TNA wrestler Jesse Sorensen comments on his health following the neck injury he suffered, whether he will return to the ring

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Jun 6, 2013 - 06:50 PM

TNA wrestler Jesse Sorensen interview
Host: Ryan Rider
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Sorensen on suffering a neck injury: “When I first got hurt, I had no feeling from the neck down so it was very scary. I thought I was the next Christopher Reeves. I was completely paralyzed for two days and told I would never move again, never wrestle again. I’m very blessed.”

Sorensen on his recovery: “Right after I got out of the ICU, I had to sit in a neck brace for three months then I had six months of rehab to strengthen my neck and try to get back in the gym. Now I’m fully back in the gym and everything’s going good. I actually have my first bodybuilding show in October in Tampa.”

Sorensen on returning to the ring: “My passion for the business – I love this business. It’s my dream, always has been and it’s really what I wanted to do. So many say it was a job and now you’re done with it and tell me to find something else to do. But when it’s your passion, it’s all I think about is getting back in the ring. As of right now, it’s not really up to me [when to return]. I want to focus on the bodybuilding show for a little while. But I would like to hopefully return before the end of 2013."

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