TNA Lockdown 2010 PPV Flashback - A.J. Styles vs. D'Angelo Dinero for TNA Title, Team Hogan vs. Team Flair in a Lethal Lockdown match, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm
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TNA Lockdown 2010 PPV Flashback - A.J. Styles vs. D'Angelo Dinero for TNA Title, Team Hogan vs. Team Flair in a Lethal Lockdown match, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm
Mar 9, 2014 - 12:12 PM

The following is a flashback to Jason Powell's live coverage review of the April 18, 2010 TNA Lockdown pay-per-view. Stop back on Sunday night for his live coverage of the 2014 Lockdown event. Plus, Dot Net Members can look forward to an exclusive audio review after the show. Join us on the ad-free version of the website now via Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

TNA Lockdown
St. Charles, Missouri at Family Arena

TNA held a pre-show special that they didn't bother to advertise. The highlights so far have included Angelina Love being interviewed, Jeremy Borash interviewing Mr. Anderson backstage, and a number of video packages...

Mike Tenay and Taz addressed Douglas Williams being stripped of the X Division Title, and Sean Waltman not being at the show. See the main page for additional details...

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Team 3D, who hyped their match. Brother Ray talked about how hot Hemme looked at the beginning of the interview and then kissed her at the end of it...

Borash interviewed Dixie Carter at ringside as two members of the U.S. military stood by. She hyped the Impact air times and fired up the live crowd...

Mike Tenay and Taz ran through the Lockdown card provided final hype for the pay-per-view...

TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View

The show opened with the short video package that TNA released online earlier in the week... Pyro went off on the stage... The announcers recapped the Douglas Williams and Sean Waltman stories. Taz said Eric Bischoff was at the Lockdown fan-fest on Saturday, but the announcers noticed he wasn't talking with Hulk Hogan...

1. Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm in 6:40 to gain the man advantage for his team in the Lethal Lockdown match. Storm didn't want to enter the cage, so Van Dam kicked the door into his face. Van Dam went to ringside and attacked Storm. Van Dam tried to ram Storm's head into the ring steps, but Storm blocked it slammed Van Dam's head into the steps instead.

Van Dam came up bleeding from the head. Storm put his beer bottle inside the cage. Vam recovered and they headed inside the ring to officially start the match. Good action during the first five minutes of the match. Both wrestlers got their share of offense. Van Dam hit a split legged moonsault for a good near fall at 5:10.

Storm grabbed his beer and took a swig at 5:30. The referee took the bottle from him and then Storm spat the beer into Van Dam's eyes. Storm went to the corner and tuned up the band for Sweet Chin Music, er, the Last Call super kick, but Van Dam avoided it and hit a kick of his own. Van Dam followed up with the Five Star Frogsplash and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: Good action. It didn't really have the intensity I expected it to given the fireball that Van Dam's buddy Jeff Hardy took. I'm also surprised that RVD won simply because the heels usually have the man advantage in War Games, er, Lethal Lockdown matches.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Hulk Hogan, who spoke about how his team has beaten down lately. Hogan said that if Team Flair is victorious, it's time for him to pack his bags and leave TNA. He said there would be nothing left for Team Hogan. Hemme said no one has seen Eric Bischoff and questioned whether he'd be at the show. Hogan said Bischoff will do what he does and he's over it...

2. Homicide defeated Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley in a four-way Xscape match in 4:40 to earn a spot in the Triple Threat X Division title match later in the show. The match opened with Homicide trying to escape the cage. He was stopped by Sabin and Shelley quickly. The Motor City Machine Guns worked together and performed double team moves on their two opponents.

During the match, Tenay said he'd just received word that Hulk Hogan told Scott Hall to find a tag partner or be prepared to face Team 3D in a handicap match.

Kendrick was busted open at one point. Homicide and Kendrick started working together. They controlled the action. Suddenly, Homicide climbed the cage. Kendrick chased after him, but couldn't catch him, so Homicide fell to the floor. Kendrick seethed inside the cage afterward...

