8/12 TNA Hardcore Justice PPV results and review: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Title, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. A.J. Styles vs. Daniels in a ladder match for 20 Bound For Glory Series points, two additional BFG Series gimmick matches

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8/12 TNA Hardcore Justice PPV results and review: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Title, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. A.J. Styles vs. Daniels in a ladder match for 20 Bound For Glory Series points, two additional BFG Series gimmick matches
Aug 12, 2012 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

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TNA Hardcore Justice
Aired live on pay-per-view
Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone

A video package opened the show... Pyro went off on the stage... Mike Tenay and Taz checked in from their perch and ran through the pay-per-view lineup. They showed the Bound For Glory Series standings graphic, which now has a line below the top four. Tenay noted that the top four men will meet at No Surrender next month...

Powell's POV: I like the simple addition of the line since the series concludes with a four-man tournament. I still wish they would add the total number of matches that each man has had so far, though they are showing that on the TNA website.

1. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Kid Kash and Gunner. The heels jumped Chavo and Hernandez to start the match. Chavo took control and performed his usual Eddie Guerrero moves on Kash, who tagged Gunner in briefly. The heels used quick tags to work over Chavo.

Hernandez took the hot tag from Chavo just before 8:00. He hit big shoulder blocks on both opponents for pops. Later, Hernandez performed his big dive over the top rope onto Gunner on the floor. Chavo tagged Hernandez during the dive. Hernandez hit a slingshot shoulder block on Kash, and then Chavo followed up with a frogsplash for the win...

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Kid Kash and Gunner in 9:35.
Powell's POV: A basic tag match with the heels working over one babyface for the majority of the match, and then a cool finishing sequence with Chavo tagging himself in as Hernandez was diving over the top rope. The live crowd was hot for the finish. A good, crowd pleasing opener.

A BFG Series video aired... The announcers discussed the leader board as the graphic was shown again...

RVD made the first entrance for the first four-way match. Pope's music played, but he didn't come out. They played it again and he didn't come out. They went backstage and the Aces & 8's faction were shown beating him up. They slammed his shoulder using a fence door...

Powell's POV: The angle was basic stuff, but Pope did a really good job of crying out in agony to sell the effects.

2. Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. D'Angelo Dinero vs. Magnus in a four-way falls count anywhere Bound For Glory Series match. Again, no Pope to start the match, but we'll list him anyway on the off chance that he runs out late. Anderson acknowledged the attack on Pope and said it was "one less bitch (reader correction) I gotta worry about."

The crowd was hot for Van Dam as he played to them. Magnus attacked RVD from behind and knocked him to ringside. Anderson and Magnus started off the in-ring action. Van Dam recovered and returned to the match. He caught Magnus with an odd kick that sent him over the top rope. RVD's thumb pointing bit came back to haunt him once again, as Anderson bounced him off the ring apron.

Powell's POV: Oh, RVD, they don't call it dope for nothing. It's hard to type with Cheetos on your fingers. Wait, what was I writing about again?

As if RVD's thumb pointing routine costing him once wasn't bad enough, it actually happened a second time. He did it again on the entrance ramp only to have Magnus clip his leg from behind. RVD came back and hit a Five Star Frogsplash on Andreson. RVD went for a cover, but Magnus pulled him out of the ring and roughed him up on the floor.

"Give me a f---ing chair," Magnus could be heard saying via the camera mic. He's hardcore! Van Dam, who had a bloody elbow at this point, kicked the chair that Magnus ended up getting into his face and pinned him on top of the stage to win the match. Pope never came out...

Rob Van Dam defeated Mr. Anderson and Magnus to earn 20 Bound For Glory Series points.

Powell's POV: Van Dam is working hard and I'm enjoying his performances again even though the character hasn't evolved in over a decade, but I really wish he'd save the thumb pointing leading to him looking like a doofus for his next heel run.

The announcers spoke at ringside and noted that RVD's win moved him up the ladder into second place in the BFG Series standings...

Backstage, Jeremy Borash said security swept the building and Aces & 8's were nowhere to be found. Borash interviewed Madison Rayne, who said Miss Tessmacher can't beat her when the title is on the line. She a blew a kiss into the camera that was directed at Earl Hebner...

