TNA's Kenny King offers his side of the story regarding his departure from Ring of Honor

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Jul 8, 2012 - 01:45 AM

New TNA wrestler Kenny King gave his side of the story regarding his departure from Ring of Honor. "I was offered a contract extension, I had reservations about the parameters of the extension and effective my 'free agent' option would be," King wrote. "I gave a handshake agreement that I wouldn't do anything 'screwy' with the belts. Ala (Madusa).

"I gave ROH information about everyone that I made regarding working for (TNA Impact Wrestling). Realistically they could have just found out when they saw my black ass walking down to the ring. I was given a physical contact extension by ROH, which I respectfully declined to sign due to the reasons I stated above. If I declined to sign an actual contract extension, how could anyone think there was a verbal agreement?

"I took the biggest gamble of my career this weekend. So going into Destination X... I am prepared to put it all on the line. I am especially grateful to (Dixie Carter) and (Impact Wrestling) for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills on a bigger stage. I was given an amazing opening and I took it. Ask Eminem how many chances you get to blow up..." Read King's full statement at

Powell's POV: It will be interesting to see whether Ring of Honor officials respond to King's statement or do the right thing and move on. It's worth noting that King was willing to work additional dates for Ring of Honor to drop the tag title belts, but that seems unlikely to happen based on ROH claiming that they won't do business with him going forward.

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