1/12 Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Live Coverage Review: The Fallout form Genesis, Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title, and James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

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Jan 12, 2012 - 08:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped earlier in Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] The show opened with a video recap of Genesis' main event.

Bobby Roode came out to his remixed, vocal-less Off the Chain music. He was wearing a suit and had the TNA Title draped over his shoulder. Once he made it into the ring, he grabbed a mic and said that in his humble opinion, when he dominated Jeff Hardy, he had become the most dominant TNA Champion I history.

Roode said he keeps defeating the men Sting puts in front of him. Roode said he has to give credit where credit is due. Roode said that Hardy's story almost brought a tear to his eye. Roode said that despite all of that, Hardy still failed.

Roode called Hardy to the ring to accept his defeat. Sting came out instead and he had a microphone in hand. Sting reminded Roode that he's his boss. Roode said he's the TNA Champion. Sting said he wanted to kick Roode's ass. Sting said rather than doing that, Roode would defend the TNA title against Jeff Hardy.

Earlier in the day, Crimson and Matt Morgan plugged Direct Auto Insurance in a skit. After that was out of the way, Morgan mentioned that they have a match against Robbie E and Robbie T later on in the evening… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Not much has changed. Roode still feels robotic in his delivery and TNA is still giving away PPV matches. Don't get me wrong, Bobby Roode vs., Jeff hardy will likely be very entertaining, but it's ridiculous that the fans that ordered the PPV were treated to a cheap finish only to see the main event they paid for play out on free TV.

[Q2] 1. Crimson and Matt Morgan squashed Robbie E and Robbie T in 1:53. Robbie T manhandled Crimson and tagged in Robbie E. Crimson immediately began to dominate Robbie E, so Robbie E tagged back out. They repeated this sequence.

Morgan tagged in and he and Crimson double-teamed Robbie E. Moments later. Crimson and Morgan hit a double chokeslam on Robbie E.

After the match, Samoa Joe and Magnus ran out and attacked Crimson and Matt Morgan. Joe and Magnus held the TNA titles above their heads.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff was shown walking through the locker room… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Well, I just got my wish. Samoa Joe and Magnus are still going to be teaming which is great considering the chemistry the two displayed together during the build to Genesis.

The Immortal vs. Garret Bischoff video package from December played. Towards the end, it was updated with a recap of Garret getting injured and Sting's declaration of Garret as a wrestler from last week.

Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring. He grabbed a mic and mocked his son for thinking he's a wrestler and that his dreams had come true.

[Q3] Eric talked about how he made millions of dollars, reinvented the wrestling business, and built a wrestling company to be the number one wrestling company on the face of the earth. He said he made it look easy, but he also scorched the earth in his path. He said it was because of that fact that Garret Bischoff will have no friends in this business and it is because of that that his dreams will get him hurt.

Garret made his way to the ring and took his father's microphone. Garret said he hasn't burned his bridges and he has his own friends. Garret said he wasn't going anywhere. Garret said he's proud to be in the ring and learning from the great ones like Sting, James Storm, Jeff hardy, and AJ Styles. Garret said no one is going to take that away from him.

Garret said no matter what his father does to him, he will keep coming back. Garret said he has a new trainer and Eric would be shocked to find out who he is. As Garret tried to leave, Eric tried to attack him. Garret backed his father into a corner and told him never to touch him ever again.

Backstage, Winter and Angelina were talking about how people forgot about them, and how they needed to make that a thing of the past… [C]

Ryan's Rant: I'm still not a fan of this storyline, and if it's headed in the direction I think it is, then I will only roll my eyes. Garret is only going to be hindered by Eric trying to shove him down our throats.

A video recap of Eric Young and ODB's partnership aired.

Eric Young was backstage and ODB told him that it was only one kiss when she was hot and horny. Thanks for that, TNA.

2. ODB (w/ Eric Young) defeated Winter (w/ Angelina Love) in 3:29. Winter tried to gain the advantage but ODB just shrugged her offense off.

[Q4] Winter managed to avoid a Bronco Buster to take control. She put ODB in the tree of woe and choked her with her boot. Eric Young did some shenanigans at ringside.

ODB started running through Winter with shoulder blocks and a corner splash. She then went for and hit a Bronco Buster. ODB hit a fallaway slam on Winter. Angelina Love got in the ring and Eric Young attacked her and hit an Airplane Spin.

