TNA star Kurt Angle on MMA Uncensored Live recap: Angle on wrestling Brock Lesnar behind the scenes in WWE, his own MMA interest, coming close to competing on The Ultimate Fighter, Batista's MMA fight, and more

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Sep 27, 2012 - 09:45 PM

TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Spike TV's MMA Uncensored Live on Thursday. The following are the highlights of his appearance.

-Angle said King Mo has called to ask him when the soreness from pro wrestling training will go away.

-Angle said he believes Dave Batista will do very well in his MMA fight. He said he knows Batista has a good knockout punch because he saw him in a couple legit fights in WWE.

-Kurt said he would have entered MMA had he known that it was going to blow up like it did. He said he was too far into pro wrestling and was main eventing WrestleMania events. He said the money was in pro wrestling at the time.

-Angle confirmed Dana White's claim that Kurt was supposed to be part of The Ultimate Fighter X reality show as a contestant. Kurt said he and White never had a problem with money. He said the starting date was the problem. White wanted him ready in four-and-a-half weeks. Kurt said he wanted to training for three to six months so he could go in at his best, but White said he couldn't give him that.

-A viewer asked via Twitter about Angle's behind the scenes wrestling match with Brock Lesnar while both were in WWE. Kurt smiled while confirming they had a match and claims he got the better of it. He said Brock told him that he was too small, so Angle kept challenging him. Angle offered high praise Lesnar's work in UFC and said he wasn't the real Lesnar during his last two fights due to his medical issues.

-Angle was asked whether he would try MMA. Angle said he couldn't say yes or no. He said he wanted to tryout for the U.S. Olympic team as a wrestler, but he kept getting hurt. He said the answer is probably no. "But if the offer is good enough you never know, Kurt Angle might be in the MMA octagon," Angle said.

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