TNA Bound For Glory PPV 2010 Flashback: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title, Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball, Fortune vs. EV2 in a Lethal Lockdown match
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TNA Bound For Glory PPV 2010 Flashback: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title, Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball, Fortune vs. EV2 in a Lethal Lockdown match
Oct 20, 2013 - 11:45 AM

The following is a flashback to Jason Powell's live coverage review of the October 10, 2010 TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Stop back tonight for Jason Powell's live coverage of the 2013 Bound For Glory event beginning with the Spike TV special at 6:00 p.m. CT. Plus, Dot Net Members can look forward to a Dot Net Triple Threat audio with Jason Powell, Will Pruett, and Zack Zimmerman. Join us on the ad-free version of the website now via Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

TNA Bound For Glory
Live from Daytona Beach, Fla. at the Ocean Center

The show opened with a video package... Mike Tenay welcomed viewers to the show as a shot aired of the crowd. Taz checked in when they showed the announcers sitting at ringside. They ran through some of the bigger matches, and Taz hyped that "They" will be revealed. The announcers guaranteed that there will be a new TNA Champion because the match is no DQ, no countout, and has no time limit...

Powell's POV: The building looks good and full. They didn't show the entire side where the hard camera sits, but it looks like they have a good turnout. No idea how many are comps, but hopefully it will make for a good atmosphere.

1. Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me to retain the TNA Tag Titles in 12:50. The Bucks debuted new ring gear that looked much better than their previous attire. The announcers stressed that the Guns had both been injured by Generation Me. The live crowd was hot early and into everything the Guns did.

Powell's POV: I'm not sure if it's a "DirecTV only" or even a "my house only" issue, but there have been a few technical glitches. Tenay has done a better job of making Bound For Glory feel special than anyone did in the weeks leading up to the show.

Generation Me took control of the match by targeting Alex Shelley's injured neck. Jeremy hit a great kick that the announcers pointed out was to Shelley's neck. Taz questioned how Tenay couldn't like Generation Me. Tenay played babyface and said he is a fan of their ability, but not their attitude.

At 6:30, Shelley fought off Jeremy Buck on the ropes. Max tried to hold Shelley, but he kicked him away and then performed a double stomp on Jeremy. Shelley crawled to the corner and made the hot tag, which received an ordinary reaction. Chris Sabin checked in and hit some fast paced offense.

The Guns hit a pair of Kicks on Max in the corner and then Shelley performed a big dive to ringside and the fans popped huge. The Guns hit an innovative double team move at 8:15. "What the hell was that?" an impressed Taz asked as the Guns got a near fall. Generation Me came back and scored a good near fall. The fans cheered when Sabin kicked out.

At 9:50, there was a big pileup in the corner as the Guns went for a double team move, but the Bucks fought out of it. Jeremy hit a really nice dive onto Shelley at ringside, and then followed up with a great flip off the ropes onto Sabin. Generation Me had the pin, but Shelley broke it up.

"This is awesome" chants broke out and they were justified. After more nonstop action, The Guns hit their finisher and ended up scoring the clean pin to win the match and retain the tag titles...

Powell's POV: There wasn't much in the way of psychology in the match, but the live crowd didn't mind a bit. Great rapid fire action. A great opener. Now TNA has to realize what they have in these teams and feature them prominently rather than as the opening match train wreck. Build up Generation Me and feature these teams in an Impact main event and see what happens. What do they have to lose?

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Madison Rayne and Tara. Rayne called Hemme a bitch and said Bozo the Clown wants his hair back. Madison said Tara is indebted to her for life. Madison said she's the queen of TNA, not Mickie James. Tara tried to point at herself when Madison said there was only one queen in the company...

Powell's POV: I'm not sure if you caught that, but I think they were foreshadowing some possible tension between Madison and Tara. And by foreshadowing, I mean beating us over the head with it. Madison has improved a ton on the mic. She's really made the most of her singles push.

A video package set up the Knockouts four-way...

2. Tara defeated Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne in a four-way to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 5:55 (with Mickie James as the special referee). James was energetic as ever during her entrance and the crowd popped big for her. Tara and Madison came out on a motorcycle. They kissed and the announcers played it up as risque even though they do it every week now.

Love and Sky made their usual entrance. So, um, wasn't the deal that the women couldn't be aligned? Maybe they won't be once the bell rings. It was actually a four corners match, so the women tagged in and out so that there were only two women in the ring at once. Velvet and Love started when Madison tagged one of them into the match.

