TNA Bound For Glory PPV 2011 Flashback: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Title, Sting vs. Hulk Hogan, A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in an "I Quit" match, four corners TNA Knockouts Title match
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TNA Bound For Glory PPV 2011 Flashback: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Title, Sting vs. Hulk Hogan, A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in an "I Quit" match, four corners TNA Knockouts Title match
Oct 20, 2013 - 01:50 PM

The following is a flashback to Jason Powell's live coverage review of the October 16, 2011 TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Stop back tonight for Jason Powell's live coverage of the 2013 Bound For Glory event beginning with the Spike TV special at 6:00 p.m. CT. Plus, Dot Net Members can look forward to a Dot Net Triple Threat audio with Jason Powell, Will Pruett, and Zack Zimmerman. Join us on the ad-free version of the website now via Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

TNA Bound For Glory
Aired live on pay-per-view
Philadelphia, Pa.

Pre-Show Coverage

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme ran through the lineup and welcomed viewers watching on pay-per-view, Facebook, and in movie theaters... A video previewed Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode...

Jeremy Borash interviewed Mr. Anderson, who spoke about growing up in a small town outside Green Bay, Wisconsin. He said there wasn't much to do. He watched football, played football, picked up fat chicks in bowling alleys, and fought. He transitioned into fighting Bully Ray in Philadelphia.

Powell's POV: As someone who lived in Wisconsin for a couple of years, that's the most accurate description of life in the Cheese State that I've ever heard.

Mike Tenay previewed the TNA Tag Title match. He mentioned the "female ally" that was with Ink Inc. on Impact...

1. Mexican America (w/Sarita, Rosita) defeated Ink Inc. (w/Christina Von Eerie) to retain the TNA Tag Titles in 8:00. Von Eerie has a new name, but I haven't been able to make it out yet. Jackson James is the referee. It sounds like the name is either Pop Teen or Hot Teen. I'm not alone in this, as even the person doing the closed captioning is skipping the name. This is where a graphic would be nice.

The women got involved about seven minutes in. Sarita and Rosita were about to dive onto the faces at ringside when Von Eerie stopped them. She ripped off Sarita's mask (she looked fine). She also pulled Anarquia's shorts down. He had a singlet underneath, yet covered himself up as if he was naked. Herandez rolled up Neal and scored the pin...

Powell's POV: A throwaway opener. The involvement of the women would have been better received if Sarita and Rosita had heat and/or if Von Eerie had been introduced earlier so that she was more over. Mexican America going over does nothing for me. Then again, I can't say that Ink Inc. winning would have done much for me either. What happened to the tag division? That was the hardly the type of match that would lead anyone who was on the fence to order the show.

The announcers spoke about the pay-per-view card at the desk. They turned things over to Borash and Hemme, who delivered hype from ringside. They ran through the pay-per-view lineup again and set up a Hulk Hogan vs. Sting video...

Backstage, Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett. Jeff paced while Karen threw a fit about dealing with "wench Knockouts" and Jeff having to put up with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Jarrett stepped to the mic and said he couldn't believe Jeff Hardy had the balls to show up in Philadelphia. Jeff said he's going to take Hardy out tonight. He acted flustered and then walked off the set...

A Bound For Glory video aired...

Powell's POV: Two readers say Von Eerie's name is Toxine. It makes more sense than the names I thought I heard.

Borasha and Hemme stood on the stage and delivered final hype and encouraged viewers to order the pay-per-view. Borash hyped the top two matches to close the pre-show...

TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View

A video package opened the show... Mike Tenay welcomed viewers to the show and immediately hyped Bobby Roode challenging Kurt Angle for the TNA Title, and the Hulk Hogan vs. Sting fight for control of the company. Tenay introduced Taz, and they discussed the fight for power while sitting at their perch on the stage...

1. Austin Aries defeated Brian Kendrick to retain the X Division Title in 10:30. Kendrick didn't get much of a reaction when he came out. He slapped hands around the ringside area. He danced in the ring and blew kisses to the quiet crowd. An audible Aries chant broke out as he entered the ring. The referee was Brian Hebner, whose blue shoes didn't match the red ropes. I'm aghast!!!

The Aries chants grew louder as the match started. Kendrick had some supporters, but the heel Aries seemed to be more over. Kendrick played to the crowd at one point and received a lot of boos.

