TNA No Surrender PPV Flashback: A look back at the 2009 show featuring Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. A.J. Styles vs. Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez in a five-way match for the TNA Title, Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino
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TNA No Surrender PPV Flashback: A look back at the 2009 show featuring Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. A.J. Styles vs. Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez in a five-way match for the TNA Title, Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino
Sep 5, 2010 - 11:50 AM

The following is the "Live Coverage" report of the September 20, 2009 TNA No Surrender pay-per-view. Jason Powell's live coverage report of tonight's TNA No Surrender pay-per-view begins at 7:00 p.m. CT. Dot Net Members can look forward to Jason Powell's audio review either late tonight or on Monday. You can access all Dot Net Audio on the ad-free version by signing up for membership for as little as $5.50 per month via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

Live from Orlando, Fla.
At Universal Studios

The show opened with a black and white video with old school captions that kicked into color with a change of music. It switched back to black and white at the end...

Fireworks went off at the top of the stage while Mike Tenay introduced the show and hyped the main event. Taz checked in and hyped that the first Knockouts Tag Champions would be crowned during the show. Tenay ran through the tournament brackets...

1. Taylor Wilde and Sarita defeated The Beautiful People in 4:50 to become the first TNA Knockouts Tag Titles. Tenay said Angelina Love and the company had parted ways due to business reasons. Sarita and Taylor spent way too much time working on a high-five and ass bump move. They've done it twice already and the match hasn't even started yet.

Earl Hebner came to the ring and ordered the assigned referee Slick Johnson backstage. Tenay said it's because Johnson had shown favoritism to the Beautiful People in the past. You'd think this would have been sorted out before the show started, but I'll turn my brain off now.

Tenay said Scott D'Amore told him that Taylor and Sarita were like a modern day Rock-n-Roll Express. "Well, that's D'Amore's opinion," Taz said. Funny. In the end, Sarita hit a springboard dropkick on Madison Rayne, who took a bridging German suplex from Wilde for the win...

Powell's POV: Too short to feel special, but they really had to keep it short since Angelina Love, who is the best wrestler on her team, was unable to be there. Understandable, but it felt like a throwaway TV match.

Tenay and Taz ran through the pay-per-view lineup at ringside and hyped the Suicide vs. D'Angelo Dinero match that was added to the show earlier today...

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Wilde and Sarita, who excitedly spoke about becoming the first TNA Knockouts Tag Champs...

Powell's POV: It sounds simple, but just showing the happy new champions made the match feel a little more significant.

A video ran through the history of Hernandez vs. World Elite...

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed The World Elite. Eric Young said he cares about Hernandez and feels an obligation to get him to join the faction. Young, who was wearing a suit, said he wasn't dressed to wrestle because he wasn't going to fight Hernandez. He said Hernandez would come home to World Elite...

Powell's POV: They seem to be having some technical glitches. Nothing major, but the screen has flashed a couple times and the audio was shaky during Young's promo.

2. Hernandez pinned Eric Young in 0:50. Young came to the ring wearing the suit. Hernandez entered the ring and went right after Young. Hernandez headbutted Young in the sternum and then hit the Border Toss before scoring the pin...

Powell's POV: The announcers pointed out that Young remained true to his word by never fighting back. A creative way for Hernandez to get the squash win, while letting Young save face by working in street clothes and saying he wouldn't fight.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Matt Morgan, who was much calmer than usual. Morgan got more intense as the promo went on and said "the future is now, the future is right here"...

Powell's POV: I liked that promo style. Morgan can definitely talk, but he can be hard to follow when he talks a mile a minute. This was much more effective.

A video package recapped the Samoa Joe and Daniels feud...

Powell's POV: I'm surprised they're having this match so early. For that matter, I'm surprised they had the Knockouts Tag Title match before the campy Cody Deaner vs. ODB match.

3. Samoa Joe defeated Daniels via submission in 13:45 to retain the X Division Title. Taz said that Joe won't admit it, but some of the comments Daniels made leading up to the match got to Joe. Nice touch to make the match feel more special. Daniels was taking it to Joe until Joe caught him jumping off the ropes and turned it into a nasty looking uranage which Daniels appeared to take on the back of his head.

At 6:45, Daniels hit a moonsault on Joe, who was standing on the floor. Daniels tried to pick up Joe, but he was dead weight. Daniels got him up and then Joe came to life and rammed Daniels's head into the ring post. Joe went after Daniels's left knee, which Taz pointed out was taped under the knee pad.

Joe spent the next few minutes working over the knee with various holds. Daniels made a comeback, but Joe cut him off with a half-nelson suplex. Joe went for the cover and flashed a look of surprise when Daniels kicked out. Daniels came back with a kick and missed the BME, but landed on his feet. Daniels wisely sold the knee, though.

