TNA News: Extremely detailed report on Hulk Hogan's appearance on Howard Stern, Hogan discusses the sex tape, Bound For Glory, his wife's reaction to the controversy, and more
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TNA News: Extremely detailed report on Hulk Hogan's appearance on Howard Stern, Hogan discusses the sex tape, Bound For Glory, his wife's reaction to the controversy, and more
Oct 9, 2012 - 01:18 PM

Dot Net Member Efren Bojorquez sent the following recap of Hulk Hogan's Tuesday appearance on the Howard Stern satellite radio show.

Howard brings Hulk on (known as Hollywood Hulk, Hogan, etc). NWO music played as Stern plugged Bound For Glory on Sunday. He said he has never been hotter than right now. Hogan yells, "I'm in the safe zone, now!" Hogan says he felt like he was in the shrink's office with the couch.

Hulk said he is on ViS2alus and showed his stomach off to Howard, who said he is ripped. Hogan said not to say anything because he is not supposed to show his body until November 3. "We've seen all of you." Howard said. A good laugh. Hogan plugged Visalus as a pyramid thing. Howard asked if he is on the juice and Hogan said no. He said he is 59 years old and was 340 when he was on steroids.

After talking about his hip replacement, Howard got right to it. Hogan started with a random comedy routine about him doing laundry forever for a person. This person hated the way Hulk does his laundry. Hulk's buddy said after he is down and out and goes to his friend's house and his friend said, "Hey bro, you can do my laundry." And Hogan said sure. Oye.

Onto the sex tape. Howard played a clip of Hogan last time on the show saying he would never break the "man code" saying he would never mess with another guy's wife. What happened, Howard asks? Hogan said he was in protection mode. Hulk explained that he and Bubba are still very good friends and there is civil and criminal proceedings about to happen, as its illegal in Florida to record sexually explicit content without consent. Robin asked if he knew there was a camera. Hulk swore he didn't know. He isn't pointing figures at anyone, but has a gut instinct of who did it, but it could have been anybody.

Howard said Bubba told him there are two people he would offer his wife to: Him or Hogan. Hogan said he is devastated as his life is back together and got remarried. He said the tape is over six years old and questioned what the motivation is.

Gary from the Howard Stern Show said that Radar has reported that Hulk has prepped his family for a possible second sex tape. Hulk said he hasn't heard about it, but there could be a second one. He has prepped his kids for things that are about to happen. He didn't do anything by was a conscious decision, but it was a "woe is me" thing.

Howard asked if people are looking at Hogan as a god now. He asked if he thinks he comes off bad. Hogan said he has seen 15 seconds of the tape and it made him so sick to his chest he thought he was going to have a heart attack. Howard said he has never been bigger because everyone is talking about it. Howard thinks its so cool that he answered the phone during the video, saying no girl will get the better of him. Hulk said he answered because he thought it was a family member.

Hulk has talked to his attorney (David Houston) and people are telling him that he is getting a thumbs up from everyone. Hulk said he is trying to get back on track with his life now that he is remarried. Hulk first heard that there was a possible sex tape six months ago. Hogan swore to God he didn't know there was a camera. Howard offered three theories: Bubba gets off on it, Bubba and Heather were in on it, or all three were in cahoots. Hulk asked why he would wait six years?

Hulk said he doesn't want to sound like a pompous ass, but the situation he was in he didn't want to be overly aggressive because it was his friend's girl. He wanted to be cool. Robin said Hulk was trying to be polite and he agreed with that statement. He said when his opponents in the ring weren't his friends he was more aggressive in the ring than he was with his friends. Howard was lost. Robin said she thinks Hulk held back with Heather. Hulk said everything was off. He felt guilty about being there.

Howard asked, "What mine is yours...that was awfully nice of him, wasn't it?" in relation to Bubba. Hulk said Bubba and him talked about it for two years, eventually asking him to stop. After Hulk bottomed out (saynig he hit that point before the divorce, knowing his marriage was screwed up), he said ok. No excuses, but he was beaten down like a dog. His wife had made a decision to move to California and he was f-this and f-that. He went to Bubba's to hang out...and the hell with it. It was a huge, horrible decision. Never in a million years did he think there was a camera.

