TNA star Rob Van Dam on feeling Chris Jericho "was a political bitch" in WWE, what made him consider fighting Vince McMahon, why he doesn't want to be a heel, an annoying WWE travel companion, and more

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Nov 5, 2012 - 06:00 PM

TNA X Division Champion Rob Van Dam appeared on the Jay Mohr podcast on Saturday and discussed a variety of topics. You can listen to the full podcast at Please note that the audio contains swearing.

-They opened by talking about Van Dam winning the X Division Title. Rob said he wasn't sure he was saying the name of Xema Ion properly (he was) and said he wasn't sure what nationality he was.

-Van Dam credited Hulk Hogan for luring him to TNA in the first place. He said WWE wanted him to go back full-time and he wasn't interested. He said he heard from Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff, but Hogan called into his online show and got the ball rolling. Van Dam mentioned Panda Energy is the parent company of TNA. Mohr cracked that it's a bad name for an energy company because pandas "lay around and grab their dicks all day."

-Mohr wasn't up to speed on TNA and he asked Van Dam about the known names in the company. He mentioned Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Ken Anderson, and Chavo Guerrero. Mohr later joked about Bound For Glory by calling it glory hole.

-Van Dam said he was burned out when he left WWE. He said company officials wanted him to take only a few months off and then return to the schedule. "F--- no," Van Dam said. He then detailed the WWE schedule.

-Van Dam noted that he "had to smoke a lot" to travel with Shawn Stasiak. He impersonated Stasiak manically asking about the color of his gear.

-Van Dam also spoke about Mike Awesome committing suicide and said he never saw it coming. Mohr noted that so many wrestlers have died that he didn't even know Awesome killed himself. Van Dam said he's working on a project that will bring wrestler deaths to light. He said he still doesn't know what happened to Awesome. He said he'd like to get together with his widow someday to find out.

-Van Dam said wrestler deaths are not the wrestling industry or Vince McMahon's fault. "It's all about personal choice," Van Dam said. Mohr discussed comedians who have died young and discussed the similarities.

-TNA has talked to Van Dam about being a heel, but he said he doesn't think it's a good idea. He said he and Jeff Hardy sell the most merchandise and get the best reactions. "I really thrive on positive energy so it would affect me personally," Van Dam said.

-Van Dam said he has a better deal with TNA than he did in WWE. He said WWE paid for his flight, while he paid for his hotel and rental cars. "I have a great deal with TNA," Van Dam said. "I never would have went there if I hadn't been a great deal because like I said, I had new diva standards."

-They went back to discussing the WWE travel schedule. Mohr said he would "do so many drugs" if he had to keep that schedule.

-Mohr mistakenly assumed Van Dam was trained by the Iron Sheik. Van Dam corrected him and ran through the history of The Original Sheik Ed Farhat. Van Dam also recalled having Stu Hart put a hold on him.

-RVD said he misses jobbers and enhancement matches. He said there is not a Monday Night War and he would prefer to see the business go back to using more enhancement matches. Mohr said it seems like you are written to be a star today and guys just show up and are stars. He said it felt like the guys involved in the old days were involved before he started watching.

-Mohr asked if there's anyone he wrestled that he thought was a dick. He said he and Chris Jericho had issues because Jericho thought he was taking his place. "According to Paul Heyman, who doesn't mind lying, he doesn't mind telling you something that's completely bullshit, but he was telling me about these conversations that Chris would have, 'Shouldn't that be my spot? Shouldn't I be having that match.'

-Van Dam said he found Jericho to be "such a political bitch." He said he and Jericho got in arguments every day. "I was trying to make myself look good and he was taking from..." He told a story about agents telling them what to do and how Jericho was concerned about getting his offense in. "That's politics," Van Dam said. "Finding ways to make yourself look better." Van Dam said he called his wife and asked her to talk him out of leaving because it was so political.

-Mohr asked if he ever had an "oops" moment in the ring. Van Dam recalled Jericho being busted open. He said he went backstage and Christian and Tazz told him that Jericho was pissed and was going to fight him. "I go, sweet, where's he at?" recalled Van Dam. He said Jericho threw chairs around and trapped a referee against the wall. Van Dam said he approached Jericho afterward and he was calm. He said he'd probably hear from the other guys that he lost it. He recalled Jericho saying he can't have more scars on his face. "I don't hate Jericho anymore by the way," Van Dam said.

-Mohr asked whether anyone has tried to hurt Van Dam in the ring. He said not necessarily trying to hurt him, but seeing how much he could take. He recalled accidentally kicking Abyss's teeth in. "He's such a good guy, I really hate that," Van Dam said. He noted that he did the same kick for the first time while training with Sabu and broke his jaw in the process.

-Van Dam recalled looking forward to a holiday break when Vince McMahon held a meeting to announce the Tribute to the Troops event. Van Dam said it was a volunteer deal, yet Vince expected everyone to go. He said Vince spoke to him and repeatedly pushed him to make the trip, but he held his ground and did not make the trip. Van Dam said he was so offended that he considered fighting McMahon.

-Van Dam said the worst thing he's had to do creatively in wrestling was take part in the "Wind Beneath My Wings" singing for Steve Austin.

-Van Dam noted that his WWE contract stated he would get one weekend per month off and a vacation. However, he said he never got the vacation.

Powell's POV: The show featured plenty of plugs for the TNA Impact Wrestling television show even though Mohr didn't seem to be keeping up on that product. Mohr was also surprised to find out that C.M. Punk and Sheamus have been wrestling for over a decade and weren't just newcomers. It's a really good listen and there's some non-wrestling topics included. It's highly recommended. Please note that their is some swearing at times.

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