Powell's POV: Fun while it lasted, but shorter than I hoped it would be. I was hopeful that TNA stripped Williams of the X Division Title with the new plan being for Kendrick to win the title. Instead, it will be Homicide vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore later in the show.

A video recapped the Eric Young and Kevin Nash feud...

3. Kevin Nash pinned Eric Young in 5:00. Nash was in control of the bulk of the match. He scooped up Young, placed him on his shoulder, and rammed him head-first into the steel cage. Young bled. Nash hit his finisher on Young and scored the pin. A group of referees rolled Young out of the cage and helped him backstage...

Nash took the mic and announced that he would be teaming with Scott Hall against Team 3D...

Powell's POV: I'm guessing the match would have gone longer had Nash not been doing double duty tonight. For that matter, I suppose it's possible they altered the finish. Either way, I'm happy they kept it short.

A video recapped the Lockbox silliness and set up the Knockouts match...

4. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne (w/Lacey Von Erich) defeated Angelina Love and Tara in 4:45. Rayne pinned Tara to win the Knockouts Title If Tara and Love win, they get the Knockouts Tag Titles. If the Beautiful People win, the person who scores the pin will be the new Knockouts Champion. The ring announcer explained that the Knockouts Title would still change hands even if Tara were pinned. You'll all be happy to know that Tara brought the damn spider with her.

Love and Sky started the match. Love went right after her former partner, who quickly tagged out. Tara asked for a tag, but Love didn't oblige at first. She tagged her a short time later, though. They continued to tease friction as the match went on, as Tara tagged herself in and ticked off Love.

Lacey opened the cage and hit Tara with one of the belts. Rayne covered Tara and got the pin to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion. After the Beautiful People left the ring, Tara pleaded with Love to forgive her. Love helped her up and started to leave the ring, but Tara suddenly attacked her from behind and ran her into the cage...

Powell's POV: It's hard to take the cage gimmick seriously when Lacey manages to get inside the cage so easily to interfere. It's also hard to take the TNA Knockouts Title seriously when Tara lost it without being pinned, and now Love lost it without being pinned. This was the first match without blood.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Team Flair. Ric Flair hyped the Lethal Lockdown match, and then A.J. Styles took the mic and cut a promo about his TNA Title match against D'Angelo Dinero while everyone else stood by...

5. Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore and Homicide to win the vacant X Division Title in 9:10. During the entrances, Taz said he doesn't agree with TNA's decision to strip Douglas Williams of the X Division Title. Tenay told us that Moore is the Prince of Punk, but also represents Glam Rock. Isn't that nice to know?

The babyfaces worked over Homicide during the first minute. Moore went for a cover, and Kazarian pulled him off to end their working relationship. There was a fun spot at 4:30 with Homicide beating up both guys and going for repeated pinfalls on his opponents, who kicked out at two. This was followed by Kazarian hitting a Northern Lights suplex on Moore while being tangled up with Homicide. Cool spot.

Moore hit a moonsault on Homicide for a near fall at 5:30. Kaz followed up with a missile dropkick on Moore, but Homicide recovered and broke up the pin attempt. At 6:40, Kaz and Moore found themselves on the top same rope in the middle of the ring. They fought there briefly, and Moore got the better of the exchange.

A small "This is awesome" chant broke out at 7:55. Kaz went for his finisher, but Homicide fought him off. At 9:00, Homicide went for the Gringo Killer on Moore, but Kazarian broke it up. Kazarian hit what I'd describe as a reverse piledriver (Homicide was actually behind Kazarian when he took the move) and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: The most action packed match of the night so far. The finisher was innovative. The big negative is that the three wrestlers didn't seem to be over with the live crowd. The fans cheered the big moves, but they didn't seem to be pulling for anyone in particular.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed D'Angelo Dinero, who cut a promo about his TNA Title match...

Team 3D brought a table to the ring with them. Brother Ray took the mic and pumped up the live crowd, who responded in a big way. Ray told the referee to leave the door open because the people didn't come to the show to see them wrestle. He announced that it was a St. Louis street fight and that falls would count anywhere...

