11/15 Shore's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: First taped show since May, Rob Van Dam defends the X Division Championship, Knockouts Battle Royal, Turning Point follow up

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Nov 15, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped on 11/12 in Orlando, Florida.

[Q1] A video recapped James Storm's win and AJ Styles's loss, DOC vs. Joseph Park, and Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries at Turning Point…Todd Kennelly, Mike Tenay, and Tazz checked in on commentary as James Storm made his ring entrance. Storm said he didn't win an award, but he wanted to thank a few people. Storm thanked Hulk Hogan for giving him a chance and all the people who didn't think he could do it. He said he was now the number one contender for the TNA World Championship.

Bobby Roode's music hit, and he came to the ring with two beers and got in the ring. He handed one to Storm and said he wanted to make some toasts too. He said he wanted to toast all the fans who would be disappointed when Storm failed, and he wanted to toast his family and daughter when Storm took his ball and went home again. He toasted the beer out of Storm's hand and took a swig of his own.

Storm punched Roode and went for the Last Call, but Roode rolled to the floor. Storm dared him to get back in the ring. Roode said there was nothing in it for him, unless Storm wanted to put the number one contendership on the line. Storm told him to go screw himself. Roode said speaking of screwing, Storm should have his daughter call Roode when she turned 18. Storm jumped from the ring and accepted the challenge for later…

Backstage, Hulk Hogan said he felt bad for AJ Styles, but Styles was still treading water from where he was last year and that was just how it was…[C]

Shore's Slant: I was hoping they would come up with some idea where Storm didn't look like a complete moron for putting his title shot on the line. They didn't. I have four daughters, and that insult is so stupid it isn't even worth responding to, let alone giving up a shot at the top of your industry. Way to make Storm look like a total buffoon TNA.

[Q2] A video recapped the Aces and Eights attack on Sting last week. The gang was shown and DOC was defending what he had done to Sting and Joseph Park as a reason to be allowed to stay in the club. The VP said he would find out later what the club voted to do, but for now, he had to turn in his vest. DOC made a big deal of taking it off and turning it over. Devon took a dart and threw it at the board to pick their next victim. Devon said, "That prick deserves it," and the crew celebrated…

1. Kid Kash vs. Rob Van Dam for the X Division Championship. Kash was in the ring and attacked RVD as soon as he hit the ring. Kash tossed RVD over the top rope with a head scissor and RVD hit the ground hard. Back in the ring, Kash hit a clothesline from the second rope and sold that it hurt his own arm. Kash missed a moonsault, and RVD took control. He hit a jumping kick, followed by a monkey flip and the frog splash for the win…

Rob Van Dam retained the X Division Championship.

Backstage, Eric Young and ODB made plans for EY to defeat Tara's Boo and ODB to win the battle royal. He whispered something about the celebration later, and they made out…[C]

Shore's Slant: Unexciting match and silly segment. Not a good start to tonight's Impact when you add in Storm's stupidity.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was looking for a partner and picked Garrett Bischoff over Wes Briscoe, but said he had major plans for Wes. Garrett left to get ready, and Angle talked to Wes…Jesse and Tara made their ring entrance. EY and ODB were out next…

[Q3] 2 Jesse (w/Tara) vs. Eric Young (w/ODB). EY locked up with the official a couple of times, allowing Jesse to attack from behind. Jesse would hit a power move and then pose for Tara. He hit a surprisingly good looking drop kick and locked in an abdominal stretch. EY hip tossed out and hulked up while dropping trou. He setup for the elbow drop, but Jesse shoved him to the floor. Tara rolled him back in and Jesse hit a stunner move for the victory…

Jesse defeated Eric Young at 5:05.

The Knockouts were shown backstage getting ready for their battle royal…[C]

Shore's Slant: This feels like a Raw with a bunch of filler matches. I realize there was backstory on this, but it didn't feel necessary at all. And why was Brooke Tessmacher shown in a towel? Wait, why am I complaining? Disregard.

