12/1 Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Live Coverage Review: Sting addresses Bobby Roode's attacks on Dixie Carter, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy and Karen Jarrett continues to torment the Knockouts division

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Dec 1, 2011 - 08:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped 11/28/11 in Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] The video that opened the show focused on Roode's heel turn and showed clips of his family talking about how he's changed and they can't get a hold of him.

Sting made his way to the ring wearing street clothes. Sting said the inmates were trying to run the asylum. He referred to himself as the warden, and he said he would deal with Bobby Roode. He called Roode to the ring, and Roode eventually obliged.

Roode made his way to the ring wearing a suit. Roode reminded Sting that he was the TNA champion and he said Sting was wasting his time. Sting said he didn't care and things were going to be run his way. Sting said it has gone smooth, mostly, but Bobby Roode is the source of all the current trouble.

Roode bragged about taking out Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, and he asked if Sting brought him out there to thank him for putting TNA on the map. Roode said he saved TNA. Sting objected and reminded Roode that things would go his way and there would be consequences for Roode's actions.

AJ Styles made his way to the ring; quickly followed by Jeff Hardy. Hardy grabbed a microphone and he said he and Styles respect Sting's authority. Roode said screw Sting and his decisions. Sting told Bobby "screw you" and made a three-way match for later in the evening between Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Karen Jarrett yelled at the Knockouts, who were wearing robes. She complained that they weren't skimpy enough last week and she made them scrub al of the wrestler's cars. She told them to remove their robes and get to work. Madison Rayne commenced with the disrobing and yelled at the others to follow suit… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Not a fan of the suit. It's way too cookie cutter heel these days and it makes Roode blend in rather than stand out. It just feels so fabricated, especially when it has come out of nowhere. The opening set up the main event well and did not overstay its welcome. No complaints. Seeing the Knockout torture continue is a lot point in TNA's history and makes for terrible television.

[Q2] Backstage, Jeff Hardy was talking about how he was going to convene with AJ Styles for the main event. Jeff Jarrett showed up and started yelling about Hardy's screw ups. Hardy said he knew it was his last shot and Jarrett said he could respect that. Then Jarrett attacked but Hardy quickly sent him running.

Eric Bischoff met up with Bully ray to discuss how Immortal had fallen out of favor and Eric said that he was having problems with his kid. Bischoff said he could not stand his son becoming a star in his own promotion. Bischoff then moved on to Abyss and said that they needed to get back into the fold. Bully Ray did not seem enthusiastic about the idea.

Another video package covering Bobby Roode's family discussing his change aired… [C]

Ryan's Rant: I have no desire to see Abyss and Bully Ray feuding. I'm not sure how I feel about eh Bobby Roode family video packages. Normally I hate seeing family stuff used in wrestling, but I have to admit that they're effective. If TNA plays them all night they'll lose their impact, but what I have seen so far has worked well enough.

Backstage, the women were all in bikinis and were washing cars. Gail Kim showed up and told Tara to take off her robe and get to work. Karen Jarrett returned and said she was proud of the women. ODB appeared as well and Karen told her she had a match for ODB. A street fight against Mickie James. Karen said if she hurt James, she becomes the number one contender for the Knockouts title.

[Q3] 1. Devon and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Ink Inc. and Mexican America to become the number-one contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championships in 5:02. The match started off with an absolute brawl that saw Devon and Pope standing alone in the ring. Anarquia entered and Pope quickly took to beating him down.

Hernandez ran in and Pope quickly dispatched of him. When Hernandez collected himself, he tagged in and Mexican America began to wear down Pope. Hernandez went for the Border Toss and Pope reversed it into a STO.

Pope tagged in Devon, who quickly took out each of his opponents. Jesse Neal blind tagged into the match but Devon had eyes in the back of his head and hit a one-handed spinebuster for the clean pin… [C]

Ryan's Rant: TNA is really stretching in their efforts to come up with new challengers for the tag division. Devon and the Pope have meant nothing for a long time so it looks like the division will continue to flounder for the foreseeable future.

Austin Aries made his way to the ring. He shushed the crowd and they booed so he told them to boo really loudly. They quieted down. Funny. Aries said that he exceeded his own expectations and he was out of the X-Division's league. He said it was time to rename the X-Division the A-Double Division.

Kid Kash's music hit and he made his way to the ring. Aries cut him off and told him to relax. Kash said that Aries never beat him clean.

[Q4] Kash talked about the ways Aries had betrayed him and Kash was infuriated. Aries told Kash he wasn't some punk. He said he was a main eventer and the world champion. Aries took off his belt and laid it on the ground between him and Kash. Aries extended his hand and said all Kash had to do was shake his hand and he had a title match.

Kash obliged and both men tried to punch each other. Aries darted from the ring and Kash stood in the ring with a grin on his face.

Gunner was shown searching for Garret Bischoff… [C]

Ryan's Rant: For the match quality we are going to see between Aries and Kash, I am excited. I am not, however, excited that TNA is already throwing two heels against each other when they have an entire division of babyfaces that Aries has yet to even face.

Backstage, Styles talked about the main event and said it had the potential to get very interesting. Styles put over Hardy briefly before saying that he planned to knock off Roode.

Gunner was speaking to some guy at the gym and was looking for Garret. The guy gave him attitude so he shoved him over some exercise equipment. He then attacked a few others guys that happened to be standing around. He locked a fat guy in an armlock and told him that Gunner was coming for him in his best Randy Savage voice.

In some dark corridor, Sting was talking with Jeff Jarrett, who was trying to appeal to Sting about Jeff Hardy. Sting warned Jarrett not to get involved in the main event and Jarrett said he may be prepared to be in the main event.

