3/21 TNA Destination X PPV Live Coverage: A.J. Styles vs. Abyss for TNA Heavyweight Championship, Matt Morgan and Hernandez vs. Beer Money for the Tag Team Championships, Ultimate X, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

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3/21 TNA Destination X PPV Live Coverage: A.J. Styles vs. Abyss for TNA Heavyweight Championship, Matt Morgan and Hernandez vs. Beer Money for the Tag Team Championships, Ultimate X, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
Mar 21, 2010 - 10:00 PM

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Live from Orlando, Fla.
At Universal Studios

An opening video featured Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan deep in thought. The various top stars in TNA said "Change is happening" and declared they are the future. The Motor City Machine Guns, Kazarian, and Daniels hyped the X Division. The other top feuds were touched upon. A bloody shot of A.J. Styles was shown with the words "The future has arrived" closing out the opening video...

Fireworks lit up the Impact Zone. Mike Tenay and Taz welcomed us to the show and really hyped the X Division. Brian Kendrick made his entrance and the X Division ladder match is first tonight. The winner will have to secure a contract hanging from the ceiling...

1. Kazarian defeated Daniels, Amazing Red, and Brian Kendrick in a ladder match for a shot at the X Division Championship in 13:40. Daniels wore a neck band with straps connecting to his arm bands. Red hit the the first big spot with a corkscrew plancha onto Kazarian and Daniels. Kendrick brought a ladder into the ring.

Red and Kendrick both had their hands on the contract but fought each other off. A group of fans chanted "Let's go Kendrick!" Daniels carried the ladder on his shoulders and Red hit a drop toe hold. With the ladder bridged between the ring and the barrier, Daniels hit a split legged moonsault onto Kazarian.

Daniels stood triumphantly on the ladder. Red then stood on the top rope and hit a hurricarana on Daniels. The crowed chanted "Holy shit!" and "This is awesome!" In the ring, Kazarian and Red climbed the ladder. Kendrick pushed the ladder over and both men hit the ropes awkwardly. Red hit a spin kick into the ladder into Kazarian's face.

Daniels turned Red inside out with a closeline. Crowd chanted for Daniels. A second ladder was placed horizontally in the corner. Kaz pulled Daniels off of the ladder standing in the middle of the ring and powerbombed him into the corner ladder. Kendrick and Kazarian climbed the ladder but Kendrick hit a face plant from the ladder to the mat.

Red was backdropped to the floor. Kazarian slingshot Red into the ring into a Diamond Cutter. Impressive. Kendrick hit Sliced Bread. Daniels took out Kazarian. Red set up the second ladder and both of them were upright in the middle of the ring. Red and Daniels climbed each ladder and Daniels hit a Rock Bottom off of the ladder.

Kazarian springboarded himself onto the ladders. He and Daniels pushed Kendrick off as Red was trapped in between the rungs. Kazarian backdropped Daniels and hooked his legs onto both ladders to hang on. He pushed Kendrick off and grabbed the contract for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Very exciting match. The crowd was very much into Kendrick but they respected what these guys did. That was more than just an entertaining spotfest. This show is supposed to showcase the X Division and that was a great way to kick it off. All four guys looked great and busted their asses.

Tenay and Taz plugged tonight's main event. Ric Flair's music hit and he was rolled out onto the stage via wheelchair by Desmond Wolfe's valet, Chelsea. Flair said he was not a happy camper. The crowd kept yelling "Woooooo!" and Flair got pissed. "Don't wooo me, bow down to me."

Flair said he has been through it all but never has he been in a wheelchair. He came to TNA to get action but has not had any action. He said Hulk Hogan and "The Abyss" were responsible. "I'll wheel my chair down there and kick your ass kid." Funny. He told Chelsea to take him to the back...

Twill's Two Cents: Great and hilarious promo. Pay-per-view promos don't need to be long and boring. Flair came out and delivered an entertaining and swift promo.

Hulk Hogan and Abyss spoke backstage. Hogan said the "Abyss-ites" were out in full force. He said the power of the Abyss maniacs would give him the power he needed to win the title tonight. As Abyss was leaving, Eric Bischoff came in with a baseball hat on. "Have a baseball game today?" Abyss asked.

Bischoff showcased his new hairdo. Hogan said Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett were in the same boat. He told Bischoff not to let personal feelings get in the way of business. Bischoff agreed. They shook hands. Hogan said, "He's got a Hulk Hogan haircut" and laughed...

Twill's Two Cents: I made that exact same comparison when Foley shaved Bischoff's head.

Tenay and Taz turned their focus to the Knockouts Division and ran down the tale of the tape...