Madison took exception to Mickie enforcing the rules within the first couple minutes. Mickie went out of her way to sell the various moves with her facial expressions and body language. All four women ended up in the ring and took turns hitting moves. Tara went for her finisher on Velvet, who avoided and tried to roll her up, but Tara rolled through and scored the pin.

After the match, Madison was pissed about Tara winning the title. Madison got in Tara's face and bitched. Mickie spun Madison around and punched her. Mickie blew a friendly kiss to Tara and left the ring. Tara was stone faced and didn't sell the Mickie punch either way...

Powell's POV: The Knockouts Title changes hands again. I'm fine with Tara winning the belt as she's the best worker of the active wrestlers, and she could eventually have a showdown match with James. However, it looks like they might be aligned instead. I can't even imagine the Knockouts locker room drama over two former WWE wrestlers feuding over the TNA Knockouts Title. Deal with it.

Backstage, Eric Young showed up his new tattoos (marker drawings all over his body). He said he couldn't believe that Orlando Jordan's family disowned him because he's bi (pause) polar. Jordan entered the scene wearing an outfit that had a hood that covered his face. Young wanted to fight until he realized who it was...

3. Ink. Inc. defeated Eric Young and Orlando Jordan in 6:40. Young went for comedy by going to the wrong corner and then trying to replace the referee during the opening minute. It was over with a portion of the crowd. Some seemed to enjoy his comedy antics, while others didn't seem to care.

Young pulled out a rule book at one point. He also kicked his own partner's hand off the ropes at one point. Young went to the opposite corner in the Ink Inc. corner. Moore unknowingly reached up and tagged him. Jordan asked him what he was doing,. Young punched Jordan and then hit him with a flurry of offense.

Young played to the crowd and got more cheers. Moments later, Moore hit his finisher on Jordan and pinned him. Young entered the ring and held up the arms of Ink Inc. Jordan stood up and Young hugged him too. "Just when you think you've seen it all, we roll out Eric Young and Orlando Jordan," Tenay said...

Powell's POV: Young's popularity with the live crowd grew throughout the match. He was put in the spotlight and the wrestling was secondary. I'm fine with the silliness if they keep it low on the card and don't over push Young as they've done in the past.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Hardy, who said he's going to hit the Twist of Fate and follow up with the Swanton Bomb...

4. Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to retain the X Division Title in 8:20. Williams debuted new ring gear that was a significant upgrade over his previous gear that was totally cliche and even low budget. The announcers kept pointing out that Ric Flair wanted Williams to bring the X Title back to Fortune.

Williams hit several suplexes and managed to score some near falls. He hit a move off the ropes (I guess his fear of heights is gone), but Lethal rolled through and scored the pin.

Afterward, Lethal went into Dallas Page mode by racing into the crowd to celebrate with the fans. Suddenly, he was attacked from behind by Robbie G. of The Shore while Cookie grabbed the X Division Title. Robbie brought Lethal to the ring and hit him with a couple of moves, including the Diamond Cutter/RKO (the Dallas Page love continues).

Cookie entered the ring and they both stood over Lethal. Robbie said Lethal is a disgrace to Jersey. Cookie handed him the X Title. Robbie said that after he wins the X Title, he's bringing it back to Jersey to pimp it out and add some class to it. "Jersey in the house, bitches," Cookie said...

Powell's POV: I guess it's a good thing Lethal went to just the right place where they could attack him. Anyway, a solid X match that could have used more time. The Lethal character is just too precious, though. Robbie and Cookie weren't as annoying as they were on Impact, but I'm still down on the TV show impersonation gimmick.

A video package recapped the Abyss and Rob Van Dam feud...

Abyss came to the ring and said he's spoken about "They" for a while. No kidding. He said the date is upon us. He said it begins with the destruction of RVD and continues with the takeover because it's 10/10/10. RVD's music interrupted before he could finish...

Powell's POV: Takeover? Damn, I really hope it's not because Dixie Carter signed the paperwork that she thought was Abyss's release papers.

5. Rob Van Dam pinned Abyss in a Monster's Ball match in 13:00. Van Dam hit the ring and went on the offensive. They brought a barbwire board into the ring. Abyss ended up bumping torso-first onto the board. RVD followed up with Rolling Thunder, but Abyss moved and Van Dam bumped on the board.

The fans chanted "holy shit" even though Abyss had no trouble rolling off the "barbwire." Real barbwire sticks. TNA's fake barbwire does not. That said, the fans buy into it, which is all that counts. Tables and another barbwire board were placed over portions of the ring and guardrail.

Abyss ended up on the table. Van Dam performed Rolling Thunder and flipped over the top rope onto Abyss, which drove him through the table at 7:00. A small "This is awesome" chant broke out. They were pushing it this time and the chant faded quickly.