The wrestlers spent the next few seconds countering moves. FInally, Joe applied the Kokina Clutch. Daniels came close to reaching the ropes, but he eventually tapped out...

Powell's POV: Nice match. I was happy to see them get plenty of time to do their thing. It wasn't an X Division classic, but it was a good match. Bonus points for the babyface submitting to a heel's submission move. TNA is still experiencing some minor production glitches. It's not ruining the show as much as it's just an occasional nuisance.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Mick Foley, who was pissed because someone destroyed his framed Tweak and Tweet drawing...

Tenay and Taz introduced a video that previewed the "pay-per-view bonus match" between Suicide and D'Angelo Dinero...

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Dinero about his match with Suicide. He said he beat Suicide like a red neck cop last week. He said TNA management doesn't tell him when he wrestles or who he wrestles because he's The Pope. He said he was getting all worked up and asked Lauren to hold on. He pulled out a Six Hour Energy drink. Suicide attacked him from behind. Taz said he was kind of happy because Pope was giving him a headache. Funny...

4. D'Angelo Dinero defeated Suicide in a falls count anywhere match in 12:20. They cut to the ring and the referee called for the bell even though neither wrestler was in the ring. They followed the referee leaving the ring and heading backstage. Taz said the shot of the referee from behind was a bit disturbing.

Backstage, Dinero and Suicide were brawling. Dinero placed Suicide on some cases and then did a splash onto him. Suicide screamed in agony after hitting the move. He sounded like Peter Griffin on Family Guy when he gets hurt. At 3:30, Dinero climbed inside a golf cart and drove toward Suicide, who moved aside and dove at Dinero.

At 4:10, Dinero climbed a fence in the backstage area. Suicide reached up and pulled his tights down. The camera man was zoomed in on Dinero's bare ass. A few seconds later, Taz said it was like watching a Ric Flair match. Funny. Dinero pulled up his tights and they headed inside the studio, where Dinero grabbed a plastic water bottle and slammed it over Suicide's head.

They fought to ringside and Dinero grabbed a table and set it up on the side of the entrance ramp. Dinero suplexed Suicide on the ramp and covered him for a near fall that no one bought into since he had just set up the table. The two wrestlers fought their way up to the top of the stage.

At 11:30, Suicide placed Dinero on a table that he had set up on the entrance stage. Suicide climbed the entrance set to just above the entrance tunnel. Suicide went for a leg drop off the set, but Dinero moved and Suicide crashed through the table. Dinero leaned back on Suicide and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: A fun brawl with some entertaining high spots. Unfortunately, it felt like they rushed into those stipulations. These two can wrestle and the stipulation would have been more effective if they had been given more time to establish their feud. Again, though, it was a fun match.

A video package recapped the ODB vs. Cody Deaner feud...

5. ODB pinned Cody Deaner to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 7:10 It didn't sound like Deaner received much of a reaction from the live crowd aside from a handful of guys who were standing along the guardrail. ODB received a better reaction. Deaner showed off his King of the Knockouts t-shirt. ODB grabbed it and pretended to wipe herself with it.

Lots of comedy spots with ODB wisely positioned as the favorite. Deaner leapt off the second rope at one point right into a crotch claw from ODB. She also hit the Dirty Dozen in the corner, followed by a Thesz Press for a near fall. Cody came back and had her pinned with his feet on the ropes, but the referee spotted it and stopped counting. in the end, ODB hit an F5-like move for the clean pin.

After the match, Lauren interviewed ODB on the ramp about winning her first TNA Knockout Title. She said she would put pride and hard work into winning the title. She even thanked her fans in prison. Taz cracked up and said she was very passionate about her title win...

Powell's POV: Cute comedy relief. ODB played it pretty straight and let Cody be over the top. Wise move. It's ridiculous that Deaner was involved in the TNA Knockouts Title picture, but this would have been fine if you take the title out of the equation.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Kurt Angle, who said Morgan would become another statistic who would never live up to his potential. He said the fairy tale would not have a happy ending for Sting or A.J. Styles...

Mick Foley came out with the barbwire baseball bat and sat in on commentary with the announcers. The audio problem was really bad for a few seconds before it was fixed...

Powell's POV: Foley brought the bat for a reason. My guess is he turns on Abyss, which I've been predicting for weeks now.

6. Kevin Nash pinned Abyss to retain TNA Legends Championship in 8:30. Foley said he takes solace in a match well done, but Nash doesn't feel that way. Taz and Foley laughed about being yelled at through the headsets without mentioning Vince McMahon's name. Foley also said he can call a title belt a belt if he wants to. "Free at last," Taz said.

Powell's POV: For those who don't know, Vince McMahon prefers the term "championship" rather than title belt. And by "prefers" I mean he'll scream at the announcers through their headsets if they don't comply.

