TNA News: Kurt Angle says WWE kept TNA out of Pittsburgh market

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Apr 24, 2013 - 05:02 PM

TNA star Kurt Angle spoke with CBS radio Pittsburgh as hype for tomorrow's TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Indiana, PA. Angle spoke on many topics, including his health--which he says is "100 percent"--but the biggest statement might be that WWE blocked TNA from running in the Pittsburgh market. Angle said, "Due to some issues with the other company, we really couldn't book any venues in Pittsburgh." You can listen to the appearance at

Shore's Slant: This is no real surprise as the word going around when TNA announced going on the road that WWE was flexing its muscle to make things difficult for TNA. WWE is within their legal right to do show as many contracts with venues include exclusivity clauses, but it doesn't make it any less dirty. If TNA is no legitimate threat to WWE, as has been claimed, then WWE should leave them alone.

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