TNA News: More details on Kurt Angle's arrest, plus mug shots

Aug 2, 2013 - 05:26 PM

After several emails and research, the "2nd" in the charge does indeed mean that Angle has been charged with a second DWI violation based on a prior conviction. The previous violation does not have to have occurred in Texas for it to be a second offense. As previously reported, Angle was arrested twice in 2011 for alcohol related traffic violations, but plead both down to reckless driving. He was also arrested in 2007 in Pennsylvania, but was found not guilty of those charges. [Thanks to Dot Net readers Dan, Jeff, and Chris (who is a cop)]

TMZ also has his mug shots available at

Shore's Slant: What a mess. As best I can tell, this is Angle's 4th DUI/DWI type charge, but he has never been convicted so I'm not sure how a 2nd charge can hold here, and our Texas cop Chris even said it could have been an error--based on those previous charges--that is dropped to a first offense once it gets to court. No matter the charge, TNA needs to step in at some point. Four DUI charges is four too many and something needs to be done immediately.

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