Hulk said Bubba and her were on the same page...and Hulk said it happened twice but probably not three times. Howard asked if he thinks Bubba taped it. Hulk said if he did, he was never his friend, and they have talked about it over and over. He is keeping an open mind. Howard asked if someone could have planted the camera. Hogan said he is not pointing a finger (Bubba's radio producer, someone on his staff).

Hulk said he told Bubba, "Your're my friend, I have asked you several times to the point where I am embarrassed, but I'm asking you again and I wanna know if you had anything to do with this because I am getting ready to hand this over to the Attorney General." Hulk explained to Bubba he has a family and that's why he is asking. If he did do it, he never was his friend and the way he might go forward depending on Bubba's honesty because of his family. Hulk said in his heart he believes he wouldn't do this to him. Hulk said he absolutely is pressing charges because he has to find out who did this to him.

Hulk said he was trying to be cool at first, and Howard says Jennifer (his wife) can't be happy with what has happened. When the little pictures came out, it rattled his world. He said he tried to stop it (letters, attorneys, etc). He prays to God that Jennifer would hang on. He got a phone call from his wife right before a TNA taping that his cousin had called her regarding the tape.

Howard said he thinks Hulk doesn't come off bad, and Heather comes off worse as women will judge her worse. Hulk: "For two years, Heather and Bubba said how cool this was. No problem. Bubba was saying it was cool. Heather was relentless. 'I wanna see your thing, I wanna f-you'" Hulk said she is either not happy because she is embarrassed, or she is happy for the financial gain, no in between. He said it would be a great surprise if it wasn't either one of them.

Howard asked if the sex was great and if it was worth it. Hulk says nothing is worth this and this is and it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. He doesn't even remember the sex. When Hulk was finished with Heather and left the room, Hulk said everything was normal like nothing ever happened. Hulk said it's a sad thing that he did that being so far down and out. Howard said its not a question of getting women, it was a comfort thing. Hulk said he was so beat up personally because of his marriage it was a timing thing. He has never been that mentally down and beat up.

Howard asked if this is the weirdest thing he ever has been in: Hulk mentioned the dog and pony show with Vince McMahon's steroid trial, but this? He feels completely safe with Howard Stern. This has turned his world upside down. Howard said he is not coming off weird, and what he did is not that bad.

Hulk is totally devastated and it has destroyed his world. He prays Jennifer can hang in there with him. Howard agrees. No one wants to hear about ex's. Jennifer's family member called her and Hulk was blindsided with it in a TNA production meeting with the information. Howard asked if he has called Heather. Hulk said he doesn't have Heather's number. He said that once he turns it over to the Attorney General's office, it's out of his hands. His attorney and him were on the phone until 3am last night with this. Whomever released the tape is also responsible.

Vivid has called Hulk for the release of the video. Howard asked why Hulk hasn't done it...if its gonna be and generate millions of dollars, why not? Hulk said he can't see that happening. Hulk talked about reality show people who sign off on their sex tapes, and he hasn't even considered it. What happened here was a crime. Whoever set that camera off has committed a crime. Howard asked if he has requested a lie detector test from Heather and Bubba. He said he hasn't, but everyone should take one, including himself. Howard offered them the chance to do it on his show. Can you imagine?

Robin asked if he had ever told Jennifer about what had happened. No, says Hogan. F-no, said Howard. Robin said it shakes a think you know someone. Howard asked if he is afraid Jennifer is going to leave him. He prays to God not. Hulk says Jennifer was upset and shaking to the bone since she was caught off guard by her cousin who called her, he thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. This has affected his relationship with Bubba. The only saving grace he has is thank God this happened before he met Jennifer. It's the only pure and real thing he has ever had, is with Jennifer.