At 8:40, Aries set up for the Brainbuster, but Kenderick hit him with a few knees and rolled him up for a good near fall. Kendrick set up for Sliced Bread, but Aries temporarily avoided it. Kendrick ended up hitting the move impressively and had the pin, but Aries grabbed the ropes to break up the pin. Another loud "Austin Aries" chant broke out. In the end, Aries hit the Brainbuster and scored the clean pin...

Powell's POV: Very good opener. I hope Kendrick and TNA officials don't fool themselves into believing that he would have been cheered against most opponents. Granted, Aries is popular, but there's nothing about the ridiculous Kendrick character that fans can connect with. Why be stubborn? Kendrick is a talented performer who needs a gimmick overhaul.

Backstage, Karen Jarrett walked into a room where her children were hanging out with Traci Brooks's giant breasts. Karen was nice as she ushered the kids out of the room and then went into bitch mode after they left. She told Traci to stay away from her kids and to keep her breasts covered. Karen pulled out a referee shirt and said she would be the surprise referee of the Knockouts match. She ordered Traci to stay backstage...

A Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn video package was shown...

Powell's POV: Wow, this match is on earlier than I expected. Then again, it's pretty obvious they don't have long term plans for Lynn and it's not like RVD is on fire right now. Still, I would have saved this for later in the show because they're so likely to deliver a crowd pleasing match.

2. Rob Van Dam pinned Jerry Lynn in a Full Metal Mayhem match in 13:10. Jackson James was the referee. Full Metal Mayhem is essentially a TLC match. Taz said Van Dam and Lynn had more of a friendly rivalry back in the day. He said there wasn't as much hatred involved. There's a fan in the front row with a "Save Us Lagana" sign referring to the former WWE writer and ROH crew member who announced his move to TNA on Friday.

Lynn pulled a ladder out from underneath the ring at 3:40 and slid it inside the ring. He ended up kicking one side of the ladder on the ring post and the other side smacked Van Dam hard. A cool spot. Van Dam bled from the mouth. Van Dam came back with a cross body that led to Lynn landing on a chair in the ring.

Van Dam dropkicked a chair into Lynn's face. Lynn had a small cut on his cheek. Van Dam ran Lynn into a ladder in the corner. Lynn was sure to pull the ladder over him when he fell to the mat. RVD hit rolling thunder onto the ladder, which led to an "EC-Dub" chant from the crowd.

Van Dam was lying on a ladder that was set up on the second rope when Lynn came off the ropes with a leg drop. RVD moved and Lynn crashed onto the ladder. RVD threw a chair at Lynn, who avoided a big kick. Lynn threw the chair at Van Dam's face. RVD came back with a suplex on the ladder. Lynn stayed there and RVD performed a springboard dive onto Lynn for a near fall.

There was a wild spot at 10:40 where Lynn powerbombed RVD off the apron. The back of Van Dam's head smacked the guardrail. Lynn was lucky that his leg didn't get caught in one of the rungs of the ladder that it appeared they were aiming for with the powerbomb.

Van Dam came back with a Van Terminator on Lynn, who had the ladder in front of him. The fans chanted "holy shit." Van Dam dragged Lynn in the middle of the ring and pinned him while the ladder was still on top of Lynn. After the match, Lynn and Van Dam ended up shaking hands, which was out of character for the bitter character that Lynn has been playing...

Powell's POV: Hardcore wrestling feels passe unless these two are having a match together. They have their own hardcore style and I enjoy the hell out of watching them working together, especially since you never know when it's going to be the last time. Given the way Lynn was booked over the last couple of months, that may have been it unless they both find themselves working outside TNA someday. They left it all in the ring and made the most of the time they had. The only real issue I have with the match is that it was essentially a TLC match minus the T (tables).

A clip aired of Dixie Carter arriving at the building earlier in the day... A video set up the Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson match...

3. Crimson defeated Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan in a three-way in 7:15. The vocal fans were pro Samoa Joe. Crimson and Morgan both wore white. Taz questioned whether it was a three-way match, playing up that Morgan and Crimson look like tag partners. Actually, Crimson looks like mini-Morgan.

Crimson caught Morgan with an inadvertent elbow early. Joe roughed up Crimson and tried to get Morgan to join him, but he didn't go along with it. At 3:20, with Joe and Crimson fighting on the floor, Morgan performed a cross body block off the top rope onto Crimson on the floor. A wild move for a guy that size. Morgan remained at ringside, while Joe and Crimson headed back inside the ring.

Joe roughed up Crimson with punches. Crimson came back and received a lot of boos. He hit an impressive suplex on Joe for a throwaway near fall. Crimson had a trickle of blood on his nose. Morgan returned to the ring and squared off with Crimson, but Joe raked both of their eyes before they could get physical.