Powell's POV: Brother Ray did a nice job of waking up the crowd with his brief promo.

6. Team 3D defeated Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a falls count anywhere street fight in 3:40. Team 3D attacked Hall and Nash on the stage and brawled with them at ringside. Ray and Hall fought into the crowd briefly. The live crowd was into the brawling. Eventually, Hall and Nash got Devon inside the cage.

Hall closed the door and then held it shut since apparently there's not a lock. Ray paced around the ring and didn't know what to do. Apparently, climbing the cage never entered his mind. Ray eventually grabbed a chair and slammed it into the cage door while Nash was holding it. Nash left his post in pain, so Ray was able to get in the cage.

Team 3D dominated the action by hitting their signature spots on Hall and Nash. Ray and the live crowd instructed Devon to get the tables. Devon complied. Team 3D hit 3D on Hall through the table and got the win...

Powell's POV: The time of the match is based only on the time they spent in the ring. They brawled at ringside for a couple of minutes also. I'm surprised to see Hall and Nash lose so decisively. This was all Team 3D aside from the time Hall and Nash had Devon inside the cage in the two-on-one. There was nothing particularly memorable about the match, as it was a typical Team 3D brawl. However, Team 3D are the MVPs so far tonight, as they did a great job of working up the previously quiet crowd.

A video recapped the Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle feud...

7. Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson in 22:00. Anderson delivered a pre-match promo on the stage. He hyped that he had the key to the cage door, which he won in their recent ladder match. The live crowd cheered along when he said his own name. Angle bladed heavily within the first three minutes of the match. Anderson took the blood and smeared it on his own chest.

Anderson controlled the next couple minutes. He went for a piledriver, but Angle fought out and back dropped him. Anderson tried to unlock the cage door earlier and left the key in the door. Angle tried to open the door using Anderson's key, but Anderson cut him off. Basically, the key gimmick is worthless already.

Anderson, who was also bleeding, went to the top rope. Kurt recovered and did the spot where he ran at Anderson and suplexed him off the ropes. Anderson came right back and choked Angle with piece of his wrist tape. Angle eventually fought out of it with a suplex at 8:40.

Angle took control of the match and dominated the next few minutes. He had a chance to leave the cage at one point. He looked at the lock and then decided to deliver more punishment on Anderson. Kurt applied the ankle lock, but Anderson kicked out of it and hit the Mic Check.

Anderson opened the door to leave the cage, but Angle suplexed him. Angle locked the door. He showed the key to Anderson and flipped him off. Angle threw the key into the crowd. At 15:10, Angle caught Anderson on the middle of the top rope and suplexed him onto the mat. The live crowd, which was hot throughout the match, chanted TNA. A loud "This is Awesome" chant broke out as Kurt looked to the crowd.

Angle climbed to the top rope and looked to the crowd again. He climbed to the top of the cage and moonsaulted onto Anderson, which was greeted with a mega-pop and "holy shit" chants. That was scary. Taz put it over big by saying he'd never seen anything like that in his life. "That was insane," Taz said.

Angle opened the door at 17:50 and started to leave the ring when Anderson made a bunch of noise behind him. Kurt turned around and was greeted by Anderson holding up both middle fingers. Angle went back to Anderson, who low blowed him. Anderson hit the Mic Check and crawled toward the cage door.

Kurt recovered at the last moment and grabbed Anderson in an ankle lock and dragging him to mid-ring. Anderson tried to tap out, but the referee wouldn't accept it because it was a cage match. Anderson came back again and tried to leave the cage, but Angle caught him by wrapping his warrior medal around Anderson's neck. Anderson was out cold. Angle spat in his face, kicked him low, and left through the cage door to win the match.

After the match, Angle stood on the stage and thanked the live crowd. He also said he was going to take some time away and "regroup." He said that when he comes back, his only goal will be to win the TNA Title...