More Bobby Roode family footage aired, and this time it included his wife talking about explaining Bobby's actions to their son… [C]

Ryan's Rant: And that's where the family videos jump the shark. Let's keep kids out of wrestling storylines, please. Gunner's segment was ridiculous, but Styles and Jarrett played their parts well in their respective segments.

[Q5] Backstage, the women continued to work on the wrestler's cars.

Bully ray and Scott Steiner yelled at each other about getting Abyss back into Immortal. They decided to set him up with a freak. Oh lord.

Mickie James defeated ODB in a street fight in 7:03. ODB attacked before Mickie could finish her entrance and the two rolled down the ramp.

ODB continued her assault by throwing Mickie into the steep steps before hitting a powerbomb on the floor. ODB dragged Mickie into the crowd, and Mickie started to fight back. She threw ODB into the staging and it broke.

ODB responded by smacking James with a trash can lid before hitting her in the head with the trashcan. The women began to dual with cookie sheets. That is not a typo. ODB continued to drag Mickie around the backstage area and Mickie smacked ODB with a broom stick.

ODB dragged Mickie back to the ring and found a chair. Mickie attempted a roll-up but only got a two count. James went for her jumping DDT but ODB reversed it into a fallaway slam. ODB grabbed the chair and swung wildly. Mickie ducked and hit her spinning back kick on the chair, hitting ODB in the face for the win.

James Storm was shown getting set up with a microphone in his home… [C]

Ryan's Rant: That was better than I expected it to be. Both women worked the hardcore style well and ODB kept the trashier aspects of her character at the door.

[Q6] Taz and Tenay asked James Storm about his injuries. Storm said he was getting better but he's not cleat to wrestle yet and doesn't know when he will be. Storm said he was looking forward to facing Kurt Angle. Angle showed up at that point and asked how he felt knowing that his daughter saw him getting his head bashed in. Angle told Storm to come next week to set up their match and Storm got fired up and said he would be there.

Backstage, a couple of "freaks" were shown walking backstage looking for their hot wrestler they were getting hooked up with. Poor, poor women.

More Bobby Roode family confessionals aired… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Angle and Storm did a good job there. Again, I hate hearing kids being brought into wrestling storylines, especially with the frequency that it has happened on this episode. However, even if you get rid of that Angle and Storm had a great chemistry with one another. If Storm dictates the pace of their exchange next week then TNA will have a great feud on their hands.

The previous Bobby Roode family confessionals were shown again. Bobby Roode was shown backstage and he called his family users for spending his money while complaining about how he earned it.

3. Robbie E vs. RVD for the TNA TV Title. The two men made fun of each other's taunts for a moment. RVD then tore Robbie E apart with his move set.

[Q7] RVD hit all of his spots and set up for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Robbie T distracted him. Robbie E took control and hit an elbow drop from the second rope.

Eric Young ran out holding a fire extinguisher and he scared away Robbie T. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Robbie E, but Hebner was on the outside. Christopher Daniels ran out and hit Angel Wings on RVD. Robbie E made the cover and Hebner made the three count.

Backstage, the "freaks" were shown walking crooked with messed up hair asking what had just happened. Abyss did not last very long… [C]

Ryan's Rant: Holy overbooking, batman. This match was nothing but RVD spots and run-ins. Also, TNA did exactly what I hoped they wouldn't and showed Bobby's family far too much tonight. Less is more.

The women continued cleaning cars and arguing with one another. A brawl ensued; complete with the women spanking each other with sponges. Some wrestlers showed up telling to women they should be washing their cars. Good lord.

[Q8] 4. Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in 14:28. Bobby Roode left the ring and told Styles and Hardy to start the match. Instead, they cornered him on the floor. The two men proceeded to work together to pick apart the champion… [C]

Back from the break, Bobby Roode was getting the best of Styles. Hardy got back into the ring, but Roode was successful at keeping both of his opponents at bay.

Before long, Hardy and Styles regained the upper hand and started attacking Roode. Roode caused some confusion among the babyfaces, and Styles and Roode locked up. The two men tore into one another while Roode watched form the floor.

Roode picked his spot and tried to steal a pin from Styles, but Hardy managed to kick out. Roode continued his assault and scored several more near falls while Styles recovered on the floor.

Hardy tried to gain some momentum but Roode hit him with his spinebuster. Styles stormed the ring and tore into Roode and hit his springboard inverted DDT. Styles went for the Styles Clash, but Roode fought out.

Roode hit his fishermen's suplex on Styles but Hardy broke the pin. Hardy hit the Twist of fate and went to the top rope. Jeff Jarrett ran out from the crowd and knocked hardy's feet out from under him. Roode covered Hardy for the 1-2-3.

Sting immediately made his way to the stage and made a match for Final Resolution, Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett in an escape the cage match. If Jarrett wins, Hardy leaves TNA, but if hardy wins, he becomes the number one contender for the TNA title at Genesis. Karen ran out and screamed her head off at Sting, and Sting announced that for the Escape the Cage match, Karen would be handcuffed to Sting.

Karen screamed her head off and the overly dramatic music heralded the end of the show.

Ryan's Rant: That was a pretty good triple threat match sullied by a very cheap finish. I'm not a fan of Hardy being in title contention this soon. He should have had to go from the bottom of the ladder to the top if TNA really wanted to make his redemption storyline worthwhile.

Overall, this was a very wrestling-light show. It was also inundated with videos from Bobby Roode's family and sexist crap that did its best to undermine the Knockouts division, which was one of the best aspects of TNA until recently. There were some entertaining moments on this show, most notably the women's street fight and Kurt Angle and James Storm's brief exchange, but the good was not enough to outweigh my distaste for the bad. It's unfortunate because TNA was vastly improving about Bound For Glory and the weeks following, but it feels like they are slipping into old habits at an alarming rate.

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