11/7 TNA Turning Point PPV Live Coverage: Jef Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Title, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Titles, Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett, Fortune vs. EV2, Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

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11/7 TNA Turning Point PPV Live Coverage: Jef Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Title, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Titles, Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett, Fortune vs. EV2, Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer
Nov 7, 2010 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

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Live from Orlando, Fla.
The Impact Zone at Universal Studios

The show opened with a Jeff Hardy video. He said there's a turning point in everyone's life and tonight is that night for him... Pyro went off above the ring and on the stage. Mike Tenay introduced the show. Tenay said it was the first pay-per-view run by Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair. Taz checked in on color commentary...

1. Robbie E (w/Cookie) defeated Jay Lethal to win the X Division Title in 10:40. Lethal opened with a flurry of offense and hit a missile dropkick for a two count. A "Robbie sucks" chant broke out as he went on the offensive around 4:00. At 8:00, Lethal had Robbie pinned, but referee Earl Hebner was distracted by Cookie.

A short time later, Lethal ended up performing a suicide dive onto Robbie at ringside. They headed back inside the ring and Cookie pulled out an object, but Lethal caught her. He went to the ropes, but Cookie tripped him while the ref was distracted. Robbie used a neckbreaker to get the pin...

Powell's POV: Good opening match. The JWoww stuff isn't for me, but the outcome isn't surprising given that TNA got some mainstream publicity out of her appearance and will likely get more soon. Lethal was impressive both in terms of his move set and especially the confidence he showed throughout the match. He's doing a nice job of playing to the crowd consistently.

The announcers discussed the EV2 vs. Fortune match. They stated that a member of EV2 would be fired if they lost the match to Fortune...

Powell's POV: They only looked at it from EV2's perspective, so I assume the rule isn't in place if Fortune loses. Odd, but I guess it makes some sense given who has control of the company from a storyline standpoint.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Mickie James, who said her feud with Tara went from business to personal. She said Tara may not like her, but she will respect her...

2. Mickie James fought Tara to a double DQ or a double countout in 8:20. Mickie started the match wearing chaps. No, really, she's wearing chaps as part of her country themed gimmick. After five minutes of brawling, Mickie went for a super kick. Tara caught her leg and pulled it back, causing Mickie to do the splits. Cool spot that caught the crowd's attention.

The brawling continued as they fought their way to ringside, toward the stage, and into the area between the fans on the floor and the fans in the bleachers. The referee called for the bell as they brawled. Tenay said the finish could have been a double countout or a double DQ.

The women continued to fight on the floor. Tara pulled a mop out of a conveniently placed bucket and broke it over Mickie's back. James fired back as a brief "TNA" chant broke out. Security stepped in and pulled them apart, leading to a "let them fight" chant form the crowd.

Mickie headed back to the ring and called for Tara, who broke free and headed to the ring. They resumed their fight and fought off security to keep going at one another. D-Lo Brown, Pat Kenney, and security pulled them apart again. A loud "Let Them Fight" chant broke out again. Mickie broke free and the women fought again briefly before Tara was escorted to the back...

Powell's POV: I cringed over the finish at first, but I liked the way they kept brawling rather than just wrap things up shortly after the ref stopped the match. The live crowd went from being frustrated over the finish to cheering for the fight to continue. Nicely done. Will Mickie wrestle in a freaking cowboy hat next? I know I've been harping on her gear a lot, but I liked Mickie's previous look because she looked like an athlete rather than a freaking cowgirl.

A video recapped the Motor City Machine Guns and Team 3D program... Backstage, Hemme interviewed Team 3D. Brother Ray spoke about the history of his team and said he and Devon would go to the ring and do it together one more time. "We're going out the same way we started - together," Ray said...

3. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Team 3D to retain the TNA Tag Titles in 17:05. Team 3D went for their finisher early, but Chris Sabin avoided it by sliding out of the ring. The live crowd was quiet early on, as it didn't seem like they knew which team they wanted to cheer for.

Taz told a story about sitting around the ECW locker room and joking about the movie "Slap Shot" one night and eventually it led to the creation of The Dudleys. Wait, does this mean Bubba and Devon aren't really brothers? I'm so confused.

Sabin and Ray ended up fighting at ringside. Ray ran toward his opponent, who moved, causing Ray to run headfirst into the ring post. Ray crawled partially under the ring to blade and came back with a bloody face. At 10:30, Ray caught Alex Shelley with an RKO-like move as he leapt off the ropes. Ray made the hot tag to Devon.

