TNA Conference Call: Ethan Carter III answers questions on the creative control of his character, working with Sting, who he is most looking forward to working with, his wrestling heroes as a kid, and more

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Feb 5, 2014 - 02:50 PM

TNA star Ethan Carter III answered questions on a TNA conference call to highlight their upcoming One Night Only pay-per-view. Among the highlights:

-TNA PR guy Eric Barnes opened the call by running through the "One Night Only: #OldSchool" PPV that debuts on Friday night.

-Carter's first question was getting a real opportunity in TNA and if he felt any pressure. He said he was enjoying the opportunity to shine and didn't feel any pressure outside of the normal pressure any driven person puts on themselves.

-Carter talked about working with Fandango and Daniel Bryan in WWE developmental and said they both helped him grow as a performer and a person.

-He was asked about the differences between TNA and WWE and he said the biggest thing was the freedom to expand the character how he saw fit and not being forced to go in a specific direction.

-Carter said he is very interested in proving to the naysayers all over the world that he should be in the spotlight, but that isn't what drives him. He said it did appear that there was a youth movement going on in TNA and he was happy to be a part of it. He also put over the Wolves and MVP coming to TNA.

-Carter tap danced around a question about his character's creation and said it was a joint venture between himself and a few creative people. He put over working with a number of TNA stars.

-Sting, Rick Rude, and Curt Hennig were the people who inspired him as a kid, followed by Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian as he grew older.

-Eric Barnes cut in to hype EC3 on Twitter and the upcoming Lockdown PPV and fan access events.

-Carter was very complementary of Rockstar Spud and working with him while also taking a few potshots at him in character.

-Carter said there was a brief moment where he was amazed that he was facing off with Sting and that he was most looking forward to working with Kurt Angle.

-Carter teased that 12 to 20 more matches with Dewey Barnes would be his best year ever before name dropping Angle and Jeff Hardy as the men he hoped to face this year.

-Carter said he absolute expects to be champion and to carry the company.

-He did say some fans still refer to him as Derrick Bateman, his WWE name.

-Carter says he welcomes any and all wrestlers who can add to TNA, whether they are new or older guys. He said he feels like the company is poised to do bigger and better things and he hopes good people will come on board who want to see the company take the next step.

-Eric Barnes ended the call by hyping One Night Only and Lockdown one more time.

Shore's Slant: Carte was incredibly comfortable and personable during this call. He knew what he wanted to say most of the time and was honest on most questions and stayed in character when he felt like he had to. His work has been one of the bright moments in TNA as of late and I hope this call gets him some good press as he has earned it.

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