3. Devon vs. Kazarian for the TNA TV Title. Kazarian stalled before the match until Devon slingshotted him into the ring. The feed went out momentarily (at least on my TV). They went to ringside and Devon threw water on Kazarian and doused one of the cameras at the same time. Kazarian tried to dive off the ring steps and slipped. Fortunately, the spot called for Devon to catch and slam him.

Kazarian got a flurry of offense with a springboard legdrop off the second rope and later connected with a nice dropkick. Devon came back with a spinebuster and scored the clean pin. The announcers played it up as Devon avenging the tag match loss on Impact when he teamed with Garett Bischoff in a losing effort against Kazarian and Daniels...

Devon pinned Kazarian to retain the TNA TV Title in 8:35.

Powell's POV: Taz put it over as a hell of a match. It didn't hold my interest. The live crowd was flat at times, but they came to live for Devon getting the win. It felt like pay-per-view filler.

A video showcased the Earl Hebner and Madison Rayne love fest...

4. Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Title. Earl Hebner was the referee. Madison had some good offense with a fisherman's suplex and then by wrapping her knees around Tessmacher's head and driving her face into the mat repeatedly.

Tessmacher came back and went for a cover, but Madison had her foot on the rope. Tessmacher questioned whether Madison had her foot on the rope. Madison rolled her up and held the ropes for leverage to get the pin...

Madison Rayne defeated Miss Tessmacher to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 4:55.

Powell's POV: A giant groan for the finish. Tessmacher looked as dopey as RVD for questioning the rope break given that Madison had her foot on the rope from the one count on. A big groan for the title change as well. Creative seems to be having more fun with the Madison and Earl pairing than the fans are. That said, the video package that aired prior to the match was fun. The music was corny and it had fun footage of Earl doing his Bret Hart routine.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed a paranoid Bully Ray, who said he was keeping his back against the wall of the interview set so that no one could jump him. Ray showed an ace card and an eight card and said it was in the window of his truck today. He said he's the baddest mofo they could target. He turned his attention to hyping his four-way match...

Powell's POV: Don't they use five cards rather than two? Either they've switched it or that could be a clue that someone is messing with Ray.

Highlights aired of the recent attacks by the Aces & 8's faction...

5. James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E in tables match for 20 Bound For Glory Series points. Robbie T was not at ringside. Massive chants of "refund" started in protest of Robbie T not appearing. Okay, I made up that part about the chants.

Storm and Hardy teamed up to suplex Bully with the intent of putting him through a table in the middle of the ring. Robbie E moved the table, but he didn't move it enough because Ray's arm broke the corner of the table. Ray writhed in pain, Robbie was likely fearing for his life, and the referee on the floor quickly ruled that he didn't go through the table.

The cheers of the crowd were not ignored as Robbie T ran out to a massive ovation at 8:35. Yes, I made up the ovation part too. He was knocked down by Hardy, but it gave Robbie E a chance to attack Hardy from behind. Robbie E tried to jump off the ropes to drive Hardy through a table on the floor, but Hardy moved and Robbie put himself through the table. Taz immediately explained that the match doesn't end when a wrestler puts himself through a table.

Ray was setting up to drive Storm through a table when the Aces & 8's faction showed up. Ray was distracted and walked into a Last Call superkick. One of the Aces & 8's members gave Storm the thumbs up. He acted like he wanted to fight them, but they left ringside again.

Storm and Hardy exchanged offense. Hardy got the better of it and hit a Twist of Fate. Aces & 8s showed up again. Storm hit the Last Call on a distracted Hardy. However, Ray returned to the ring and took out Storm before powerbombing Hardy through the table to win the match...

Bully Ray defeated Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and Robbie E in 14:00 to earn 20 points in the BFG Series.

Powell's POV: Ray was writhing in pain again after the match. He was holding his elbow while lying on the entrance ramp. He wasn't favoring hit during the finishing sequence, but he appeared to be in significant pain afterwards. Ray and Devon winning tonight would seem to indicate that they either have or are on the verge of signing new TNA contracts.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash asked Austin Aries why he gave up his rematch clause. He said it's because he's not going to need a rematch. He said he's going to prove that he's the greatest man who ever lived and he's a respectable champion. He said Bobby Roode isn't at the A Double level...