ODB hit what is apparently call The Bam on Winter to win the match. It's a version of a fireman's carry cutter if you're interested.

ODB and Eric Young drank from ODB's flask after the match… [C]

Ryan's Rant: That was a bit all over the place. As usual, if you're into the Eric Young bit, that was gold. If you're a bit burned out on him, then that was channel-change worthy. There was a pretty good Knockouts match buried among the tomfoolery, but it obviously wasn't the focus of the segment.

AJ Styles made his way to the ring. He angrily called out Kazarian, who quickly obliged. Kazarian look reluctant on the way to the ring.

Styles lectured Kazarian and said he thought Kazarian would never turn his back on him. He said he was wrong. Styles asked Kazarian why. Instead of waiting for him to answer, he talked about how Christopher Daniels did the same thing to him almost a year ago.

Styles berated Kazarian to answer him and told him if he was a man he would. Kazarian finally piped up and said he couldn't answer. Christopher Daniels walked out and said that he knows why. Daniels said Kazarian's watched Styles lose match after match after Daniels beat him.

Daniels told Styles that Kazarian is done carrying him and he told Styles that he is a worthless piece of shit. Kazarian grabbed Daniels' arm and then left the ring. Styles threw the microphone at Daniels' back and the two brawled briefly before Kazarian dragged Daniels out of the ring.

Backstage, James Storm was shown walking through the locker room… [C]

Ryan's Rant: That was pretty close to what I expected after seeing Kazarian's reluctant betrayal of Styles last week. Looks like Daniels has some sort of dirt on Kazarian. Daniels continues to be great on the mic with his current character. Styles held his own, but one can never really expect an earth-shattering promo from Styles.

A video recap of Monster's Ball from Genesis aired.

[Q5] Backstage, Bully ray bragged about trending on Twitter. Bobby Roode was with him and he complained about having to face Jeff Hardy again. Bully Ray kept talking about how he trended on Twitter.

James Storm made his way to the ring. Storm talked about how things were getting sketchy on Impact Wrestling and when he has a problem he says it to their face. Storm called out Kurt Angle, who immediately obliged.

Angle tried to talk, Storm told him to shut up. Angle tried again and Storm batted away his mic. Storm told Angle that Angle is an opportunist and a cheater. Storm told Kurt Angle that the records show that Storm's beat him twice and he beat him in thirty seconds for the TNA title. Storm wanted a rematch and wanted to set another record; a record for kicking a man's teeth so hard that he poops them out.

Angle looked unhappy and Storm handed him his microphone. Angle said no, and he was focused on the TNA championship.

Sting's music played and he got in the ring and stood between the two men. Sting made an extra stipulation in the main event, if Bobby Roode disqualifies himself, Hardy becomes the champion. Sting then made a match between Kurt Angle and James Storm with the winner becoming the new number one contender. Sting said the match starts right after the commercial break… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Phenomenal promo from Storm. I still think it's ridiculous that this match is happening on TV after ending cheap at Genesis, but this has become par for the course in TNA. I hope Storm and Angle managed to live up to previously set expectations.

[Q6] 3. James Storm defeated Kurt Angle for the number one contendership for the TNA Title in 16:04. The bell rang and Hebner started the count. How does that work?

Angle ran down the ramp trying to get his singlet on. Storm pounced on him and immediately worked over Angle with punches. Storm started targeting Angle's arm and hands. Storm threw Angle to the floor and threw him into the steel steps.

Angle did his best to create some distance from Storm and managed to catch him with a back kick. Angle went on the offense and he brawled with Storm on the floor. The two returned to the ring and Storm gained control. Angle immediately ran to the floor and Storm pursued again. Angle caught Storm with a Belly to Belly suplex on the floor. The show went to break at 4:08… [C]

The show returned at 9:02 with Angle dominating James Storm. Angle stomped on Storm's legs and hit a snap suplex for a near fall. Angle continued his assault and he jawed with the crowd to a decent reaction. Storm and Angle both went for a running cross body and they fell to the mat.

When they stood, the two exchanged punches and Storm gained the upper hand. Storm hit a backstabber for a near fall. Storm hit a backbreaker and went to the second rope. Storm jumped but Angle got a foot up. Storm saw it coming, however, and he locked in an ankle lock.