Nash and Abyss fought to ringside and then back inside the ring during the opening minutes. At 4:00, Dr. Stevie walked onto the stage and took a seat on a chair. Abyss scored a near fall. Dr. Stevie headed to ringside.

While the referee was cutting off Stevie, Daffney entered the ring and carried a taser gun. She charged at Abyss, who hit her with a big Black Hole Slam, which popped the live crowd. Abyss picked up the taser. Stevie ran in and grabbed the taser. The referee ordered Stevie to leave, but he ended up sitting on the entrance ramp.

At 7:15, Abyss countered a Nash move and hit him with a choke slam that Nash sold awkwardly, yet the production team wisely cut to another shot as the move was happening so that it didn't look so bad. Abyss called for the bat. Foley got up and slowly handed it to him.

Meanwhile, Nash grabbed the taser and pressed it into Abyss's crotch before rolling him up for the win. Taz said Foley "made Abyss work" to get the bat. Afterward, Stevie entered the ring and got in Nash's face. Nash powerbombed Stevie...

Powell's POV: A bare ass shot earlier and now a taser to the balls. Um, nothing homoerotic about that.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Booker T and Scott Steiner... A video previewed the tag match...

Powell's POV: They're playing War Games for the next match even though I could have sworn the TNA website advertising made it look like a four-way tag inside the cage. They should have taken the time to explain the rules better before tonight. Tenay did his best to make up for it by explaining the interval entrances.

7. Beer Money and Team 3D defeated Booker T and Scott Steiner and The British Invasion in a Lethal Lockdown match in 22:25. Doug Williams and James Storm started the match for their respective teams. Brutus Mangus entered the match five minutes in. The British Invasion members worked over Storm by ramming him into the cage, which led to blood.

Robert Roode came out at 7:15 and worked over Magnus and Williams. Scott Steiner came in a couple minutes later. Brother Devon was out at 11:10. The formula is basic. The heels work over the babyfaces when they have the numbers advantage, and then the new babyface cleans house on the heels. Booker T brought both tag belts out to ringside and entered the match at 13:15, meaning Brother Ray gets the hero spot as the fourth and final babyface.

Brother Ray came out at 15:20, but he was cut off by Rob Terry at ringside. Terry grabbed a chair and slammed it over Ray's back. Terry grabbed the production crew member at ringside who had the contraption that lowered the cage. Terry ordered the man to lower the cage with the weapons attached to it and the man complied, so Ray was left at ringside. Nice twist.

Ray struggled to his feet near the cage door. Terry swung and missed with a chair. Ray took out Terry and then entered through the cage door. Ray brought the chair with him and took shots at the various heels. The babyfaces grabbed the garbage cans from the top of the cage and slammed them onto the heels.

Magnus climbed to the top rope and found a small opening at the top the cage, so he ended up on top of it. Both Beer Money wrestlers followed him and hit a double team suplex on top of the cage. The fans chanted TNA and cheered along with the "Beer Money" dance.

Back inside the ring, the heels took control of the match. The fans chanted, "This is awesome." Taz said he couldn't agree with the fans more. Roode and Storm reentered the cage. A short time later, they hit their finisher on Williams and pinned him clean to win the match for their team. After the match, Ray beat up Magnus at ringside, which scored a "3D" chant from the fans...

Powell's POV: In retrospect, I dropped the ball by not realizing it was a Lethal Lockdown match. The TNA website may have listed it as a four-way, but I should have known from the Lethal Lockdown description that it was a War Games-style match. Second, someone else watching the show said he's not experiencing the technical problems I am, so it might be my failing television or a DirecTV thing. As for the match, it was slow until they got everyone in there. The closing minutes were good, but weren't particularly memorable. The fans seemed to pop just for the image of seeing the wrestlers fighting on top of the cage.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Rhino, who cut an intense promo and said he was going to finish off Bobby Lashley with a gore...

Powell's POV: Rhino has really stepped it up lately. His promos have been intense and believable ever since the heel turn. Honestly, though, I'd drop the tired "gore, gore, gore" line and move on.

At ringside, Taz said he was surprised Lashley gave away his game plan by saying he was going for a gore. He also put over the Lethal Lockdown match and the fact that TNA lets it's wrestlers go out there and do their thing. He said he's just happy to be part of the company...

8. Bobby Lashley pinned Rhino in 6:05. They took the fight to ringside early. Rhino grabbed the advantage and controlled the offense when they headed back inside the ring. Taz spoke about the pressure Lashley could be feeling while wrestling in his first TNA pay-per-view match.

Taz told a nice story by saying Rhino felt like TNA management is against him and is using that as motivation. He said he was like that in ECW. He quickly added that he wasn't telling the story to put himself over, but rather to explain Rhino's mindset.

Lashley made his comeback and received very little reaction. Rhino came up bleeding at one point. Lashley picked up Rhino for a pop and dropped down to his knees and slammed Rhino on his shoulder in the process. Lashley went for a spear, but Rhino pulled the referee in front of him to take the blow.