2. Tara defeated Daffney to retain the TNA Knockout Championship in 6:42. Tara attacked Daffney before the bell rang. Tara hit a standing moonsault for the first nearfall. Daffney took control and worked on the back and spine in the corner. She scored a two count as a result.

Tara locked in the Tarantula for the four count. Daffney came back though and used Tara's hair to her own advantage. Daffney locked Tara in a very unique stretch by pulling her leg to her face from behind. Tara hit an enziguiri. Tara hit a spinebuster for another nearfall.

Daffney hit a nice Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. The crowd engaged in a counter chant for both women. Tara hit the swinging side suplex for a two. Daffney hit a modified Codebreaker for a two count. She freaked out and threw Tara to the floor.

Daffney grabbed the belt and swung at Tara but missed. Tara then hit the Widow's Peak for the clean win. After the match, she celebrated with the fans in the front row. She realized Daffney stole Poison, her spider. Tara chased Daffney away...

Twill's Two Cents: Solid match. It was slow in spots but Daffney looked good in defeat. Tara was her usual strong self. I liked the finish with Daffney stealing the spider because she is an interesting challenger for Tara.

Christy Hemme interviewed Magnus backstage. Magnus said he brought in Rob Terry to do his bidding and get his coffee. Standard promo saying he was going to win the title tonight...

3. Rob Terry defeated Magnus to retain the TNA Global Championship in 1:19. Crowd was dead but they popped for Terry's power moves. Terry hit an elevating spinebuster for the quick win...

Twill's Two Cents: That was surprising and honestly, it might be the best way to get over that particular belt. If Terry wins in impressive fashion, the fans might start to get behind him and the Global Championship.

A video hyping the Ultimate X match was shown. Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle all put over the X Division wrestlers and the danger of the match...

The Machine Guns were interviewed backstage. Chris Sabin called G-Me children who were not ready to compete on this level. He said G-Me would realize this tonight when they would be spooning and dry humping their Sponge Bob blanket. Alex Shelley said they have been in TNA longer than G-Me has had their Hardy Boys starter kits. Funny...

Twill's Two Cents: Good promo and great time to have a promo. Make the match and the participants seem important and put over the magnitude of the match. Nicely done.

Tenay and Taz put over the Ultimate X match while the ring crew set everything up in the ring. Max and Jeremy Buck made their entrance and the Guns followed. Tenay said this was the 20th Ultimate X match in TNA history and Sabin has been in thirteen of them, winning two...

4. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me in an Ultimate X match in 12:05. Both teams quickly got things started with high paced double team moves within the first minute. Shelley locked Jeremy Buck's legs up and simultaneously applied an abdominal stretch to Max, but Sabin could not get to the X.

Jeremy Buck was the first to climb, but was quickly cut off by the Guns. He then walked the top rope and grabbed the top cable. Sabin and Shelley pulled him down and hit a double thrust kick to the back and chest simultaneously. Max was at the X and Sabin springboarded toward him but missed. Shelley pulled him down.

Jeremy springboarded himself into the ring and bulldogged Sabin. In the same movement, he sprung to the apron and hit a moonsault onto Shelley on the floor. Impressive. Jeremy climbed toward the X as Max stood guard. Sabin kicked Max. He then ran off his back and speared Jeremy. Awesome.

All four men hit crowd pleasing moves on each other. The crowd chanted "This is awesome!" All four men climbed from each corner toward the X. All four men dropped down and hit thrust kicks on each other. Max powerbombed Shelley into the knees of his partner.

Shelley had Jeremy in the tree of woe. Sabin whipped Max toward Shelley and he hit a belly to belly into Jeremy. The crowd chanted for both teams. Sabin and Jeremy met at the X. Sabin kicked Jeremy to the floor and grabbed the X for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Awesome match. They hit a lot of impressive spots, but they also wrestled a great tag team match with several double team and combination moves. Seeing a match like that shows just how the X Division can stand out and make TNA a different product. They just need to build up their characters and give them their deserved time in the spotlight. I would have liked to see that match placed later in the show.

A video hyping Kevin Nash and Eric Young vs. Scott Hall and Syxx Pac was shown. Hall and Pac were interviewed by Jeremy Borash in the back. Hall was in his usual ring gear and looked to be in pretty good shape. He had a small belly but he's older now. Hall said they would be the big money players tomorrow night on Impact...

Hall and Pac made their entrance with no theme music. Hall did his "Hey yo!" bit and took a survey. He asked how many people wanted to see Pac and Hall with big money contracts. Mostly boos but a solid reaction. "One more for the bad guys."

5. Scott Hall and Syxx Pac defeated Kevin Nash and Eric Young to earn TNA contracts in 7:57. Crowd chanted for Young. Young and Pac started things off. Pac hit a spin kick on Young after Hall distracted Young during an Irish whip. Hall tagged in. He grounded Young and worked on the arm and shoulder.