A video recapped the Joseph Park vs. DOC match from Turning Point. Backstage, Park asked for one more match with Aces and Eights. Hogan refused and they argued. Hogan said he wouldn't put Park in the ring because he wasn't trained to be a wrestler. Park said that was a great idea and he was going to enroll in wrestling camp. He left and Hogan said he wouldn't be back…

Shore's Slant: It's about time Abyss learned how to wrestle! I kid, I kid.

Magnus made his entrance for the TV Title match, but Devon hit him from behind with a baseball bat to the leg. Aces and Eights attacked Magnus and then held him down so DOC could hit both knees with the hammer. Devon started to hit Magnus in the head with the bat, but Bully Ray ran out and chased them away. The agents ran out and called for help because Magnus was hurt…

Shore's Slant: The announce team made a point of asking what Magnus did to Aces and Eights. That's pretty smart because Magnus is a heel, and usually heels don't attack heels.

[Q4][C] Magnus was still being stretchered out as a video recapped what happened…A video recapped the TNA title match from Turning Point. Aries was limping around backstage and was asked how he felt. Aries pulled of his shirt and showed his back and asked how it looked like he felt. He was asked if he was done with Hardy, and Aries said no and he had to go get a massage. He walked in the trailer, and Hardy was getting a massage.

Aries congratulated Hardy and said Jeff reached another level because that was what Aries did to people, he brought the best out in them. He said Jeff earned the massage so he would let him finish, but they weren't over. He walked off, and we once again heard Jeff Hardy's thoughts. Jeff thought that they were done because Aries came into his world not the champion, and left not the champion…Angle and Garrett made their ring entrance and Kurt called out Aces and Eights…[C]

Shore's Slant: I liked what they did with Aries and Hardy right up to that stupid internal monologue thing they are doing with Jeff. Wrestling does not need to be more TV like, it needs to be more realistic (not "reality TV") to be the best. The internal monologue is dumb, and getting dumber by the moment.

[Q5] 3. Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff vs. Aces and Eights. I think they call the guy with Devon "Prospect." Angle attacked at the bell and he and Garrett worked in and out on Prospect. Prospect reversed a whip to the ropes, and Devon hit Angle from behind to allow the gang to take control. Angle fought back quickly and hit German suplexes on both men. Earl Hebner had an oldtimers moment and Prospect held Angle while DOC slid in the ring with the hammer. Wes Briscoe ran out with a bat and chased DOC away. Angle hit a low blow on Prospect and rolled him up for the victory…

Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff defeated Aces and Eights at 4:42.

Backstage, Jesse and Tara were walking and talking about Hollywood couples. They got to Brooke Hogan's office and couldn't decide who should knock, so they just walked in. Brooke and Bully Ray were sitting on the couch together. They both looked surprised and Bully quickly left. Brooke adjusted her top and asked Tara what she wanted. Tara said Brooke was supposed to consult her before making decisions in the Knockouts division. Brooke said Tara was supposed to knock on doors and told her to get lost. Tara suggested Brooke learn to lock a door and left while Brooke looked guilty…The Knockouts started their entrances…

Shore's Slant: That was hilarious! I'm not sure if I was supposed to laugh, but I did. The look on Ray's face was priceless. This has been the only thing so far to catch my attention in this entire show. Even the Aces and Eights match was meaningless. The best analogy I can make is this is like a WWE show when they have six weeks to build for a PPV and take a week off. Very little of this has mattered.

[Q6] 4. Mickie James, Brooke Tessmacher, Gail Kim, ODB, and Madison Rayne in a battle royal with the winner becoming the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. Tessmacher took the first false elimination, landing on the apron, but she was eliminated just a moment later as Madison and Gail worked together. Mickie and ODB stopped fighting to work together against Madison and Gail. Mickie tossed Madison over the top to the apron. ODB spit the liquor in her face to finish the elimination. Gail eliminated ODB and she and Mickie battled in the ropes. Mickie hit a back kick to eliminate Gail for the win…

Mickie James became the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship at 5:31.

