TNA Turning Point 2011 Flashback - Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles for the TNA Championship, Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts Championship, Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett, and more

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Nov 11, 2012 - 06:17 PM

The following is a flashback to Ryan Kester's live coverage review of the November 13, 2011 TNA Turning Point pay-per-view. Check back tonight for Jason Powell's live coverage review of the 2012 TNA Turning Point. Dot Net Members can look forward to an audio review later tonight. You can access all Dot Net Audio on the ad-free version by signing up for membership for as little as $5.50 per month via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

TNA Turning Point
Aired Live on PPV
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

The show opened with a video package likening the Bobby Roode turn on James Storm to famous leaders throughout history lying through their teeth.

Ryan's Rant: What a nation-inspiring video for Veteran's Day weekend. My lord.

1. Robbie E beat Eric Young for the TV Championship in 7:48. Eric Young got out of the ring and ran into Rob terry to start. The men got back into the ring and Young hit a head scissors on Robbie after doing a headstand on the turnbuckle.

Young then left the ring to lock up with So Cal Val and got clotheslined by Terry. Robbie hit Young with a flying forearm for a near fall. Robbie locked in a rest hold.

Young eventually regained control with a jawbreaker. Young then removed his pants to expose the fact that he was wearing a pair of Robbie's trunks. Young caught Robbie with a belly to belly suplex and hit an elbow drop. Rob Terry pulled Robbie out of the ring to break the count.

Young removed his trunks and had another pair underneath Thank God. Terry tripped Young on the apron, and Robbie got the pin and became the new comedy segment, er, I mean TV Champion.

Ryan's Rant: You've seen one Young comedy match, you've seen them all. I have simply seen too many of them. I think what annoys me the most about Young is that he could be so much more for TNA. He can go and he can get a crowd into the action, but he instead just does a novelty act that gets old after the first viewing.

A video package covering the feud between Mexican America and Ink Inc. aired.

2. Mexican America and Sarita Defeated Ink Inc. and Toxxin for the TNA Tag Team Championships in 8:53. Ink Inc. controlled the early going, Mexican America made plays for control, but they were quickly thwarted by Ink Inc. each time.

Toxxin tried to interfere at one point, and Mexican America swarmed on Jesse to tear him down. The heels now firmly in control, the two men of Mexican America made quick tags to pile the damage on Jesse.

Neal got the hot tag to Toxxin, who quickly took control of Sarita. Toxxin hit a tilt-o-whilr side slam on Sarita, but Hernandez broke the pin. Neal and Moore took out Hernandez. Neal and Toxxin took out Anarquia and removed his trousers. Theme of the night is apparently taking off pants.

Rosita distracted Toxxin and that allowed Sarita to hit her in the back with one of the tag belts. Sarita pinned Toxxin to retain the tag titles for her boys.

Ryan's Rant: Yeah, that was the mess of an ending I was expecting, but it went the other way with Sarita pinning Toxxin. I hope TNA starts taking this show seriously because these first two matches have been anything but good.

Backstage Jeremy Borasch interviewed Austin Aries and Kid Kash about their match and Kash threatened to beat Sorensen's ass. Aries said that Kash and him had a plan.

3. Austin Aries beat Jesse Sorensen and Kid Kash to retain the X-Division Championship in 12:51 Kash and Aries beat down Sorensen for a moment but Sorensen quickly fought back and Aries took the first round of selling on the floor.

Sorensen kept showing signs of life only to have his momentum cut out by the heel he wasn't working over. Eventually, Aries argued with Kash over trying to go for a pin and Sorensen dropkicked Aries from behind. Sorensen attacked Aries for a moment, but Kash got back in the ring and locked Sorensen in a surfboard so that Aries could kick him. Kash and Aries continued to team together to tear Sorensen apart.

Kash broke up an Aries pin attempt. Moments later, Sorensen knocked both heels down and hit a running neckbreaker on Aries. Kash broke the count. Sorensen hit his neckbreaker on Aries and Kash broke the count again.

Kash hit Sorensen with a superplex. Kash hit the money maker but Aries got Sorensen's foot on the rope. Aries snuck in the ring and rolled up Kash for the win.

Ryan's Rant: That was pretty much a sympathy factory for Sorensen. Good triple-threat match, but I could have done without it ending with a roll-up. Aries is a smart heel, but I don't want to see him turn into a chickenshit one.

Backstage, Borasch interviewed AJ Styles. Styles said he's been a TNA Champion before, but he did it with honor and respect. Styles said that he would be going after Roode for tearing apart Fortune and for spitting in the faces of all of the fans. Styles said he planned to knock Roode's face off tonight.