He hit his signature fallaway slam for a two count. Young and Pac fought to the floor but Hall came to Pac's aide. Hall locked in a sleeper hold. Nash tagged in but Pac distracted the referee. Pac grabbed spray paint and sprayed it into Young's face. He fought off both guys and made the tag.

Nash powerbombed Young. He dragged him over to their corner and made the official tag. Pac pulled Young to the center of the ring and hit his finisher. Hall hit the Outsider Edge. Both of them pinned Young...

Nash, Hall, and Pac celebrated afterward. Pac sprayed a crime scene outline around Young in the ring. The old Wolfpac theme played without any lyrics...

Twill's Two Cents: Well, it was predictable but given the alternatives, I think they did the right thing. Hall and Nash have obviously lost a step, but Pac looked good in the ring. The Wolfpac trio works well together so let's see how they are booked going forward.

JB tried to interview Kurt Angle, but Angle said he had a problem with people holding mics in their hands, so he wanted to do this one on his own. He held up his dog tags. He held up a picture of Mr. Anderson and burned it. "It's real, it's damn real." ...

6. Doug Williams defeated Shannon Moore to retain the TNA X Division Championship in 6:20. Young's outline remained in the ring and it looked hilarious. It looked like a yoga pose. Young hit two nice arm drags and scored a two count after a leg drop. Shannon remained in control.

Moore climbed the ropes to attempt a hurricarana, but Williams slid underneath him to gain control of the match. He utilized superior traditional wrestling skills but Moore hit a nice bulldog and series of kicks. With the referee distracted, Williams hit Moore with a brick (a brick?) for the win...

Afterward, Williams cut a promo on a bloodied Moore. He said Moore is what he hated about the X Division. He said the X Division should be about technical wrestling and not high flying. He called Moore a clown and said he would assist him with his makeup.

He exited the ring and grabbed a purse from a lady at ringside. He took some lipstick and rubbed it all over Moore's face as the crowd chanted "RVD" for some reason. Moore tried to get his bearings together as Williams headed up the ramp...

Twill's Two Cents: A definite contrast of styles that will be the norm if Williams holds onto the belt. I liked the post match promo because Williams put over the title and it was nice to see some focus put on it. An appearance by Kazarian during the beatdown would have made some sense.

A video package hyping the tag team championship match and the issues between Matt Morgan and Hernandez was shown...

7. Matt Morgan and Hernandez defeated Beer Money to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships in 11:22. Morgan and Hernandez came out together but Morgan did his schtick while Hernandez walked straight to the ring. Before Morgan and Roode could lock up, Morgan tagged in Hernandez.

Roode hit a forearm after an impressive Irish whip sequence in which Hernandez leapfrogged Roode. Morgan tagged himself in. Hernandez hit a delayed vertical suplex, a legit thirty seconds. Taz mentioned that Brian Hebner was the referee and welcomed him to TNA.

Morgan ran the show from the apron and said he would tag in when he wanted to. Hernandez knocked Roode to the floor and was going to fly over the top rope at him, but Morgan stopped him. Beer Money took advantage. The crowd chanted "Morgan sucks."

Beer Money utilized frequent tags and worked on Hernandez as Morgan looked on disapprovingly. Morgan tagged in and got the best of both opponents. The crowd chanted "You still suck." Morgan tagged in Hernandez with authority. He hit a suicide dive to the floor.

Morgan rolled him back into the ring. Storm tried to spit beer in the face of Hernandez, but he ducked and Morgan took it instead. Hernandez hit one of his finishers on Storm for the win. Afterward, Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Hernandez and celebrated with both belts...

Twill's Two Cents: Ugh. What could have been a good match was an eleven minute long promo segment between Morgan and Hernandez. Beer Money was completely overshadowed and they could have put the belts back on them making them look strong in the process. That was horrible all the way around. I'm guessing Beer Money will get their titles back, but it should have happened tonight.

A video package chronicling the feud between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle was shown...

8. Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson in 17:36. Slow pacing to start the match and understandably so given that it is only 7:00 and this is the second to last match. After Angle schooled Anderson on the mat, Angle invited Anderson to put a headlock on him. He obliged and Angle whipped him away.

Angle kept the pace slow and deliberate. Anderson could not gain control of the match until he draped Angle's arm over the top rope while dropping to the floor. The outline remained in the ring and it's still funny to look at. Anderson now had a point of attack and it was Angle's arms. He applied a keylock and almost turned it into a pinfall.

Kurt hit a series of moves, including a released overhead belly to belly suplex, but his left arm was rendered nearly useless. Anderson countered an Angle Slam with the roll through slam for a two count. Angle hit the German suplex trio. He followed with the Angle Slam but Anderson kicked out.