Back inside the ring, Abyss tried to hit Van Dam with a chair, but RVD kicked it into his face. RVD set up for the Van Terminator, but Abyss recovered and knocked him off the ropes and onto the barbwire table. The referee sold it nicely by acting as though he was cutting Van Dam out of the barbwire.

Van Dam reentered the ring with blood on the bridge of his nose and nowhere else. Van Dam recovered and rammed Abyss into another barbwire board that was set up in the corner. Van Dam hit the Van Terminator and drove the board into Abyss's face, but the board didn't break, which hurt the effect.

Van Dam went up top and pointed at himself for the big singalong. He went for the Frogsplash at 11:00, but Abyss moved, which made Van Dam look like a dough head for wasting time. Abyss went to ringside and grabbed Janice, the board with nails sticking out of it. Abyss swung Janice at Van Dam and missed. Shocker, huh?

Van Dam ended up with Janice. He swung the board into Abyss's stomach. Abyss bled from the mouth immediately. Van Dam kicked him and then Frogsplashed him for the clean pin. As Van Dam was leaving, Abyss motioned for the camera to approach him. He said to get ready because "here we come"...

Powell's POV: Lots of gimmickry with the fake barbwire and Abyss bleeding from the mouth right after he was struck by Van Dam, but the live crowd definitely bought into it. Van Dam was really over and the fans were into the action from bell to bell. Good brawl. I'm happy we haven't seen a bunch of overbooked matches so far. The opener was very good, but nothing else has registered as meaningful or memorable. Perhaps that will change with the "They" reveal.

A video recapped the Kevin Nash, Sting, D'Angelo Dinero, Jeff Jarrett, and Samoa Joe saga. They focussed on Nash badmouthing Hulk Hogan and Sting inviting Hulk Hogan to work one more match. Footage was also shown of Hogan having surgery...

6. Sting, Kevin Nash, and D'Angelo Dinero defeated Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match in 7:25. Tenay said he's had it up to here with all the talk of deception and the conspiracy theories because it's all talk. Wow, they're really going to strip Tenay of whatever credibility he has left with this one by making him look oblivious.

There was a loud chant for Joe, who opened the match against Pope. Taz said Joe was fighting this match out of respect for Hulk Hogan. Sting tagged in a couple minutes into the match and received a babyface pop. Rather than wrestle Joe, Sting went to the corner and attacked Jarrett until Joe intervened.

Nash tagged in at 4:00 and received a minor reaction. He didn't stay long, as Pope tagged in and went back to work on Joe. Jarrett, who had yet to enter the match, cheered for Joe as the trio of opponents worked him over. At 5:50, Joe crawled to the corner to tag Jarrett, who dropped off the mat and headed backstage.

Samoa Joe fumed as Jarrett backed up the ramp. Sting, Nash, and Pope all entered the ring. Nash pointed at Jarrett and said, "I told you." Joe attacked Nash, but he was quickly outnumbered.

Nash lowered the straps of his tights at 7:00. He kneed Joe in the gut and then hit the Jackknife powerbomb. Nash pinned Joe to win the match for his trio. "Why, Jeff?" cried Tenay on commentary...

Powell's POV: I'm happy Joe isn't with "They." The fans love him and he's better off on the babyface side of what will likely be a big war. I had a hunch during the match that Jarrett was going to bolt because he was making a point of rooting for Joe, yet never stepped in to save him during the double teams.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Mr. Anderson, who cut a brief promo about disappointing Kurt Angle's children by winning the TNA Title...

Ring announcer Jeremy Borash introduced Team 3D. Taz said everyone has been asking what their announcement will be, but he doesn't know. Brother Ray asked if the "crazy mother truckers" were having a good time. He got a favorable response. Brother Ray said he and Devon have been busting their asses for 15 years, and it's due to the respect and support of the fans that they've become 23-time tag champions.

Brother Ray ran through the list of title belts they've won and finished by saying "most importantly, TNA." Ray said there comes a time when you have to look at each other and ask what's left to do. A "please don't go" chant broke out as Ray stopped to play up the drama.

"As of this very minute, Team 3D is officially retired," Brother Ray said. "However, we have one last request. If we're going out, we want to go out with one more match," Ray said. He stated that they want to wrestle the best team in TNA. He said the Motor City Machine Guns must be the best since they have the TNA Tag Titles.

Ray said that if The Guns beat Team 3D, they can put at the top of their resume that they retired Team 3D. Ray said that if Team 3D beats The Guns, they can retire as the 24-time tag team champions. Ray thanked the fans and got them to chant "Get the tables." Devon delivered the "testify" line.

