle wasn't leaving the way he got there…

In a different part backstage, Samoa Joe was down and Brisco, Bischoff, and Angle checked on him. Angle told Bischoff to stay with Joe and took Wes with him toward the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: The Jeff Hardy announcement is almost enough to enrage me. What a joke. Just say he had an MRI and we will know more later. Don't build to that. Terrible.

5. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle (w/Wes Brisco) in a cage match. Anderson attacked as soon as Angle hit the ring. Brisco locked the door and spun the key around his finger. Angle suddenly hulked up and hit a belly to back suplex and dropped his straps. He lifted for the Angle slam, but Anderson slipped out and hit a fireman's carry roll for two. Angle reversed a whip and sent Anderson into the cage. He followed with an Angle slam for two…

[Q4][C] Back from commercial, Anderson hit a big clothesline. He tried to escape the cage, but Angle stopped him. They fought on the rope, and Anderson pulled Angle down to crotch him. Anderson tried to escape again and Angle again caught him. He hit an Angle slam from the top rope and the place went nuts.

Anderson hit the Mic Check out of nowhere for two near falls. Anderson tried to escape again, but Angle turned it into a powerbomb for two. Angle grabbed the ankle on the kick out and cinched in the ankle lock. Anderson tapped out and sold the move like he had passed out…

Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson in a cage match at 15:17.

Post-match an Aces and Eights guy scaled the cage. Brisco opened the door and climbed in. Angle told him to lock the door. They guy unmasked to reveal Garret Bischoff. Angle asked Brisco if he knew and Wes said know. Angle attacked Garret, but Wes clipped his leg and the two of them beat down Angle to end the show…

Shore's Slant: So after threatening to kick out the first two guys who had their masks removed, the gang decides to just give away the next three? Strange. The match itself made the beat down problematic considering Angle beat Anderson but got laid out by two greenhorns, but I guess the numbers are enough to matter for most people. Wow. I thought this show started well, but it lost a lot of steam as it went on and died like a fart at the end. The crowd made things better, but even they weren't enough by the end. Jason Powell and Will Pruett will have more tomorrow. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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