Later, Devon had Sabin pinned, but Shelley ran in and broke it up. Shelley followed up by poking Devon in the eyes. Team 3D came back a short time later with some of their signature spots, including the Whassup headbutt. Ray led the crowd in chanting "Get the tables." The fans popped big for the table.

Ray set up the table in the corner. They whipped Sabin toward the corner and he ran up it and flipped over in a wild spot. Ray charged at him, missed, and went crashing through the table. The Guns hit their finisher on Devon, but he kicked out. The fans chanted "3D."

At 15:45, Team 3D hit their 3D finisher on Sabin, but he kicked out. The announcers acted shocked and asked if anyone had ever kicked out of the 3D finisher. Team 3D went for the move again, but Sabin flipped out of it. The Guns came back with their own finisher on Brother Ray and got the clean pin.

After the match, Devon raised the hands of both members of The Guns. All three men helped Brother Ray to his feet and raised his hand. He went back down to his knees. Devon looked down at Ray and nodded. Ray eventually got to his feet and The Guns helped him take a bow. The two teams hugged...

Powell's POV: No breakup angle tonight. It must be coming at the TNA Impact taping, as Team 3D signed new contracts and are expected to embark on runs as singles wrestlers. The match started slow and the crowd wasn't sure who to cheer for, but they got behind Team 3D once it was established that they were working as the babyfaces. Really good action down the stretch. Sabin's running flip on the table in the corner was great.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Dreamer, who spoke about how proud of Team 3D he is. He said he and Rob Van Dam were going old school...

4. Rob Van Dam pinnned Tommy Dreamer in 15:45. Dreamer wore MMA gloves and kick pads along with black shorts and a black TNA shirt. After the initial exchange, RVD and Dreamer traded punches to very little reaction from the live crowd. An RVD chant broke out a short time later, but faded quickly.

Dreamer took control of the slow-paced action. A ladder and a chair ended up inside the ring. Dreamer got an Van Dam down and then went to the top rope. Dreamer performed a frogsplash and immediately grabbed his wrist in pain. He pulled off his MMA glove to reveal what appeared to be a dislocated wrist.

Van Dam covered Dreamer, who quickly kicked out and took a swing at Van Dam. RVD slammed Dreamer on a chair and went for the split legged moonsault, but Dreamer moved, causing Van Dam to land on the chair. Dreamer whipped RVD into the ladder what was set up in the corner. RVD turned around and threw the ladder at Dreamer.

RVD went for the frogsplash and missed. Dreamer piledrove RVD, who sold it by bouncing across the ring. Dreamer went for a cover and the ref counted to two before noticing that RVD's hand was under the bottom rope (even though he was staring at his arm the entire time).

Dreamer set up the ladder on the second rope and fought with RVD, who won the battle. Dreamer landed with his legs between the rungs of the ladder. RVD performed a running dropkick with a chair on Dreamer. RVD went up top and went for the Frogsplash and missed.

Dreamer went for his DVD, but RVD slipped out and ran him into the ladder that was still set up in the corner. Dreamer went for a DDT on a chair, but RVD avoided it. RVD went up top and hit the Frogsplash to get the win. Afterward, the camera picked up RVD apologizing to Dreamer as part of the storyline. They hugged....

Powell's POV: Very slow paced early. The match actually picked up in pacing after Dreamer was hurt. I don't know whether to give the guy credit for working through that or to call him crazy for potentially risking further injury. It looked nasty. As much as I can appreciate Dreamer's effort, this match had very little crowd reaction until very late in the match. If TNA is saving RVD vs. Hardy, then they need to do a better job of making Van Dam look strong between now and the match. Dreamer has a role in TNA, but it's not going toe-to-toe with the top babyface.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Ric Flair and Fortune. Flair said thank God the match between Dreamer and RVD was over. "Two guys from EV2 destroy each other," Flair said. "Who gives a damn?" Good question. The rest of the troops took turns talking while wearing the new Fortune t-shirts that look really low rent. For those not watching the pay-per-view, picture a garage band's homemade logo.

A video recapped the Fortune vs. EV2 feud...

