TNA quarter-hour ratings: A correction to the final numbers for the 8/22 show, plus a full breakdown of each quarter-hour number

Aug 26, 2013 - 04:24 PM

By Chris Shore

TNA Smackdown earned a 1.03 rating this week, not the 0.85 that was reported Saturday. The original story has been corrected. The following are the quarter-hour ratings for Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling television show.

Q1: 1.07 rating - Bully Ray and Tito Ortoz arrive, Bobby Roode and Bad Influence invite Austin Aries in, Roode and Kaz vs. Storm and Gunner, one commercial break

Q2: 0.99 rating - Roode and Kaz vs. Storm and Gunner finish, Austin Aries promo, one commercial break

Q3: 0.91 rating - Sanjay Dutt vs. Manik, Aces and Eights group promo, Hardcore BFG fourway match, two commercial breaks

Q4: 0.93 rating - Hardcore BFG fourway finish, Main Event Mafia group promo

Q5: 1.09 rating - Bully Ray promo with Brooke Tessmacher reveal, entrances for women's match, one commercial break

Q6: 1.09 rating - Gail Kim vs. ODB, recap of Aries interference in hardcore match, one commercial break

Q7: 1.09 rating - Recap video of Chris Sabin's loss, Entrances for group-tag main event, AJ Styles reveal, first minutes of Main Event Mafia vs. Aces and Eights, one commercial break

Q8: 1.10 rating - Main event finish, Devon eliminated from TNA

Shore's Slant: A good second hour dragged the rating up to an increase from last week. They also clearly show that the X Division and hardcore matches were what least interested TNA viewers this week.

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