A video set up the X Division Title match...

6. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King for the X Division Title. Zema sprayed his hair and set the can in the corner. Referee Earl Hebner watched him set down the can, yet didn't seem to have any problem with it. Are we supposed to be wondering whether Ion and Earl romantically involved too? Probably not.

Ion had the first prolonged period of offense. The crowd was flat for most of this, but they were into King's offense when he went on his first flurry. A good "let's go Kenny" chant started when Ion regained control. Late in the match, King hooked Ion's shoulders with his legs in the corner, but Ion slammed him down in that position and pinned him...

Zema Ion defeated Kenny King to retain the X Division Title in 11:05.

Powell's POV: A good X Division match with some fun spots and at least half the crowd was enthusiastic for King and bought into some of his near falls. It's on creative to give King more direction and fans more of an incentive to connect with him.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Samoa Joe, who said he's not worried about Aces & 8's. He said no country wins a war on two fronts. He said that if they miss with him they'll go until one of them isn't around anymore. Joe said he was going to take the envelope and win his 20 points...

The announcers reviewed the BFG Series standings. Storm is in first, RVD is second, Joe is third, and Angle and Ray are tied for the fourth spot...

7. A.J. Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels in a ladder match for 20 Bound For Glory Series matches. Joe went on the offensive first. Daniels missed a moonsault, and Joe continued to get the better of his opponents. Joe caught a diving Daniels at ringside, but then Styles followed up with a dive that took Joe down and ended his run on offense.

A short time later, Daniels brought the first ladder into the ring and rammed it into Joe's gut. Daniels took a bow only to run into Joe's one-armed slam onto the ladder. Joe mad the first play for the envelope, but Styles cut him off quickly. Angle got his moment to shine with some offense on Styles, but Daniels cut it off with a ladder shot below the belt and then threw Kurt to ringside at 6:50.

Joe made another play for the envelope, but Angle ran in and caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex. The fans were caught up in the Olympic spirit and chanted "USA" to Angle. A cool moment that Angle seemed to appreciate. A short time later, Styles pushed the upright ladder toward Angle, who caught it with his face. Ouch!

Angle got involved again by suplexing Joe on the floor, but Daniels caught him with a DDT on the mat at 10:10. Joe performed the overhead suplex onto Daniels into the corner at 11:00. Joe went for the Musclebuster, but Angle returned and attempted to German suplex Joe while Styles was still on his shoulders. Styles wisely abandoned ship even though the move looked clunky.

Daniels tried to climb the ladder, but Angle pulled him down and applied the Ankle Lock. Daniels tapped, but there are no submissions in the match. Later, Daniels made another play for what is actually a clipboard (according to Mike Tenay), but Joe and Angle pushed the ladder out from under him.

Joe and Angle took turns one upping each other with suplexes on Daniels. Angle set up the ladder and Joe slid Daniels through it so that he was resting halfway up. They took turns kicking Daniels in the gut. Joe and Angle finally went after each other. Angle tossed Joe to the floor and tried to climb the ladder, but Daniels, who was still in between the rungs,held Joe's leg.

Joe recovered and brought in another ladder. Joe and Angle fought on top of the ladders. Joe got the better of the exchange and was going for the clipboard when Styles springboarded his way onto the ladder and took the clipboard down to win...

A.J. Styles defeated Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Kurt Angle in a ladder match to earn 20 points in the Bound For Glory Series.

Powell's POV: A highly entertaining ladder match with some wild spots, physically punishing offense, big bumps, really fun moments, and a cool finish. It was also good to hear the announcers acknowledge that while Styles is now in seventh place, he still has matches in hand. Granted, I wish they showed how many matches in the graphic, but that was still a nice touch. This was easily the match of the night thus far, which shouldn't surprise anyone. It definitely lived up to my lofty expectations.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Bobby Roode. Borash relayed a fan question as to whether Roode is afraid of Austin Aries. Roode said he's not afraid of anyone, including Aries. He stressed that Aries winning was nothing more than a F-L-U-K-E. He said it's time to start living his life again and to become the TNA Champion again... A video set up the main event...