Morgan got hot at Crimson after Crimson broke up his pin attempt on Joe. They traded punches and other shots. The crowd did the "yeah" for Morgan, and the "boo" for Crimson. Joe returned and worked over Crimson with slaps and then a big kick. Joe set up for the Muscle Buster in the corner and stopped to get cheers from the crowd. Wait, who is the heel?

Morgan broke up the Muscle Buster and went for the Carbon Footprint and missed (it looked like Joe forgot to move, as he appeared to take a knee from Morgan). Crimson speared Joe and scored the pin. The crowd booed...

Powell's POV: That's two of three matches with the heel being cheered. I don't want to hear any crap about this being a Philadelphia thing, as Kendrick isn't over as a face, and there are a lot of fans who resent the push that Crimson is getting. It didn't help that Joe was supposed to be the heel, yet he continuously outsmarted the two babyfaces early in the match. Furthermore, he never attempted to turn the crowd against him. He actually played into the cheers by looking to them when he went for the Muscle Buster.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray, who didn't play to the Philly fans in any way. Rather, he talked about how he's raped and pillaged the city in the past. He said screw Anderson and screw Philadelphia. He said he's from New York City to conclude the promo...

4. Mr. Anderson defeated Bully Ray in a Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere match in 14:35. Yes, that's how they introduced the match. You know, as if there are different rules for the Philly version as opposed to a Boise Falls Count Anywhere match. Ray jumped out on the offensive and roughed up Anderson with some big chops.

Anderson came back with a kick and then went to ringside to grab a sign that read "Welcome to Philly Asshole." It was a "Dead End" sign that had paper wrapped around it, and was likely a planted sign, but the crowd liked it. They fought to ringside and a blonde woman threw beer at Ray and it caught Anderson, who didn't look pleased. The fan giggled and walked off.

Bully Ray pulled out a table for a pop. Um, shouldn't the babyface be the first person to bring out the table to get the easy pop? Better yet, shouldn't we have seen it first in the wannabe TLC match? Anyway, the table didn't come into play right away, as Anderson went after Ray and they fought onto the stage, where Ray suplexed Anderson and covered him for a near fall. Ray had a small cut near his temple.

Ray did the Anderson mic routine, and a mic actually came down. Ray introduced himself as being from Hells Kitchen, New York City. Anderson attacked him and said, "Welcome to Philly, bitch." The crowd cheered. They fought into the backstage area and the fans booed. Ray performed a piledriver on the backstage concrete for a near fall. The live crowd gasped at the piledriver as they watched on the monitor.

They fought back inside the building at 8:30. Anderson grabbed a piece of the guardrail and ended up sliding it inside the ring. Ray made a brief comeback before Anderson backdropped him onto the guardrail. Anderson went to the ropes and went for a move, but landed on the guardrail. Ray came back with a Bubba Bomb through a table for a near fall.

Ray went for a back splash, but Anderson moved and Ray landed on the guardrail. Anderson hit the Mic Check on the same piece of guardrail for a near fall that part of the crowd bought into. Anderson had blood on his face. A "this is awesome" chant failed to pick up steam. Anderson pulled out a trash can and slammed it over Ray's head.

Ray backed onto the table. Anderson went back inside the ring and climbed onto the top rope. Anderson performed a senton and completely missed Ray. The crowd booed. Anderson smiled. He stood up and performed a Mic Check that drove Ray through the table and then pinned him...

Powell's POV: I prefer the hardcore style we saw in RVD vs. Lynn to this match. This was a good brawl, but Anderson missing the senton bomb through the table ended the match on a sour note. Anderson looked like he was in a fight after the match, as he had blood around his mouth. Anderson's timing to miss the big spot at the end couldn't have come at a worse time given that this is TNA's biggest show of the year.

Backstage, Bischoff spoke with referee Jackson James and thanked him for doing things in a way that no one has figured things out. Bischoff said Hogan would win the match and Sting would come back on a stretcher. Bischoff asked if James had his back. "I've got your back, Dad." They hugged and said they loved one another...

Powell's POV: Just in case you missed it way back when, yes, Jackson James is Bischoff's son. We've been waiting for them to pay that one off for quite some time.

The announcers acted stunned after learning that Bischoff and James are actually father and son. They transitioned into hyping the Knockouts match and ran through the tale of the tape, which is nothing like a tale of the tape in any other sport...

