TNA star Kurt Angle reveals how long he plans to wrestle, continues to lash out at Olympics for cutting amateur wrestling

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Feb 13, 2013 - 02:47 PM

TNA star Kurt Angle continued to lash out at the Olympics for cutting wrestling from the games after 2016. In an interview with the UK Sun, Angle said, "It’s the world’s oldest sport and has too much tradition. It’s like dropping track and field…I know if wrestling is dropped its entire history is in jeopardy. Even I’m in jeopardy of not being remembered. I pledged my heart and soul to the sport. I won a gold medal when I had everything stacked against me, including my neck being broken."

Angle promised to continue the fight for the sport, and added that he plans to become an amateur coach once his professional days are done. "I’ll fight for it. They can’t just keep adding new sports and taking away the old ones. I’ll continue to wrestle for the TNA. The plan is [to wrestle] three more years then coach amateur wrestlers and fight my butt of to get wrestling back in the Olympics." You can read the full interview at

Shore's Slant: I have to admit I was stunned yesterday when the IOC announced their decision. Wrestling goes back as far as the ancient Olympics, so I couldn't believe that was the sport chosen to go. I know a lot of people are picking on badminton because it isn't exactly the most athletic sport, but I would take a different approach and complain about how scandal plagued badminton is instead (see last year's Olympics).

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