Backstage, the off camera guy asked Storm if he realized what the stakes were tonight. Storm said of course he did, and this was his chance to shut Roode up once and for all. He started to say more, but AJ Styles walked up. Storm asked if he could help Styles, and Styles walked off. Storm said he was done and walked off too…

Shore's Slant: I hope this main event is worth watching because everything else between the ropes tonight has been meaningless garbage. The women weren't bad, but it was a five person battle royal. How exciting could it have been? And not trying to be funny, but that might have been the best AJ Styles promo ever. He's setup as best as he can be right now. Let's see if he can deliver in the next segment.

Back from commercial, the VP told DOC not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. He sold being pissed off and went to leave, but when he opened the door, one of the guys was standing there with his vest, and they all partied instead…A video recapped the triple threat match from Turning Point.

[Q7] AJ Styles made his ring entrance. Styles said he would bring everyone up to speed on what happened. He said he was the guy who lost and can't challenge for the TNA title till Bound for Glory. He said that was his year. He said he was accused of banging Dixie Carter. He said he was accused of having a baby with a crack whore. He said the worst part was people doubted him and believed those stories.

He said he almost won the BFG series and had he done so, he would be the TNA Champion. He said that wasn't the case. He said the year wasn't over yet; it was time for the holidays and time to be thankful. He said he wasn't thankful for anything. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian made their ring entrance. Kazarian said Styles wasn't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time.

Daniels said Styles was completely accurate in everything he said. He said it wasn't a good year because Styles was nothing but a broken little man. He said Styles was a complete failure. Styles said if you check the record book you will see Styles beating Daniels many more times than the other way. He said he hated to say it, but maybe they needed to do it one final time.

Kazarian jumped in and said Daniels had nothing to gain by facing Styles. He said Styles was stale and it drove AJ crazy. He started to say more, but Daniels cut him off and said this might be the best time for them to do it one final time and find out who the better man was. Styles said, "Let's do it" and got face to face with Daniels…Roode and Storm were shown walking backstage…[C]

Shore's Slant: Not a bad promo from Styles. I can't say I'm thrilled for Daniels vs. Styles yet again, but whatever. The most interesting thing is that it looks like the Styles heel turn is in full effect, so how does Daniels the heel play into that? That could be worth watching.

Aries cut a promo and said we should watch what happens on Open Fight Night next week. A commercial hyped Open Fight Night next week, with the return of the Gut Check winners…Backstage, Kurt Angle walked up on Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow, and D-Lo Brown and pitched Wes Briscoe for Gut Check. Protchard said there was a process. Angle said Tazz was on board and D-Lo said he liked the idea. Angle ran off excited and while Pritchard kept saying there was a process. Snow seemed upset…

[Q8] Ring entrances occurred for the main event. Jeremy Borash handled old school introductions…

5. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for the number one contendership for the TNA World Championship. As soon as Borash said Storm's name, Storm punched Roode in the mouth to start the match. Roode hit a back elbow and Storm fell to the floor. Roode pulled a turnbuckle cover off and went for Storm. Storm knocked him away and they both traded falsies into the buckle before Roode hit a flying arm bar and then wracked Storm's arm on the ring post…[C]

Back from commercial, Roode worked the arm. Storm came charging back and hit an enziguri in the corner. He started to climb the ropes, but Roode knocked the feet out. Roode hooked for a superplex, but Storm battled out and hit a powerbomb with bridge for two. He lifted for eye of the storm, but his arm gave way. Roode hit a spinebuster and hooked a crossface.

Storm made the ropes and Roode broke. Storm instantly recovered and hit the backstabber/code breaker combo. He setup for Last Call, but Roode pulled the ref in between them. Storm stopped the kick and shoved the ref away. Roode grabbed Storm and slammed his face into the exposed buckle and rolled Storm up for the win. Post-match, Storm looked dejected in the ring while Roode celebrated on the ramp…

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm to become the number one contender for the TNA Championship at 12:27.

Shore's Slant: That was the finish! Seriously! First, Strom looks like a moron for giving into the match anyway, and then he loses on an exposed buckle? What a mess. The first taped episode of Impact didn't suffer from not being live, but it did suffer from bad creative. This was a big step back for the company, and I don't understand the need to Make Storm the contender just to take it away here. Next week can rightfully be an off week because of the holiday, but the next week they need to be impressive to dig out of this hole. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

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