5. Velvet Sky beat Winter (w/Angelina Love), Madison Rayne, and Mickie James in a four corners match to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 8:40. Karen Jarrett was the special referee. It looked like Mickie was going for a look out of "A Chorus Line" as she was wearing a top hat and suspenders. Or maybe she just really liked NBC's "Blossom" back in the day.

Karen was the last to make her entrance and she hugged Madison at ringside. At 3:15, Madison and Winter were bickering and Karen had to stand between them. They walked over and tagged in the babyfaces, which makes no sense given that a pinfall would result one of the faces winning the championship. Think again, though, as Karen just refused to count their pinfall attempts.

The fans weren't entertained based on the loud individual "boring" taunts and groaning. At 7:15, Love slipped Winter a bottle that she drank from. She may be tripping balls right now or something. She tried to spit the substance at one of the faces but it ended up going in Karen's eyes.

Mickie had a visual pin after hitting a tornado DDT. Traci Brooks ran out. Velvet performed a facebuster on Madison and pinned her. Traci Brooks made the three count. The live crowd popped for the finish. Traci awarded the belt to Velvet, as a referee checked on Karen...

Powell's POV: An absolute train wreck of a match. Overbooked and overcrowded. Just a mess. Gee, it's a good thing that match went on after RVD vs. Lynn. Good lord.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Kazarian, who spoke about how excited he is for Bobby Roode. He said Roode stuck it out even when guys like himself left the company. Kazarian shifted focus to the A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels match to provide brief hype... A video set up the Styles vs. Daniels match...

6. A.J. Styles beat Christopher Daniels in an I Quit match in 14:00. Within a minute, Styles stuck the mic in the face of Daniels and asked him to quite. "Why don't you suck..." Daniels said before Styles cut him off. Styles told him to suck this and then jammed the mic in his mouth. Okay, then. Daniels wore long black pants rather than his usual gear, and Styles wore white and blue pants with breast cancer ribbons.

Styles went for submissions early on. They fought to ringside and Daniels pulled out a toolbox from underneath the ring. He threw a big wrench at Styles and it slammed off the ring steps when Styles moved. Daniels brought a screwdriver inside the ring and tried to jab Styles with it, but A.J. fought him off.

They continued to fight and headed to ringside. The production team took the time to show off the turnbuckle that had the Bound For Glory logo on it because it had a screwdriver stuck in the pad. Daniels asked Styles to quit at ringside. "No? Okay," Daniels said. He took him back inside the ring and continued the assault. Styles continued to refuse to give up.

Daniels said he was going to make Styles say it. With Styles on all fours, Daniels hit a moonsault onto A.J.'s back. Daniels locked Styles in a half crab. Referee Earl Hebner put the mic in the face of Styles and he groaned. He finally reached the ropes. Daniels brought a chair in the ring, set it up over Styles, and sat down on it.

Daniels told Styles through the mic that he's been dreaming of this moment for months. He said everything that Styles was given in TNA is going to be his. The fans booed. Daniels said the fans love him more than Styles. Daniels said he never wanted Styles to say the words, he was just happy to bash his brains in. Daniels said he'd tell Styles's wife that his last words were I love you.

The fans chanted "shut the f--- up." I couldn't agree more. Daniels looked into the camera and told Wendy (Styles's wife) to take the kids out of the room now. He missed his next move and Styles made his big comeback. Daniels made a brief comeback, but Styles hit the Pele Kick and a Styles Clash. Styles pulled the screwdriver out of the turnbuckle. Daniels said he quit and ran away.

After the match, Styles, who had blood on his forehead, played to the crowd. He went to the top of the stage and then turned and talked into the camera. Daniels attacked Styles from behind. He put him in Angel's Wings position and dropped him face first on the stage. "He never beat me," Daniels yelled. "Who is the winner now?"...

Powell's POV: As someone who has really enjoyed the recent Christopher Daniels character, we heard way too much from him here. He just kept talking and it wasn't believable. The finish was not a "big show" finish. It was a chickenshit heel running away and not taking his medicine. I wanted to see them stretch out the program beyond tonight and they did that, but the match did not live up to my expectations. The post-match angle definitely kept the feud alive, but they cut away from it too quickly for it to feel like a big deal. If the match wasn't going to be memorable, they should have delivered a memorable post-match beatdown from Daniels.

The announcers spoke at ringside until they were interrupted by Jeff Jarrett's music. Mike Tenay flashed his frustrated look when Jarrett's music played. Now he knows how I felt when they cut away from Daniels roughing up Styles to go to Tenay yapping...

Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and recalled telling Jeffrey Nero Hardy not to step foot in Philadelphia. Jarrett said he heard that Hardy ignored him. Jarrett said no one in the company from office staff to wrestlers want anything to do with Hardy. Jarrett said no one in the building wants anything to do with Hardy either.

Jarrett said nine out of ten fans told him and Karen that they didn't want to see Hardy. Jeff Hardy made his entrance. He took a mic and said he had only one thing to say to Jarrett. Hardy kicked Jarrett and then punched him. They had a pull apart brawl as security and eventually agents pulled them apart. Jarrett was led to the back, and Hardy stuck around and posed for the fans...

Powell's POV: If you've seen one pull apart brawl in TNA, you've pretty much seen them all. The live crowd was into it while they brawled.

A video set up the Hulk Hogan and Sting fight... The announcers talked about the Hogan vs. Sting fight and the power struggle. "The company is on the line here," Taz said. "Hello? I think that's the biggest stipulation you can have in a match." Tenay actually used the words "large and in charge" while saying that Hogan and Bischoff would retain control if they won the match...

Christy Hemme handled the ring introductions and started with Hulk Hogan, who received a face reaction. A shot aired of Dixie Carter standing in the crowd next to her husband Serge. Hogan wore a white shirt (blood), jeans, and red knee pads. Sting, who also received a face reaction, came out wearing his own gear with a Hulkamania shirt under his robe...

7. Sting defeated Hulk Hogan in 9:45 to give control of the company back to Dixie Carter. Dixie applauded frantically for Sting before the bell. Jackson James was the referee, and the announcers reminded us that he'd been revealed as Bischoff's son. Before they could lock up, Hogan stopped and motioned to the back.

Ric Flair walked to ringside wearing a suit. Flair was all smiles and the crowd was "woooo'ing" it up. Sting applied a headlock (if you took the over on the line of zero for actual wrestling moves, then you're a winner). Hogan shoved him off and started posing. The fans went nuts. Sting took his Hogan shirt off and threw it at Flair, who then threw it into the crowd.

Dixie Carter watched intently from ringside and did a great job of acting nervous. Hogan limped around the ring as he worked over Sting with punches, eye rakes, and back rakes. Hogan threw Sting to ringside, where Flair choked him with his jacket and then fired away with punches right in front of Dixie Carter and her husband.

Hogan went to ringside and low blowed Sting. Tenay complained that the referee wouldn't do anything to stop it since he's Bischoff's son. Hogan bit Sting's forehead and then Sting rolled inside the ring. Flair passed Hogan an object, which Hogan jabbed into Sting's forehead back on the ringside floor. Flair threw Sting into the rail and then Hogan jabbed the weapon into Sting's forehead repeatedly. Sting bled.

Back inside the ring, Sting stumbled around. Hogan dropped him with a punch and then did the Flair strut and "woooo." Sting blocked Hogan's punch and fired back with some shots. An intense Dixie was shown cheering at ringside. Sting wound up with a punch and Hogan actually took a bump on his back, which has been surgically repaired eight times. Granted, it wasn't a big bump, but it's one more than I expected to see.

Sting got the weapon and hit Hogan with it. Hogan bladed and fell on his back again. Sting continued to fire punches at Hogan and performed the Stinger Splash. Flair climbed onto the apron and Sting blasted him. Sting did the splash on Hogan's back. Hogan clutched his back and fell to the mat, and Sting locked in the Scorpion Leg Lock.

Hogan tapped out. The referee kept asking if Hogan was sure. The referee finally called for the bell when Hogan kept tapping. Dixie celebrated at ringside. Flair hit the ring and attacked Sting. Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner came to the ring and took turns slamming chairs over Sting's back.

The mentally challenged muppet Abyss was shown peeking around the stage to watch what was happening. Bischoff went to take his turn with the chair, but his son stopped him. Bischoff got the chair and hit his own son with it. Sting called out to Hogan to help him.

Hogan, who was a bloody mess in the corner, looked to the crowd. They cheered. Hogan removed his shirt and the crowd went ape shit as he Hulked up. A bloody Hogan hit one heel after another with punches. They all stopped and the heels were between Hogan and Sting, who then teamed up to clear everyone other than Bischoff from the ring.

