TNA star Austin Aries talks about his start in the business, influences on his career and more

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Mar 20, 2013 - 06:09 PM

TNA star Austin Aries spoke with Brandon Baxter on 101.7 Kiss FM Jonesboro, Arkansas and was asked "I grew up a lifelong wrestling fan. I never really thought about doing it. Honestly, as a young kid I never would have thought about how to do that…I was in college and kind of deciding that wasn't the direction I wanted to be going when a very good childhood friend of mine called me up and told me he was training to be a wrestler…I drove there and checked it out and moved onto his couch two weeks later and never looked back."

He was also asked who his favorite wrestler was and Aries explained he wasn't a guy who had a favorite anything: "I have a collection of things I like. I grew up watching a lot of Crocket and NWA so I think the Horsemen were people who were pretty influential on me as a kid. And I think someone like Bobby Heenan was such a big personality, so smart with his humor and witty in his timing and that's something I was drawn too." Aries also plugged the Impact taping next week in Jonesboro. You can hear the full segment at

Shore's Slant: Aries goes into a long answer about being vegetarian and switching to vegan just six months ago. The guy is very personable and it’s a fun, short interview.

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