Howard asked who the hell would put a black and white camera in there? He said he would have put a three camera setup in there, and at least have it in color. Hulk said he can see how somebody would not want to face this and jump off the Empire State Building. Howard asked if Hulk is suicidal. "Not at all," Hogan replied.

Hulk said he and Bubba are still good friends. He talked to him the day before yesterday or yesterday. He told him, "This is going down." Bubba is in full support and prays to God its not Heather. Robin said everyone will be questioned and the AG has their ways. Hulk said when people with badges start threatening jail time, people will start talking.

Howard asked if Hulk broke the man code. Hulk said the bro-code between him and Bubba wasn't broken, but the moral code was broken. He wasn't tripping on drugs, he made the decision, and it was the worst decision he ever made. He is not proud of it. Howard reminded Hulk he went back a second time. Hulk asked to be in his shoes for a day, going through what he has gone through. Hulk said his kids are cool with this. Howard said live and learn. Hulk said what a stupid, stupid decision. He has never been destroyed this personally.

Why was it so important to Bubba? Hulk doesn't know, but said again that Heather was relentless. Robin said that the reports are that Heather is devastated. Howard doesn't think she released the tape. Hulk said she is a great mother, a gorgeous knockout lady who is always nice to him and his family. Howard said she is good in bed, too! Hulk told him to stop, he is brutal.

Howard asked if he wore a condom. Hulk asked him to stop. Again he asked, again he asked him to stop. Again...Hulk said yes. Then he said again that Howard is brutal. He is going to start pleading the 5th.

Howard then PRAISED Hogan's tripod and wishes he was half the man he is. NSFW. Lets just say that Howard honestly wishes he was half the man that Hulk was. He is impressed.

Robin was concerned with the amount of tanning Hogan has. Howard is worried about skin cancer. Hulk said he has a sun bed at his house but doesn't lay in it, because the sun turns him purple. He doesn't lay out naked in the sun. Howard then compliments Hogan's muscular butt. Hulk referenced America's Got Talent and asked where Howard's wedding ring was. Howard said he has a tattoo instead of a ring. Its permanent. Hulk said, "Yeah, I had one of those too...I got rid of that." They all had a good laugh.

Howard mentioned Linda Hogan's DUI and how the heat is off of him a bit, and the breakup with her boyfriend. Hulk said thank God nobody got hurt. Hulk said, "I've already been there, done that."

TNA's big event on Sunday is mentioned and Howard asked if its going to be the biggest TNA PPV event ever. Hulk said instead of dropping the legdrop he may drop his tripod. Hulk said he has been fighting the TNA name for two years. Bound For Glory was finally called by its name and is plugged this Sunday.

Howard asked about how Hulk Hogan was offered the lead role in "The Wrestler." He said its true and is grateful he didn't do it since Mickey Rourke did such a great job. No Holds Barred was referenced (along with Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando). He said in the movie, the wrestler slept in his van for a day. Hogan did it for two years he said. Three pills in the bottle? Hogan had 2,000 pills in his car! Hogan said he turned down Robin Hood Men in Tights and the lead in The Highlander. Howard said, "Well you're starring in a new film now!" They all laughed. Hogan said that he was worried if he left at the height of Hulkahamania, his spot may not be there when he got back.

Howard asks how Linda got 73 percent of the divorce settlement. Hulk said he just wanted that part of his life over. He said Linda has sent horrible emails regarding the sex tape. Howard says after the 73 percent it would have been nice if Linda would've said she's sorry for what has happened. Hulk said that would have been nice. Hulk said Brooke doesn't read half the emails she gets nowadays.

Eric from Sacramento was put on the air (a kid in a wheelchair). He asked to come to Phoenix to come to the PPV. Hulk asks if he has money for airfare, because he is totally tapped. Howard asked Eric if he feels bad for asking Hulk that. Eric says "Yeah." The crew laughs. Hulk said if he was in Phoenix VIP treatment would have happened.