5. A.J. Styles, James Storm, Robert Roode, Kazarian, and Douglas Williams defeated Sabu, Raven, Stevie Richards, Rhino, and Brian Kendrick in 12:05. The announcers stated again that a member of EV2 would be fired if Fortune won the match. The two teams brawled to start the match.

Kendrick was wearing a knee brace. Williams clipped the knee around a minute in. Kendrick rolled to the corner and was helped backstage by security. Storm hopped off the apron and appeared to pat him on the back. Taz said Kendrick appeared to put weight on the leg and questioned why he didn't stay out there. Well, that was odd.

Around 5:00, Kaz tuned up the band in the corner. Tenay said he was mocking Richards, who uses the super kick. Rhino checked in and performed a flurry of quick offense that got a reaction out of the crowd. Later, Beer Money had Raven down and out. Rather than pin him, they did their "Beer Money" dance, which most of the crowd cheered along with.

A short time later, Sabu was going for a huracanrana off the top rope when Styles caught him and countered into the Styles Clash. Styles pinned Sabu. Afterward, Fortune stood on the entrance ramp and mockingly waved goodbye to Sabu.

Flair stood on the stage with Fortune and said it was time to pay homage to Fortune. He said we all bow down to Fortune and thank God they are there. Flair told EV2 to look at one another for the last time. Flair said he never liked The Sheik, and he told Sabu to get out. "You're out of here," Flair said. "Goodbye Sabu," Flair sang.

Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam entered the ring as Fortune headed backstage. RVD told Sabu he did great and everyone knows it. "TNA getting rid of you is evidence that sometimes what RVD wants, just isn't good enough," Van Dam said. Sabu nodded.

Dreamer said that if ever anyone deserved to be a millionaire for putting their body on the line, it's Sabu. He said people could tell their grandchildren that they saw Sabu. He thanked Sabu and hugged him. The fans cheered. Sabu left the ring and slapped hands with the fans on the way to the back...

Powell's POV: Fortune comes across so much cooler than EV2. The match bombed, but the Sabu sendoff was nicely done albeit rushed. The EV2 gimmick is dying a slow and painful death.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed D'Angelo Dinero, who was surrounded by members of his "congregation," including his brother. Pope recalled his father saying it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. As he was cutting his promo about Abyss, he stopped and looked off camera.

Mickie James and Tara brawled onto the interview set and had to be pulled apart by Pope's congregation. After Pope and company left, Mickie was apparently attacked from behind by Madison Rayne (the camera missed it). Rayne and Tara talked smack to the fallen James, who was still wearing the stupid chaps...

A video set up the Pope vs. Abyss match...

6. Abyss defeated D'Angelo Dinero in a lumberjack match in 12:30. As Pope and his all African American congregation headed to the ring, Taz said it looked like his senior class and then laughed. Pope stopped at the bottom of the stage and motioned for the money to fall as part of his usual entrance. Instead, a couple of bills fell. Tenay blamed the new regime.

Abyss took the first major portion of offense. Pope's congregation pounded on the mat and got the crowd to root for a comeback. Abyss went for the Black Hole Slam, but Pope twisted his way around Abyss and DDT'd him. Nice spot.

Pope's congregation turned out to be weak lumberjacks, as Abyss simply swapped them away. However, Pope performed a big dive off the top rope onto Abyss on the floor.

Later, Pope was in control of the match when Bischoff walked onto the stage and made money signs with his hands. Pope walked toward him, only be attacked from behind by his own brother. The rest of Pope's congregation attacked Pope. His own brother rolled him back inside the ring, where Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: The finish may have meant something had we been introduced to Pope's brother and the congregation before tonight's show. Of course, a certain member of TNA creative will be thrilled because no one saw this coming. Sadly, this pay-per-view has been just plain dull and uneventful.

Backstage, Hemme knocked on the EV2 locker room door. Stevie Richards came out and said he's taking a stand. He challenged A.J. Styles to a one-on-one match for Thursday's TNA Impact...

Powell's POV: Gee, that will move the ratings needle. Good lord.

A video recapped the Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett feud...

Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and said that on 10/10/10, the Immortals were unveiled. He said they have taken down everyone whose got in their way since then. He said he was going to finish off Joe tonight. Jarrett said he's tired of hearing the "you sold out" crap. The sheep took their cue. Jarrett said they'd never see Jeff Hardy. He started to head backstage, presumably to talk with Bischoff, but Joe's entrance music stopped him...

