TNA star Robbie E talks his big break in TNA, his top moments as X Division and Television Champion, and earning a credit in "The Wrestler"

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Aug 14, 2013 - 06:17 PM

TNA star Robbie E spoke with about several topics. You can read the full interview at Among the highlights:

His "big break" in TNA: "I had a tryout with them through Terry Taylor, and at the time they were looking for…the Jersey Shore Show was big, I’m from there: you’re sitting here…look at me! So they kind of just put two and two together and when they said “OK let’s see if he can get it done in the ring” and fortunately enough for me it clicked, they offered me a contract the day of my try out match."

Being in "The Wrestler": "You know, I was but I wasn’t. Here’s a little secret; I was planned to be in it, my name was listed and everything, but I actually ended up getting an overseas tour. So like a few days before, I wasn’t able to be there for filming, but somehow my name still ended up in the credits, so I kind of got the best of both worlds."

Best moments during his X Division and Television tile runs: "Honestly, the highlights were of course the days that I won them: beating Jay Lethal for the X-Division title at Turning Point and then one year later beating Eric Young for the Television Title. But through my TV Title run I had great runs with RVD and D-Von, I got some wins…which I haven’t gotten in a while."

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