[Q7] Angle kicked him off and hit an Angle Slam for a near fall. Storm kicked out and Angle sold the ankle lock. Angle grabbed Storm's beer bottle and entered the ring. Hebner took the beer. Angle spat the beer he drank in Storm's eye and hit a sloppy Last call for another near fall. Moments later, Storm hit a Last call of his own and put Angle down for the count.

Backstage, Jeff hardy talked about Bobby Roode getting one over on him at Genesis. Hardy said tonight he ends the selfish generation and gets the TNA Championship… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Very good and long match between Angle and Storm. That's what we should have been seeing at the last two PPVs. It was the standard Kurt Angle formula of a ton of signature spots including steeling the other wrestler's finisher, but it still entertained this viewer. Jeff Hardy's backstage promo was brief, effective, and felt more natural than what we've seen from him since his return. I hope he keeps that style of promo up and leaves the over-the-top-for-TNA creatures of the night talk to a minimum.

An advert for TNA Against All Odds aired.

A video package for Brooke Adams (Miss Tessmacher) working at a Hooters in Houston, Texas and having a Hooters photo-shoot aired.

Backstage, Madison Rayne flirted with Sting before asking for the Knockouts VP role again. Sting feigned excitement and told her to give him one good reason why he should. Rayne said she can get jobs done. Sting brought up Rayne helping Gail Kim to cheat. Sting then booked Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne in a steel cage match for next week. Rayne freaked out and started yelling for Gail Kim.

[Q8]Jeff Hardy attacked Bobby Roode before their match could begin. Hardy threw Roode into a steel post and the steel steps. Dixie Carter and Bjorn Rebney (Bellator Fighting Championships CEO) were shown watching with concern at ringside.

4. Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy fought to an apparent no-contest for the TNA Championship in 12:49. When Hardy threw Roode into the ring, the referee rang the bell. Hardy hit a front release suplex for a near fall. Hardy threw Roode to the floor and the show went to commercial at 1:15… [C]

At 5:39, the show returned and Jeff Hardy continued his assault on Bobby Roode. Hardy threw Storm into the steel steps again. Hardy ran towards Roode, who was leaning on the steel barricade, and vaulted off of the steel steps and dove at Roode. Roode rolled out of the way and Hardy crashed back-first against the barricade.

Hardy crawled back into the ring at the last second and Roode went to work on Hardy's back. Roode locked in a rest hold and wrenched on Hardy's neck. Roode hit a flying neckbreaker for a near fall. Hardy fought back with a jawbreaker and then went on the offense. Hardy hit Whisper in the Wind for a near fall.

Hardy called for the Twist of Fate but Roode reversed it into a spinebuster. Roode went for his fishermen's suplex but hardy reversed it mid-move into a Twist of fate. Hardy ran for the top turnbuckle and flew for his Swanton Bomb. Roode rolled out of the way and covered Hardy for a near fall.

Hardy hit a series of Twist of Fates on Roode and went back to the top rope. Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb. Hebner counted to two but Bully Ray dragged Hebner out of the ring.

Roode laid on the floor and Hardy's music started to play. The show went off of the air with Bully Ray yelling at Hardy that he can't beat Bobby Roode.

Ryan's Rant: Well, that was dumb. Roode was shown to be a coward at Genesis and was obviously about to get beat tonight before Bully Ray saved the day. Moral of the story is that Roode's a weak champion, Hardy obviously deserves a rematch, yet James Storm is the new number one contender. I hope beyond hope this isn't going to end up in a lame triple threat when it should be Bobby Roode's and James Storm's chance to have the match they should have had before Storm had to take some time off.

That's a legitimately frustrating end to the show considering how good the match was. I thought the end of Roode going over was telegraphed by Storm's earlier victory but the wrestling involved in the two Genesis rematches was highly entertaining. It just ended on the same note that Genesis did, and that really kills a lot of the work that Storm, Angle, Hardy, and Roode put into this show.

Overall, the first half of this show was a little talk heavy for my liking, but it was entertaining enough. I still am not thrilled about the Garret Bischoff experiment, but that's nothing new. The show really picked up when we got into the rematches, but TNA left me with a bad taste in my mouth for how they ended the show. I feel like the fans that bought Genesis just got screwed twice, and that just bothers me. I'll have more to say tomorrow in my Rundown of this shiow.

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