Nick from Lake Tahoe called as BFG was plugged again. Howard said he hopes he gets 25 percent of the action after all of this. Nick asked if Heather can come in studio. Howard says he doesn't know how you find out who released the tape. Who has the tape right now, Nick asked. The both says that Vivid has the video and has cut the deal already. Hogan cites "anonymous sources" and said it's a setup.

Hanzi called in and said if Hogan's acting was as good as Suburan Commando he would've won an Oscar. Backstage politics were brought up as the caller asked if every person who who as talked about him is wrong? The caller said he wouldn't put anything past him. Hogan called him crazy.

Mary-Ann from Brooklyn called and fawned over Hogan. Phone calls during sex? The doo-rag? Not on? Her life is so boring compared to his! She said she still does laundry every day, but not that way, and would be offended if he took a phone call during....

Howard asked if the stuff during the phone call wasn't that good? Hogan says "Um..."

Kevin called and asks who gave a better "phone call" experience. Linda, Heather, or Brutus Beefcake? Hogan said if he said Brad Pitt or Kevin Costner was a homosexual, do you think he would be in trouble? They all agreed yes. How can his ex-wife get away with it then? Hogan said he was about to sue and then "something happened." It sounded like a settlement. Howard said he put to bed any homosexual rumors. Hogan said over the years certain women can get a little crazy (hitting you on the butt, hand down your pants) but if he did that what would happen?

Leon Spinks called in (parody) and was is inaudible. Hogan couldn't understand and Howard said, "Don't make fun of the Champ!" They all laughed.

Impact Wrestling was plugged for Thursday night and Howard wondered if the fans will heckle him. Hogan prays to God not. Hogan talked about Rolling Stone coming down for an interview awhile back and talked about his OJ comment. "53 year old wife with an 18 year old guy...don't condone it, I would never do it, but I can understand how OJ did what he did..." and magazines sold!

Balls called in and said he feels bad about his tripod...makes him feel like an older woman."

Linda Hogan called in (parody) and screamed, f-this and that to Hogan. Hogan said, "That was good morning!"

Howard said he knows he is in pain. Hogan said Howard made him smile. He wants to find out who did this. The lie detector was re-offered. Howard told him to stay focused. No matter, the other crap going on in his life, BFG is this Sunday. Hulk asked if another script like "The Wrestler" can be sent to him. Hulk talked about the movement to put him in "The Expendables 3." He thinks it would be so cool.

Howard asked if famous people have called him offering support. He and Robin mentioned Sylvester and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hogan said yes, but bigger than Arnold. Howard said at least Hulk went for the hot chick...what the hell was Arnold thinking? Howard asked if Jesse Ventura called. "Yeah, right." Hogan said. Bill Clinton? "Is there no camera in the Oval Office?" Howard asked if Tiger Woods has called. "Bigger than that."  Howard mentioned Obama and David Letterman and asked if he thinks Letterman slept with Bubba's wife?  "What is wrong with you?" Howard confessed it was him who put the camera in Bubba's room. Howard mentioned the suit he has against Sirius/XM. Howard said he and his fans love Bubba. Robin said we all have our crosses.

Sylvester Stallone (parody) called and it was a three second bit. Hogan asked if he has to suffer more abuse? Hogan thanked Howard for making him smile and laugh. Howard referred to Hogan's tattoo. "I am that I am." Does he understand that? Because Howard doesn't understand it. Be the best Hulk Hogan that you can be.

BFG was referenced again. A big live PPV event. If you need more Hulk, watch TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike. Howard wished him the best. Hulk sincerely believed it and feels safe. Howard said he will recover. A woman put her mouth somewhere on him...he will recover.  Howard says he 100 percent man and told him to stay away from his wife. Your'e not coming to his house and or going near his wife.

Howard: "We are really looking forward to the big PPV event."

Hulk: "Sure you are. You'll be riveted from your seat."

Howard: "What do I know?" And if you need someone to talk a friend. Just kidding. Call me, I'll tell you what to do. And when you go on the Today Show, leave that laundry routine off."

BFG is plugged one more time to end the interview.




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