TNA News: New X Division rules announced

Mar 21, 2013 - 09:16 PM

TNA announced new X Division rules on Impact tonight. The rules are as follows according to TNA's Twitter feed:

-230 pound weight limit

-Ever match is a triple threat match.

-The winner of X Division title matches are the champions, the person involved in the fall is eliminated from next title match. The person not involved in the fall will be in the next title match with the champion and a new third person.

-That third person is decided by a triple threat match between the loser in the title match and two other X Division stars.

Shore's Slant: To use tonight's match as an example, Kenny King pinned Sonjay Dutt, while Zema Ion wasn't involved in the fall. King will face Ion and the winner of a triple threat match between Sonjay Dutt and two other X Division guys. It may sound a little complicated when read, but I think everyone will pick up on it quickly. I like the idea of a gimmicked division in wrestling. It makes the title mean so much more because you have to win it in a different way than all the other titles out there, and in this case, I think the match type supports the style of wrestling in the X Division. Good move.

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