Angle applied the ankle lock. Anderson rolled out of it and Angle nearly hit the referee. Anderson used the distraction to hit a low blow on Angle. He followed with the Mic Check but Angle kicked out. They fought on the ropes and Angle knocked Anderson to the floor. He hit an impressive looking frogsplash for a two count.

The referee was knocked out and Anderson hit his own Angle Slam but nobody could make the count. Anderson looked for a chair but couldn't find one, so he forced a larger man to vacate his seat. "That chair might be bent," quipped Taz. Anderson put the chair down and elected to use the warrior medal instead.

Anderson tried to use the medal as a weapon, but Angle hit a German suplex. He carved up Anderson's head with the medal. He then hit Anderson with multiple shots on the wound. Angle applied the ankle lock and the referee came to in time to see Anderson tap out...

After the match, Anderson called for his mic. From the ring and bleeding with Angle watching from the ramp, Anderson said Angle was not an American hero and not even a real American. He wanted a straight up match but Angle had to resort to cheap tactics to get the victory.

He said Angle would not rest his head on his pillow tonight. He would stay awake and he would hear the name "Anderson" over and over again. His music played and Angle looked like his accomplishment tonight was tainted due to how he earned the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Old school back and forth match that was still slow in parts, but all in all, it was a solid match. I would have liked to have seen Anderson get the big win, but he kept the program going strong with the post match promo. They can now play the "Can Angle beat Anderson straight up?" card and it was effectively done.

An A.J. Styles vs. Abyss video package aired. Ric Flair's promos could be heard throughout the footage...

Styles cut a promo backstage and he was pretty funny actually. He said regardless of what Abyss had, including "whatever makes Batman tough," Styles will beat him like he always does...

Abyss cut his promo and it was Hulk Hogan like except for a few cynical giggles. "Whatcha gonna do, when Abyssamania runs wild on you?" Wow. Better promo from Abyss as I could not stand the unstable and scared promos he used to do...

Abyss and Styles made their entrances. Flair was then rolled to the ring by Chelsea. JB handled the in ring introductions...

9. A.J. Styles (with Ric Flair and Chelsea) vs. Abyss for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. ended in a no contest in 14:56. Before JB could introduce Styles, Abyss attacked him. In case you missed it, Abyss wore black pants, a black cut off shirt with yellow and red sprinkled over it. Abyss knocked Styles to the ramp and teased going after Flair.

Styles hit a kick and knocked Abyss into the ropes heading back into the ring. Styles gave Flair a high five and charged at Abyss, who hit an overhead belly to belly suplex on Styles back into the ring. A.J. wedged a chair into the corner and the referee tried but failed to remove it.

Styles worked on Abyss' leg. He tried a springboard move but Abyss caught him. An Irish whip sequence favored Abyss, who hit a huge closeline. A.J. slid out of the Shock Treatment and hit the Pele. Flair woooed his ass off every time Styles hit an impressive move.

Abyss catapulted Styles into wedged chair. He hit the Shock Treatment but Styles kicked out at two. Abyss set up a superplex. Styles bit him and knocked him to the floor. He hit the Spiral Tap for a very nearfall. Awesome move. Styles argued with the referee and ran into a Blackhole Slam, but Styles kicked out.

Flair was rolled to the ring. He called the referee over and sprayed something in his face. The referee acted like he was shot. Flair gave Styles the belt and he hit Abyss with it. Hogan's music hit and he brought Earl Hebner to the ring. Hogan then rolled Flair to the back.

Styles hit the springboard 450 for a two count and Abyss Hulked up. He hit the Hogan-like punches and big boot. He then hit a chokeslam and A.J. went through the ring. Hebner rang the bell. I just noticed, but the Eric Young outline was not in the ring, so they switched the mats.

Hogan came down and gave Abyss the belt. Hebner said no. Flair came back and Abyss pulled him into the ring. Hogan sprayed him. Chelsea took off and Desmond Wolfe hit the ring. Abyss and Hogan knocked both Wolfe and Flair into the hole in the ring Styles was already in. Hogan and Abyss posed to Hogan's old WCW music...

Twill's Two Cents: Below average main event. Styles and Abyss did not click together like they have in the past. There were a few impressive moments, but the overall match was not very good. The finish sucked. The announcers said the referee had to throw the match out. Why? Why couldn't Abyss pull him out of there and pin him? Hogan and Abyss posing at the end of a pay-per-view in 2010? I understand keeping the title on Styles and wanting to keep Abyss looking strong, but Styles gets nothing out of this. I'll have more to say in the Member's Exclusive Audio.




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