7. Jeff Jarrett defeated Samoa Joe in 11:10. Joe got a good reaction from the crowd as he controlled the opening offense. For what it's worth, Joe's white towel is hanging in one of the corners. It might be nothing, but it could also factor into the finish.

At 8:15, Jarrett had a chair at ringside. The referee was admonishing him when Joe performed a suicide dive through the ropes that knocked down Jarrett and took out the referee. TNA security goons Murphy and Gunner ran out and attacked Joe, but he fought them off.

As Joe was choking one of them in the corner, Jarrett went to ringside and grabbed Big Bossman's nightstick (or maybe it just looks like it) and struck Joe from behind. Jarrett used the nightstick to choke Joe with. The announcers said it was a version of Joe's rear naked choke, only with a billy club.

One of the security goons grabbed the referee and threw him back inside the ring. With Jarrett choking out Joe minus the billy club, the referee raised Joe's arm three times and dropped it before ruling Jarrett the winner...

Powell's POV: Great, the feud between Joe and Jarrett will continue. Yes, that was sarcasm. I guess it could be worse. Jarrett could have brought the stupid guitar back. By the way, who is Billy and who named the club after him?

Video highlights aired from the show. Yes, believe it or not there have been some...

The announcers spoke at the desk. Taz said Jarrett using Joe's finisher is a slap in the face and "a kick in the nuts." They turned their attention to the main event. Taz said he has a funny feeling that Matt Morgan is going to win the TNA Title...

Backstage, Hemme put a mic in front of Bischoff while he celebrated with Pope's brother and the rest of the congregation. Bischoff referred to Pope as "a douchebag" and then put on a pair of Pope's shades...

A Jeff Hardy video aired, and then a recap of Matt Morgan's babyface turn was shown...
Powell's POV: I'm not sure if Flair vs. Steamboat could save this snoozer of a show.

8. Jeff Hardy pinned Matt Morgan to retain the TNA Title in 13:30. Jeremy Borash handled the in-ring introductions for the championship match. Morgan received a good reaction. Hardy was booed, but not with the level of passion that one would expect fans to have for a guy they loved who turned on them.

Hardy ended up at ringside early on and stalled. He ended up spitting in Morgan's face. Morgan went after him and got the better of Hardy on the floor. Hardy came back by taking out Morgan's knee and then working it over for a few minutes.

At 8:10, Morgan made his comeback and ripped Hardy's shirt off. Morgan hit a discuss clothesline for a near fall that the fans didn't buy into. Morgan sold his knee. He picked up Hardy, who caught him with a DDT for a near fall of his own.

Hardy went to the second rope and played to the crowd with his usual hand gesture and then a double middle finger. When he leapt off the ropes, Morgan caught him by the throat and chokeslammed him for a near fall.

Later, Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint and had the three count, but referee Jackson James stopped counting and motioned for two even though Hardy never kicked out. Morgan questioned the referee. He went back to Hardy, who hit the Twist of Hate for a near fall.

Morgan continued to sell as he went back on the offensive. He placed Hardy on the ropes. Hardy caught him with an elbow and then hit the Whisper in the Wind and a Twist of Fate to get the clean pinfall.

After Morgan left, Fortune and Immortal came to the ring with champagne and sprayed it. They hoisted Hardy onto their shoulders. Confetti fell from the ceiling. TNA spared no expense on the confetti, as so much fell that it was hard to see the wrestlers in the ring for a few seconds. Flair got iced again. The heels continued celebrating as Hardy's music played...

An ad aired for the TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view. Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Sting, and Hulk Hogan were among those advertised for the December 5 show...

Powell's POV: I have no idea what happened with that Carbon Footprint spot. Hardy never kicked out, but the ref just stopped counting. I guess that's supposed to be the excuse for Morgan. This match would have been so much more effective had Morgan still been the monster heel and had Hardy been the babyface. They told a consistent story with Morgan selling the knee injury, but it didn't really play into the finish.

Overall, this show was every bit as boring as WWE's Bragging Rights show, only it felt a million times more low budget. I would cry for a creative shakeup, but what's the point? Nothing really changes in TNA. Wrestlers come and go, and office staff comes and goes, but nothing truly changes. I'm not sure what it will take to make Dixie Carter realize that this isn't working. I'll have more to say in Dot Net Members' audio later tonight, and in Monday's TNA Turning Point Hitlist.




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