Before the next match could begin, Daniels grabbed a mic and asked RVD what he was thinking asking for a no DQ match. "How did we get to this point, Bob?" Daniels asked. Daniels said he never runs from a challenge, but he had a suggestion that they agree to make their match just a wrestling match. RVD agreed.

4. Rob Van Dam beat Christopher Daniels in 10:16. Both men worked some excellent chain wrestling to start. Daniels rolled out of the ring to get away from RVD. Back in the ring, RVD out0-wrestled Daniels and floored him with a side kick for a near fall.

Daniels battled back and locked in a rest hold. RVD fought out and hit Rolling Thunder. RVD followed with an enziguri and a leg drop. Daniels reversed a roll-up attempt and began attack Van Dam's head and neck.

Daniels hit a Death Valley driver for a near fall. RVD hit the Van dominator to send Daniels to the floor. Both men battled on the ramp and RVD set Daniels up on the barricade before dropping a leg drop o the back of his neck.

Daniels threw the referee into Van dam. Daniels grabbed a chair and slammed RVD on it, so we're apparently still having a No DQ match despite all of the brouhaha before the match. Daniels grabbed a screwdriver and RVD hit him with the chair.

RVD hit the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win.

Ryan's Rant: The introduction of the chair confused even the announce team, and they were forced to make things up about contracts and whatnot. This was a good match, but the screwdriver can go ahead and go away. It may make sense for it to be under the ring, but it's as ridiculous as Janice was because Daniels will never connect with it and not kill someone.

Backstage, Borasch interviewed Robbie, who bragged about becoming the new TV Champion. He said it's time to hit the club.

A brief video package aired that tried to make Crimson vs. Matt Morgan feel epic.

5. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan ended in a double-DQ in 12:05. Crimson locked in his cravat early and used repeated knee strikes on Morgan. Morgan effectively no sold the beating and hit Crimson with a discus clothesline.

Morgan absolutely dominated Crimson. He beat him down in the corner, on the floor, and tore him apart when they got back into the ring.

Six minutes into the match, Crimson decided he's had enough, and he started working over Morgan. Crimson locked in a half-nelson choke, but Morgan fought out and hit Crimson with a chokeslam.

Crimson hit a spear on Morgan but Morgan knocked Crimson to the floor with the Carbon Footprint. Morgan rolled Crimson into the ring and Crimson kicked out of a near fall. Crimson hit Red Sky moments later, but Morgan kicked out.

The two men traded strikes in the middle of the ring. The referee couldn't get them apart, so he called for the bell. The two men went back to exchanging love taps with one another and security ran out to break them up.

Ryan's Rant: What a bunch of crap. The match was slow from the get-go and they ended it with the flukiest finish they could think of. By the way, a no contest is not a victory, so this really should end the undefeated streak for Crimson. It's not like it's a title that can't change hands via a DQ.

6. Mr. Anderson and Abyss defeated Bully Ray and Scott Steiner in 11:46. Ray and Steiner gained control first and the two worked over Anderson.

Steiner and Ray worked quick tags to keep Anderson isolated. Steiner hit an Angle slam from the second rope on Anderson. Anderson eventually got the hot tag to Abyss, who tore through Bully Ray and Steiner.

Abyss landed a big splash on Steiner for a near fall and followed with a chokeslam that Bull Ray broke up. Abyss hit both men with a double clothesline. Anderson blind tagged into the match and hit Steiner with a high cross body. Steiner answered with an inverted STO.

Steiner hit the Frankensteiner on Anderson, but Abyss tagged him from the floor. Steiner then ate a Black Hole Slam. Abyss covered him and got the win for his team.

After the match, the heels beat down Abyss and put him through a table, but he no sold the move and stood right up. Bully ray looked like he soiled his trousers and he quickly left the ring.

Ryan's Rant: That was better than I expected it to be, but seeing Abyss get a legit tag from the floor was just dumb. Abyss is a monster again, yet I don't feel like there's going to be anything new added to his character to make it interesting.

Backstage, Borasch interviewed Gail Kim, Karen Jarrett, and Madison Rayne. Karen said that Kim will go out to the ring and come back with the Knockout Championship. Karen cut down Velvet Sky and put over Gail Kim as the ideal role model.

A video package covering Velvet Sky's rise to the top and her past as a bullied runt aired. During Sky's entrance, the camera man shoved the shot so far up her crotch that she kicked the camera when she stepped to enter the ring. Stay classy TNA.

7. Gail Kim beat Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockouts Championship in 6:01. Velvet dominated the match early.

Kim battled back and started working over Sky's midsection. Karen Jarrett started making her way to the ring. Kim hit Velvet with a gutbuster and locked in an abdominal stretch.

