TNA Video: Hulk Hogan on the possibility of a WWE return, Hogan and Eric Bischoff on what TNA needs to be successful

Aug 27, 2013 - 04:47 PM

TNA star Hulk Hogan took part in a Q&A event at the Fan Expo in Toronto, Ontario over the weekend. You can view clips of the Q&A session at

Hogan was asked about a potential return to WWE. "What I've learned about this business is never say never," Hogan said. "I don't know know the scope of things, I'm just throwing this out there, brother, Dixie Carter and Vince (McMahon) could work together, who knows? Never say never. Hulk Hogan saying he'll never go back to WWE? I will never say that because you never know what tomorrow brings or the day after. That's just the wrestling business, you never know where anybody is going to end up. Who knows, man?"

Hogan also spoke about the two things that would make TNA more successful. "Number one, and one doesn't work without the other, give him (Eric Bischoff) the keys to the car..." Hogan said. "And have somebody somewhere just drop all the resources we need like we had in the WWE and the WWF whether it be cameras or money or vehicles or advertising, just have heaven open the doors and just drop it on us. In a perfect world, if we could give him the keys to the car and all the resources we need, that's what needs to happen."

Powell's POV: Bischoff joined Hogan for the Q&A and spoke about how difficult it is to compete in today's environment due to the expansion of the cable television universe and people watching shows on their smart phones. He added that a key is a network or television environment that was looking to create a star. He said he works with a lot of networks and they are all trying to squeeze a nickel out of a penny. There is over 25 minutes of footage between the three videos that Andrew released and some of the other topics Hogan discussed are putting over other wrestlers, the lack of gimmicks, what he would change about his career, Ric Flair, Dennis Rodman, heat with Bret Hart, and much more.

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