11/23 TNA Xplosion: A Dot Net reader offers a report on the show featuring the first match of the UK exlcusive tournament

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Nov 23, 2011 - 06:10 PM

Dot Net reader Lee Goodfellow sent in the following report on TNA Xplosion, which airs exclusively in the UK. You can follow Lee on Twitter @IWENews.

Taz and Mike Tenay introduced the show. The tournament bracket was displayed. The round one matches will be:

Christopher Daniels vs. Eric Young
Matt Morgan vs. Douglas Williams
Samoa Joe vs. Devon
Kazarian vs. Magnus

Lee's Logic: The tournament is exclusive to UK TV, with the winner earning a world title shot in the UK, so I assume the two Englishmen (Doug Williams and Magnus) will face off in the final.

Match 1: Christopher Daniels vs. Eric Young (Maximum Impact Tournament Round 1)

They threw each other out of the ring a few times to begin. Young Irish whipped Daniels from corner to corner, which he followed up with a running clothesline. A Daniels waist lock led to a comedy spot with Young locking the waist of the referee. Daniels took advantage of the confusion and attacked Young. Daniels worked over Young, leading to a cover. Young kicked out at one. Young landed a vertical suplex, but Daniels regained control shortly after. Daniels went for multiple covers, but couldn't get the three count.

Daniels ascended to the top rope, only to be thrown to the mat. Young took his trousers off. Fortunately, he had tights on underneath. Young fired up and delivered a belly to belly suplex. After another exchange, Young took to the top. His aerial move was countered with a slam . Daniels went for the BME, but Young dodged it. Another exchange led to Daniels rolling Young up and getting the pinfall, with an assist from the ropes.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Cut to the first commercial break.

Lee's Logic: I guess it was an okay opener, but I'm not really into Eric Young and his comedy spots. I'm pleased Daniels advanced to the semifinals.

Tenay interviewed Young backstage. Young seemed to think he won his match.

A Jeff Hardy video played. It was followed by a Robbie E and Rob Terry backstage promo interspersed with clips of E winning the TV title. This was followed by promos in the same format from Kid Kash, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and AJ Styles.

Lee's Logic: Promo overload.

It switched between AJ and Roode before cutting to the second commercial break of the evening.

Tenay interviewed Daniels backstage. The TNA "Spin Cycle" was next, featuring the world champion Bobby Roode, the TV champion Robbie E, and the tag champions Crimson and Matt Morgan. Tenay wants to know what they are champions of outside the ring. Robbie E is apparently the champion of the mall. Bobby Roode claims to be the champion of surfing. Cue footage of him surfing. Matt Morgan is the champion of fantasy football. He and Robbie bitched at each other about something. I didn't hear what Crimson claimed to be the champion of.

Austin Aries then arrived. He was on the phone, saying something about donkeys and watermelons. He walked off.

Tenay asked Bobby Roode about Australia. Sounds like he had a good time there. Crimson doesn't want to go back to Iraq. Morgan mocked Roode, saying he wasn't a heavyweight.

Lee's Logic: Interesting way of displaying the personalities of the champions. It wouldn't work on Impact, but it was fine here.

Commercial break three.

The "Full Metal Mayhem" match between Generation Me (The Young Bucks) and the Motor City Machine Guns from Final Resolution 2010 is on now. It looks like the full match is going to air.

Lee's Logic: What a treat. I guess we are just going to get one tournament match per week, with a match from an old pay per view in the main event slot. I'm not going to write play by play, as Jason Powell has already done so here:

The full match aired, and the show ended immediately after.

Lee's Logic: I assume that each episode will follow the same format in the coming weeks, with the tournament match, followed by the Spin Cycle, finishing with a match from a past pay per view. I enjoyed the show, not a bad way to spend an hour on a Wednesday night.

Thanks for reading!

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