Powell's POV: Excellent match. The best TNA match of the year thus far. It had some really good drama when it came to whether Anderson would take the beating, yet still sneak out of the cage to win the match. I assumed Angle would lose since he's taking time away, but the truth is that Anderson should be able to get his heat back with some mic work on Monday. Furthermore, Angle looked like a major badass and the sendoff speech was effective in the sense that it left me looking forward to seeing him come back to go after the title.

A video recapped the A.J. Styles vs. The Pope feud...

8. A.J. Styles defeated D'Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA Title in 13:30. Ric Flair came to the ring with Styles. However, he pushed referee Earl Hebner, who sent him to the back. Jeremy Borash handled the in-ring introductions for the championship match. The live crowd was hot from the start with dueling chants for the two wrestlers.

Pope took an awkward bump over the top rope. He also landed awkwardly when Styles slammed him early on. Styles took control and worked over Pope's bad leg. At one point, Taz said Styles makes the most money because he's the champion. He added that the reason everyone wants to be champion is because they make more money. Tenay agreed and said that's why it's called professional wrestling.

Powell's POV: What about the fame, prestige, proving you're the best in the business, and the honor of being among the greats to hold a particular title? Taz and Tenay's money talk works for the heels, but not for the babyfaces. Who wants to cheer for a guy because he'll make more money if he wins the title? Do Taz and Tenay cheer for their favorite baseball teams because they hope the players make more money?

Styles dominated several minutes of offense. Pope held his shoulder while selling his bad leg. Styles nailed a Pele Kick and then came back with a 450 springboard splash. Styles went up top and went for a splash off the top of the cage at 11:30, but Pope missed. Pope came back and hit his finisher for a near fall that popped the crowd. Pope was still holding his shoulder.

Pope went for the DDE in the corner, but Styles moved at 12:40. Styles reached through the hole in the fence and took a pen from a camera man at ringside. Styles jabbed the pen into Dinero's eyes. He followed up with Michelle McCool's finisher (kidding) and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: A couple sloppy moments early, but Styles was on with his high spots. The live crowd as into the match. There was nothing particularly memorable about the match beyond Styles's high spots. A.J. is an amazing performer, but it's odd to watch a heel performing so many crowd pleasing moves.

The cameras cut abruptly backstage, where Borash found Eric Bischoff arriving at the building. He approached him in Josh Matthews stalker style and said, "Eric, it's a little bit late for you to be arriving at the building, isn't it?" Bischoff rolled his eyes and kept walking...

At ringside, the announcers questioned why Bischoff was just arriving. They also said Hogan should be suspicious of whatever Bischoff was up to...

Powell's POV: I realize they're telling a story here, but it seems odd that they're spending so much time questioning why Bischoff is a late arrival when he's not advertised for the show. For that matter, it seems really odd that Borash, whose character was removed from television by Bischoff's character, would even think about asking why he was late arriving to the building.

9. Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, and Desmond Wolfe in a Lethal Lockdown match in 30:10. Roode and Abyss started for their teams. New wrestlers enter after two minutes once the first entrants worked five minutes together. The babyfaces will enter first since RVD won the opener. The announcers said Abyss suffered a leg injury when he was hit by a car on Impact.

Rob Van Dam was the next wrestler in for the babyface team. Roode had gotten the better of Abyss, who remained seated in one corner while Van Dam worked over Roode in the other. Desmond Wolfe came out with Chelsea as the next entrant for his team. The heels regained control and worked over Van Dam.

Jeff Jarrett was out next for his team at 9:00. Jarrett rammed the heads of both heels into the cage while his two teammates sat in corners selling injuries. Jarrett grabbed both heels by the heads and rammed them into the cage simultaneously. Roode finally cut off the Super Man routine. Desmond went after Abyss's stupid ring. Well, at least they're consistent with the storyline.

James Storm was out next for his team. He came out drinking a beer and didn't get much of a reaction. He left his beer bottle at ringside and entered the cage. Storm took shots at Jarrett, and then went to work on RVD, whose cut was open again. Storm rammed RVD into the cage.

Jeff Hardy was scheduled to enter the match at 13:00. His music played, but he didn't come out. The camera cut backstage where a baseball bat holding Sting was standing over the fallen Hardy.