Kim attempted a springboard cross body only to eat a kick. Velvet hit Kim with a few knees and followed with a bulldog. Kim tried to hit Eat Da Feet but Sky reversed it into her butterfly facebuster. The referee was distracted and Madison Rayne ran in and attacked Sky.

Sky kicked out of the pin and Kim hit eat Da Feet for the win.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff was yelling on his wife via phone for not using her birth control when they had Garrett. He hyped the fact that he'll take care of him on Thursday on Impact. Bully Ray showed up and freaked out because Abyss is a monster again.

Ryan's Rant: Not a bad match, but it was nothing special, either. Kim is the new TNA women's champion, and TNA continues its trend of sending WWE leftovers righto the top of their roster. Kim is at least not past her prime, but it's just more of the same in TNA.

A video package covering Jeff Hardy's return aired.

8. Jeff Hardy defeated Jeff Jarrett in 0:05. Jeff Hardy hit the Twist of fate and pinned Jeff Jarrett.

9. Jeff Hardy defeated Jeff Jarrett in 5:08. They restarted the match for some reason and Hardy went right back to assaulting Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett battled back and started working over Hardy with a series of stiff punches.

Hardy hit Jarrett with a sitout release suplex and went for Whisper in the Wind only to have Jarrett knock his legs out from under him. Jarrett locked in a sleeper hold. Hardy battled out and the two men fought for control.

Jeff Jarrett went for the figure-four leglock, but Hardy rolled him up for his second pin of the evening.

After the match, Jarrett hit Hardy with an unprotected chair shot to the head. Jarrett said that it's over when he says it's over, and he ordered the referee to start another match. Hebner refused.

Jarrett hit the Stroke on hardy in the ring. Hebner eventually made the count, but Hardy rolled Jarrett up again for the third pin.

Ryan's Rant: So, I guess that first fall was to make up for Victory Road? I have no idea. Their longer match did not live up to my expectations. Hardy was entertaining, but they didn't seem to work together anywhere near as much as I expected. This whole segment felt like it would never end, and I'm not really sure what TNA was expecting to accomplish with any of this.

Backstage, Hardy celebrated with some faces, and AJ Styles shook Hardy's hand despite his stance just a few months ago.

Jeremy Borasch interviewed Bobby Roode. Roode said he was Beer Money and Fortune. He said the others guys only ever got in his way and now that he's rid of them, he's the TNA champion. He said he would do whatever he needs to remain the TNA champion. He said, Fortune Four, no more.

A video package aired covering Beer Money's history and Bobby Roode's betrayal of James Storm.

10. Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles for the TNA Championship in 19:31. The two worked some chain wrestling in the early going, and Roode did his best to avoid Styles. The two men exchanged burst of offense for a time, but neither man gained a lot of momentum before the other would take over.

Roode fell to the floor at one point and ate a flying forearm from Styles. Roode caught Styles on the way back into the ring and he slammed Styles into the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Roode got a near fall. He continued to work over Styles and hit a firemen's carry flapjack for two. Roode went up top but Styles caught him and hit a superplex. Styles picked up the pace at this point and he hit a series of clotheslines before hitting a backbreaker.

Roode hit his spinebuster for a near fall. Roode went for his fishermen's suplex but Styles reversed it into a back suplex. Styles went for his springboard 450 splash but Roode moved. Styles attempted the Styles Clash but Roode reversed it into the crossface.

Styles got out of the hold and hit a springboard forearm for a near fall. Roode low blowed Styles and the referee at once and he got a near fall for his efforts. Styles caught Roode with an enziguri. Roode begged off Styles and Styles responded by flipping him off and spearing him.

Styles low blowed Roode and sent him to the floor. Styles went for a suicide dive but Roode moved and Styles landed hard on his back.

Back in the ring, Roode hit his fishermen's suplex for a great near fall. He went for another but ate a Pele kick from Styles. Styles went for the Styles Clash, Roode reversed it into a roll-up and grabbed the tights for the win.

Ryan's Rant: I don't know what it is, but I hate seeing a long, well-wrestled match end with a roll-up. It just feels like a waste. Like is aid, this match was very well-wrestled and both men worked their asses off, but that cheap finish was just annoying.

Overall, this was a show that featured some well-wrestled matches, too much overbooking, and ended up feeling like an edition of Impact with an extra hour. That's my biggest complaint about TNA PPVs, they simply don’t do enough to make the PPVs feel special. It's annoying to spend forty bucks on a show only to feel you could get your fix for free every week for free. What's worse, when TNA spends the last few weeks before a PPV on the road and we come back to the Impact Zone from those shows, it actually makes the PPV look like a cheaper product than the weekly show.

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