TNA News: Kurt Angle continues to make the rounds on behalf of amateur wrestling

Posted in: TNA News
Feb 16, 2013 - 03:10 PM

TNA star Kurt Angle continued to make the rounds in support of amateur wrestling after the IOC dropped wrestling from the Olympics in 2020. Angle pointed out that the Olympic level is the most important, saying "That changed my whole life. I won the World Championships in 1995, and nobody heard about it. In amateur wrestling, that's just as big as winning an Olympic gold medal. It doesn't mean nearly as much, because the Olympics is the pinnacle of sport. So, the value of Kurt Angle and my brand went up when I won the Olympics." You can read the full story at

Shore's Slant: Angle points out the fact that WWE rarely uses Jack Swagger's All-American status from college as proof of his claims. Um, he is aware that Swagger wrestled forever under "The All-American American," right? Don't get me wrong, his basic point is right, but he picked the wrong guy to make an analogy with.

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