Sting and Hogan had a moment in the middle of the ring where they stared at one another. Hogan pointed at Bischoff, who was cowering in the corner. Sting joined him in pointing at Bischoff. Hogan and Sting grabbed Bischoff. Hogan said he had it. Hogan wound up and punched out Bischoff. Dixie was shown yelling "Yes!" at ringside.

Tenay said he read Hogan's lips and he just said he's back. Tenay yelled that the real Hulk Hogan was back. Hogan pointed at Sting and they exchanged words. Sting pointed at Hogan and did the ear cupping routine. Sting pumped up the crowd. Dixie was in tears in the crowd. The crowd chanted for Hogan. He and Sting shook hands. Dixie hugged her husband Serge at ringside...

Powell's POV: Okay, so Hogan and Sting teaming up to face Hogan's group didn't make a whole lot of sense, but the live crowd absolutely loved it, and I'm assuming anyone who is still into Hogan and Sting enough to order the show probably did as well. A hell of an effort from Hogan given his medical issues. Here's hoping he didn't do more damage by working the match. Dixie Carter was the best actor of the night. She was so intense at ringside that you'd think her company really was on the line.

A video set up Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode... Jeremy Borash handled the introductions for the championship match. Bobby Roode made his entrance first. Kurt Angle made his entrance and had his right hamstring wrapped. Tenay said to think of what Angle just witnessed with Immortal and noted that he's aligned with them...

Powell's POV: No in-ring introductions. It may be a time issue, as they are only 25 minutes away from the top of the hour.

8. Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode to retain the TNA Title in 14:20. Brian Hebner was the referee for the main event. Taz said Angle has a slight groin pull. Taz said Angle blamed over-training for the match for the injury.

Powell's POV: Of course, the obvious question that will be asked is whether he over-trained in preparation for this match or his bid to qualify for the Olympics. By the way, there are four fans in the crowd with t-shirts that read "Hardy Gets Us High." They've been there all night. Somehow, I don't think this would have been tolerated at a WWE show.

Angle went to the top rope for a moonsault. Roode went after him an suplexed him. Angle took a huge bump to the other corner of the ring. The crowd was responsive, yet reserved early on following the Hogan vs. Sting match. Roode got a near fall at 6:30. He looked to the crowd for a response, but the fans didn't buy into that one. Roode came back with the Crossface at 7:25. Angle teased tapping out, but he instead countered into the ankle lock and yelled at Roode to tap. A brief "Bobby" chant broke out. Roode turned it back into the Crossface. Taz said Angle may tap out because it was in tight. It was the right call, but Taz delivered it in a way that viewers wouldn't buy in.

Angle ended up rolling out out of the hold and hit the Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle followed up with the ankle lock, which Roode avoided. Roode hit the spinebuster and followed up with a fisherman's suplex for a strong near fall that a lot of people in the crowd bought. There were dueling "Let's go Angle" and "Angle sucks" chants briefly.

Angle went for the Angle Slam at 10:45, but Roode countered with an arm drag. Roode went to the second rope, but the referee was between the two wrestlers. Roode dropped down and Angle kicked him low behind the ref's back. Angle got another near fall. Angle executed two German suplexes on Roode. He went for a third, but Roode countered back into the Crossface. Angle eventually reached under the bottom rope to break the hold.

Angle went to the top rope and slipped right into a another Crossface by Roode. Angle slipped out again. They jockeyed for position and Angle hit the Angle Slam and held Roode down for the pin while holding the second rope for leverage and even though Roode had his hand under the bottom rope.

The referee held up the X symbol. Security helped Angle limp to the back as Roode sat in the ring with his face in his hands to close the show...

Powell's POV: Wait, you mean Dixie Carter isn't running out to restart the match? That's it? Angle retained on the biggest TNA show of the year by holding onto the bottom rope while Roode had has arm under the bottom rope? The biggest TNA show of the year ends with a screwy finish? Damn. They just don't get it.

Honestly, I could live with that finish if this were just about any other TNA pay-per-view event if the idea is to keep the chase going. You just don't do that on your biggest show. Granted, it wasn't as screwy as some of their finishes, but if you want to establish Bound For Glory as a major event, then you need to deliver clean and decisive finishes in major matches like this one. Sadly, I think the folks who write the show are more concerned with patting themselves on the back for convincing the fans that they were going to see a title change. Way to send the crowd home unhappy.

Overall, this show did not live up to expectations. It didn't grossly underperform, but there were just too many matches that didn't deliver, and the main event finish definitely didn't help matters. I never thought I'd write this, but if that's the finish they had planned for the main event, then they really should have gone with the Hogan vs. Sting fight last.




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