Ray and Devon went to the announcers table and shook hands with Taz, who expressed disappointment that they didn't tell him. After Team 3D left, Taz said he would hate to be in the Guns shoes and wouldn't take the match. Tenay argued that they shouldn't go through life avoiding challenges...

Powell's POV: All signs point to Ray and Devon becoming singles wrestlers with Ray going heel, and Devon going face. My guess is that Ray turns on Devon during their match with The Guns. Nice angle, though. If they build toward this match for at least a week, maybe it can lead to a ratings increase.

A video focussed on the EV2 vs. Fortune feud... Backstage, Ric Flair cut a promo. Matt Morgan, Kazarian, James Storm, Robert Roode, and A.J. Styles were there and all got a line or two on the mic. Styles said it's over tonight and they're getting rid of Tommy Dreamer tonight...

Tenay explained the rules of the Lethal Lockdown. See War Games and add a roof that lowers once everyone is involved...

7. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Sabu, and Raven (w/Mick Foley) vs. A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Matt Morgan, James Storm, and Robert Roode (w/Ric Flair) in a Lethal Lockdown match. Fortune all wore blue ring gear and looked like a real unit for once. Foley and FLair got into at ringside, but were quickly pulled apart.

Kazarian and Stevie Richards started the match for their teams. Fortune has the advantage due to a match they won on Impact. Styles was in next for the heels, and Dreamer followed for the faces. Richards sold an ankle injury, but had no problem holding up Kazarian for a move while Dreamer jumped off the ropes at him.

Roode entered the match at 7:45 to make it a 3-2 advantage for Fortune. Styles raked Dreamer's head against the cage and he bladed. Flair reached inside the camera hole and took some shots at Dreamer. The hole is big enough that two X Division wrestlers could probably climb through it simultaneously, which makes the cage kind of useless when you think about it.

At 9:45, Sabu entered the match to even up the sides. He used both of his partners as springboards to hit moves on their opponents. Roughly two minutes later, James Storm entered the match. The crowd sang along as Storm and Roode stopped to do their "Beer Money" bit. Flair followed up with a "Whoooo" and the crowd responded accordingly. Wait, who are the heels?

At 13:52, Raven entered the match for EV2. Lots of punching and kicking all around. Matt Morgan entered the match for Fortunate at 15:54 as Tenay said it would be the final two-minute advantage that Fortune would have. Morgan picked up Sabu (who was bleeding from the forehead) in powerbomb position and ran him into the cage. Moments later, Morgan mugged for the crowd and beat his chest.

Roode was a bloody mess suddenly. Raven was bleeding. Rhino entered the match at 17:54 as the final entrant. Rhino hit a flurry of offense that concluded with a big gore on Storm. The cage roof with attached weapons started to lower. Meanwhile, Flair and Foley brawled at ringside. There was a ladder and a table on top of the cage, along with a body bag or something.

Flair and Foley fought up the ramp, as the wrestlers inside the cage used weapons. Morgan struck Raven with a kendo stick as Raven fought back with a trash can lid at 21:00. Morgan went for the Carbon Footprint on Richards, who moved. Morgan kicked the door, but it didn't open.

Kazarian was rammed into the door. It opened and he tumbled to ringside. Morgan was clutching his knee in pain. Kazarian climbed the cage and Richards went after him. Sabu dove through the open cage door onto Morgan at ringside at 23:15. Richards set up a table on top of the cage. The table had wood under its legs to make it safer on top of the cage.

Kendrick emerged from the body bag and stopped Kazarian from hitting a move off the ladder. Kendrick backdropped Kazarian through the table on top of the cage. Kendrick started doing some weird Zen shit that only Phil Jackson would understand. Back inside the cage, Dreamer hit the Dreamer Driver on Styles and pinned him at 25:15...

Powell's POV: I guess they somehow knew they were going to fight on top of the cage. That aspect was corny. TNA has to know that Fortune vs. EV2 is a really tired feud. The live crowd cheered for Fortune as much as they cheered for EV2. I'm fine with EV2 winning if this is the blowoff. Let the feud have a happy ending and just move on already. Everyone tried hard, of course, but the fans were more excited about cheering Foley and Flair than anything. They cut backstage so quickly that the outcome of the train wreck felt meaningless.

Moments after the Lockdown match concluded, they cut backstage to Hemme interviewing Angle. She recalled Angle saying he would retire if he lost the match. Angle said he wasn't in the mood to talk and then he started talking. He guaranteed he'd become the TNA Champion. He dedicated his match to Hulk Hogan...

They went back to a shot of the cage as Richards was climbing down and then aired a video package that focussed on the three-way main event...