Rhino gored Lashley, who was surprised that he mistakenly hit the referee. Rhino went for the pin when another referee ran out, but Lashley kicked out at the last second. Nice near fall. Rhino went for another gore, but Lashley greeted him with a knockout punch to the head and scored the clean pin...

Powell's POV: I'm not sure how Rhino was cut, but it appeared to be hardway given that there was no spot that really called for blood. If Lashley were full-time then I would have endorsed the idea of him squashing someone in his first pay-per-view match because that's what would get him over. However, Rhino has been showing some signs of life lately and I think TNA has come to the realization that there's only so far they can go with Lashley, so they made this more than a basic squash.

Backstage, Borash interviewed A.J. Styles and Sting. Styles said Sting woke him up from a funk he was in. He said he and Sting are professionals and their goal was to leave the building as champion. Sting said he hopes this will be the first day of "the rest of our lives" for one of them. They bumped fists and left the interview set...

A video hyped the main event... The announcers ran through the tale of the tape and Tenay's bullet points... Each wrestler received a mini-video that aired before they came out...

Powell's POV: Just an update on the technical glitches, it turns out it's not just my television. Dot Net Member "Kent Hrbek" just let me know that others are having similar problems. Whew, I thought my television was dying.

Borash handled the in-ring introductions. As he was introducing Angle, Hernandez's music interrupted him. Hernandez came out and said he didn't come there just to wrestle for five minutes (more like 50 seconds). He said he was cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase to enter the match.

Hernandez hit a couple of big shoulder blocks on Angle and then held him up for several seconds before suplexing him. The other wrestlers just stood there and watched as Hernandez beat up Angle. Hernandez knocked Angle out of the ring and went to ringside after him. That's when the referee rang the bell to start the match...

Powell's POV: Hernandez looks like a tool for cashing in and adding himself to what had been a four-way match. Wouldn't you want your only shot to be a singles match? The announcers tried to cover it by saying Angle didn't have to be pinned. Tenay said the other four men weren't prepared for Hernandez.

9. A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle, Sting, Matt Morgan, and Hernandez in a five-way to win the TNA Title in 15:15. The wrestlers fought inside the ring while Hernandez continued to beat up Angle at ringside. He picked up Angle for a Border Toss on the stage, but Eric Young ran out and struck the back Hernandez's leg with a baton of some sorts.

Young piledrove Hernandez on the stage. Young flashed the silly smile that never gets any heat. Meanwhile, Sting and Styles wrestled inside the ring while trainers tended to Hernandez on the stage. The trainer helped Hernandez to the back while Tenay spoke about how Young broke an unwritten code that the wrestlers have.

At 3:45, Morgan and Angle bumped fists. The announcers said Morgan believed Angle had taken a bullet for him during the match. Angle, who had just had his ass kicked by Hernandez, was showing no sign of it as he wrestled with Styles. Morgan and Angle ended up working over Sting while Styles sold an injury on the floor.

Tenay tried to cover up for the quiet crowd by saying they were surprised to see Angle and Morgan working together. Actually, they lost the crowd when they overbooked the main event by having Hernandez come out. The crowd pepped up a little when A.J. reentered the match at 7:30. However, Morgan grabbed him and hit a fallaway slam.

The four wrestlers traded offense. A small but vocal, "You still got it," chant broke out for Sting when he was taking it to Angle. A.J. had Angle pinned at one point, but Morgan blasted him in the face with a big boot to break up the pinfall. Moments later, Morgan caught Styles coming off the ropes with a big boot. Morgan went for his finisher, but Styles countered with a DDT.

Later, Angle avoided Sting's Scorpion Death Lock and went for the ankle lock. Morgan blasted Angle with the Carbon Foot Print. Sting backdropped Morgan to the floor. Morgan came up holding the inside of his leg and could be heard dropping an F-bomb.

Styles and Sting stood over the fallen Angle and looked at one another. Sting opted to leave the ring and take out Morgan with a cross body block on the floor. Styles hit a springboard 450 splash on Angle and scored the clean pin to win the match. Afterward, confetti fell from the ceiling and fans entered the ring along with Daniels and Borash to celebrate with Styles.

Borash tried to interview Styles, but the mic wasn't working (update: Borash was interviewing him for TNA's website). Styles pointed at the belt and looked into the camera while the fans in the ring chanted his name. Daniels had his arm around the new champion and patted him on the back repeatedly to close the show...

A commercial hyped the TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view...

Powell's POV: They were more concerned with telling the Sting and Styles story to set up Bound For Glory than delivering a decisive victory that would have made the new champion look strong. It's an interesting story and all, but it didn't do much for Styles. Fortunately, the post-match scene was well done and made it seem like a big event. As usual, the main event was overbooked.




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