Sting was the final entrant around 15:00. He brought his baseball bat inside the cage with him. The roof of the cage lowered into place. It had trash cans, chairs, a guitar, and other weapons attached to the roof, which is the norm in a Lethal Lockdown match.

The heels were in control of the match and used the weapons on the outnumbered babyfaces. The announcers mentioned Hogan stating earlier that he'd quit TNA if his team lost the match. You'd think Hogan and Flair would be at ringside for the match since the teams are named after them. If nothing else, you'd think they'd have shots of Hogan watching the match intently to sell the stipulation. Maybe this means they're coming out later.

At 19:55, Roode ran into Jarrett and knocked him into the cage door. The door flung opened and Jarrett fell to the floor. What's the point of the cage again? Abyss spread thumbtacks on the mat. He ripped off Sting's jacket and set up to slam him onto the tacks, but Storm ran back inside the cage and slapped his beer bottle over Abyss's head. Man, are they overdoing the beer bottle gimmick.

At 21:10, the heels stood together in the ring and raised their hands. Jeff Hardy's music played and he ran to the ring with a kendo stick, which he used on Beer Money when they met him on the floor. Back inside the cage, Abyss slammed Sting onto the tacks.

At 22:50, Hardy climbed to the top of the cage and motioned for Beer Money to join him. They obliged by climbing opposite sides of the cage. Hardy hit them both with weapons, but the heels eventually cut him off and took control. Beer Money set up a table on top of the cage. Hardy fought them off and set up Storm on the table.

Hardy grabbed a ladder that was also on top of the cage (convenient, huh?). Hardy climbed to the top of the ladder, jumped off, and splashed Storm through the table on top of the cage. A big "TNA" chant broke out as the camera men showed shots of women in the crowd looking stunned by the move.

Flair's music started and he ran to the ring. Once inside the cage, Flair went to work on Abyss and tried to take the Hall of Fame ring off his finger. Hulk Hogan's music played and he came out to a big pop. Flair was trying to bite Abyss's finger. Funny. Hogan entered the cage and pointed at Flair.

Flair begged off in the corner while Hogan stood in mid-ring with the baseball bat in hand. Eric Bischoff ran out at 27:30 and tried to talk Hogan into calming down. Bischoff succeeded in getting Hogan to give him the baseball bat. Bischoff pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. He teased giving them to Flair, but tossed them to Hogan.

Hulk hit Flair with the brass knuckles a few times. Flair bladed heavily and then Hogan rammed him into the cage while Bischoff stood there and watched with a smile on his face. Flair got pissed and started to take his shirt off, but Hogan went after him again. Flair stumbled forward and took a bump onto the thumbtacks.

Hogan hit Flair with a trash can. Abyss picked up Wolfe and hit the Black Hole Slam on Wolfe and pinned him to win the match for his team.

Hogan's music played. He shook hands with Bischoff and then helped RVD to his feet. Eric shook hands with RVD and then looked to the top of the cage and gave Hardy a thumbs up. Hardy was just getting back to his feet and both Beer Money members were still acting like they were knocked out.

Bischoff left the cage and clapped as the babyfaces started to exit. One of those babyfaces was Jeff Jarrett, who his character has heat with, but they didn't make eye contact. Bischoff continued to clap as he backed his way up the ramp. The show went off the air with Hogan, Abyss, and RVD still celebrating inside the cage with a bloody Flair lying in the middle of the ring...

An ad aired for the May 16 TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view...

Powell's POV: Hogan fans will probably dig the finish, but it's hard to take the cage gimmick seriously when Flair, Hogan, and Bischoff were allowed to get involved. I really don't understand the point of the whole Bischoff angle. Okay, he's with Hogan tonight. Swerve! Ugh. Who cares? My guess is that they're setting up something for television. I would have been fine if Hogan, Flair, and Bischoff come out after the match for an angle, but I didn't like seeing them turn the match into a joke. Overall, though, this was a solid pay-per-view by TNA standards, especially once the crowd got hot for the bigger names later in the show.




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