Powell's POV: It looks like we're getting the big "They" reveal during or after the main event. Here's hoping it's after, as TNA's biggest event of the year should conclude with a clean finish.

The announces spoke about the main event at ringside. Taz said we are guaranteed a new champion. "There will be no shenanigans and no tomfoolery," Taz said.

Powell's POV: What about skullduggery?

Tenay picked Kurt Angle to win the TNA Title. Taz picked Jeff Hardy to win...

Powell's POV: Congrats to new champion Mr. Anderson? I think they were filling time while the cage was taken down. I liked it, though. I think everyone needed a chance to breathe before the main event.

Jeff Hardy had new entrance music. Anderson was up next. His music played and he eventually walked onto the stage and his mic dropped. Anderson introduced himself and then headed to the ring, where he bumped fists with Hardy. Kurt Angle entered last as Tenay reminded viewers that Angle will leave TNA if he doesn't win the TNA Title...

8. Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson in a three-way match with no disqualifications, no countouts, and no time limit to win the TNA Title in 18:35. The match started at 33 minutes after the top of the hour. At 2:40, Angle pulled off the first big move of the match when he hit a double suplex on Hardy and Anderson for a big pop.

Anderson suffered a small cut in the middle of his forehead right around the hairline. Angle and Anderson fought at ringside and took a big dive from Hardy on the floor. At 6:50, a shot aired of Dixie Carter and her husband Serge watching from ringside. Back inside the ring, Angle hit a series of German suplexes on Anderson and Hardy.

Angle, who had a bloody eye, applied the ankle lock on Hardy at 8:20. Anderson got to his feet and tried to break the hold, but Angle saw him coming and knocked him down. Angle applied a double ankle lock on both wrestlers. They eventually flipped him over to break the hold at 9:10.

Angle went to the top rope, but Anderson cut him off. Anderson picked up Angle in a fireman's carry position and then did the flip/summersault onto the match. Cool spot that we haven't seen in awhile. Hardy broke up the pin with a Swanton onto Anderson. At 10:40, Angle caught Hardy with the Angle Slam for a good near fall.

Anderson went to the ropes and Angle cut him off and hit a wild suplex. Hardy snuck in while Angle was recovering and got a two count. Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind on Angle and followed up with a Twist of Fate on Anderson. Hardy went to the top and hit the Swanton on Anderson. He went for a cover, but Angle pulled him off and applied the ankle lock at 12:15.

Hardy pushed Angle off and into Anderson's Mic Check for a great near fall, as Angle kicked out at the last moment. All three wrestlers ended up on the mat for a moment at 13:20. Angle went to the top and hit a moonsault on Hardy for another good near fall. Tenay didn't help it for pay-per-view viewers, as he threw in the "this should do it" line that means that won't be the finish 99 percent of the time.

At 14:10, Angle and Anderson jockeyed for position. Angle came off the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Anderson ducked and the referee took the clothesline. Eric Bischoff walked to the ring with a chair in his hand at 15:00. Bischoff stood above Angle and Anderson with a chair in hand and set up to use it on someone, but he was interrupted.

Hulk Hogan's entrance music played. "He's not here," Taz said. "Oh, no, he is here," Tenay said. Hogan walked onto the stage using crutches as Bischoff acted shocked inside the ring. Hogan had a security guy hold the ropes open for him as he slowly entered the ring.

Hogan pointed at Bischoff and jawed at him while all three wrestlers remained down. Bischoff ended up with one of Hogan's crutches. Hogan handed the recovering Hardy the other crutch. Hardy turned and nailed Angle with the crutch at 18:00. Anderson got to his knees and Hardy slammed the chair over Anderson's back.

Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Anderson. Bischoff dragged the referee to the middle of the ring as Hardy covered Anderson. The referee made the three-count. Hogan and Bischoff pointed at Hardy. Bischoff took the mic and named Hardy the new TNA Champion.

A shot aired of Dixie Carter shaking her head in disgust. Jeff Jarrett came out and gingerly hugged Hogan. Abyss came out and did the same. Rob Van Dam came out and tried to talk to Hardy, who ended up hitting him with the TNA Title belt. The show went off the air with the heels celebrating as fans (or plants) threw trash inside the ring...

Powell's POV: I guess I'm confused over what tomfoolery and shenanigans is, because that looked like your typical TNA bullshit finish to me. All the buildup regarding "They" for that? For the second time in three years, TNA's biggest pay-per-view event of the year ended with a cheap finish. This one leaves their most popular babyface. I'm happy they didn't bog down the entire show with "They" related cheap finishes, but that was a big disappointment to this viewer.




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