Tenay ran through the Tale of the Tape... Ring entrances for the main event took place. Jeremy Borash replaced Christy Hemme as the ring announcer for the main event. Borash delivered the in-ring introductions for the championship match...

8. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Title. They went face-to-face. Roode jawed at Aries, who responded by spitting water in his face. Tenay quickly pointed out that it was payback for what happened on Impact. Aries had the first prolonged series of offense, which ended when he missed a dive off the top to the floor and collided with the guardrail. Roode picked him up and ran him into another part of the rail.

Back inside the ring, Roode was only able to get a one count on Aries. Roode put the boots to Aries in the corner as dueling chants started with a portion of the crowd (Aries won that battle). Roode picked Aries up in suplex position and dropped him on the top rope. Roode followed up with a suplex.

Roode remained on offense despite being unable to put Aries away. He stood over Aries and taunted him at 9:40 and put the boots to him again. Aries fired back with an elbow and a punch, but Roode knocked him down with a knee to the gut again for another two count. Roode applied a leg scissors around Aries' gut and held it for a bit.

They got back to their feet and Aries charged at Roode, who caught him and then slammed him into the turnbuckle, where he tied him up in the tree of woe (worst name ever). Aries held onto Roode's head, pushed himself off, and executed a Stunner-type move.

Aries came back with a series of punches. At ringside, Aries caught a seated Roode with a nice running dropkick. He rolled him back inside the ring and got a two count. Aries applied Last Chancery. With all the enthusiasm of a headlock call, Taz noted that Aries applied "that submission Last (slight pause) Chancery." Sigh. Roode broke free, but Aries came back with a Crossface.

Aries managed to get to his feet and took Aries down with a backbreaker. Roode followed up with a Crossface of his own. The fans were into the match, but they didn't think either Crossface was the finish based on their lack of reaction. Aries eventually broke free and connected with a missile dropkick and then a running dropkick in the corner.

Aries set up for the Brainbuster at 18:30, but Roode countered with a spinebuster for a good near fall. Later, Aries went for a 450 splash, but Roode got his knees up. Roode went for a spear, but Aries moved and Roode took out the ref with the spear. Aries went for a spinning punch, but Roode speared him and had him pinned.

A second referee ran out and made the count, but Aries kicked out. The second ref was bumped in the corner too. Aries dodged a running Roode and then caught him with a kick to the head and a Brainbuster. Aries made the cover. The original referee recovered and made a slow count, which Roode kicked out of at the last moment.

Roode went to the top rope as the crowd chanted their support. Roode got up and fell into the ropes, which led to Aries crotching himself on the top rope. Roode superplexed Aries, who hooked Roode's legs. With the shoulders of both men down, both referees made three counts.

One referee thought Roode won, the other referee thought Aries won. Roode took the title and started to leave the ring, but senior referee Earl Hebner came out and took the title belt from him. Hebner stood on the floor and listened as the other referees made their cases.

Earl ruled that the match would restart. Aries went for a suicide dive, but Roode hit him with the title belt. Roode rolled Aries back inside the ring and went for the cover, but Aries kicked out. Roode bickered with referee Brian Hebner. Roode got Aries to his knees, but then Aries rolled up Roode and scored the pin to win the match. Roode sold his frustration as the announcers stressed that Roode can't get a rematch...

Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode to retain the TNA Title in 25:00.

A commercial aired for the September 9 TNA No Surrender pay-per-view. Yes, NFL fans, there's a pay-per-view on the first Sunday night of the season...

Powell's POV: I'm surprised by the outcome of the match. I guess we have to start looking at Aries vs. one of the BFG Series contenders as the main event of Bound For Glory rather than the Roode vs. Storm match that felt like a lock before Aries won the title at Destination X. The main event was entertaining and the finish almost felt like a play on bad TNA finishes from the past. It felt a bit unnecessary, but at least we ended up getting a real finish rather than old school TNA nonsense. Overall, the last two matches delivered in a big way and made the show.

Thanks for watching along with me tonight. Stop back on Monday for my TNA Hardcore Justice Hitlist, as well as the Pruett's Pause and Ryan Kester's Rundown reviews of the show.




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