TNA News: King Mo Lawal says MMA is becoming a fad, claims wrestling training is "three times harder" than MMA training

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Oct 24, 2012 - 12:02 PM

TNA personality, and Bellator fighter, King Mo Lawal told Bleacher Report that he feels like MMA is becoming a fad, saying "It starts with the way the fans don't think for themselves. They have to look to certain people for approval on how they think. They bash the fighters and think fighting is easier than it really is. A lot of people didn't grow up fighting. They grew up playing football and basketball. So they can relate to missing a pass, a layup, free throws and dropping a pass, an interception or kicking a field goal. MMA fans never grew up fighting. They just put on their Affliction or Tapout shirts and say, 'Hey I'm a fighter or hey I'm going to a fight.' To me, it's a joke. It is a certain demographic that's involved and I'm not with that."

Lawal also said that training for wrestling is harder than training for MMA. "I'm going to tell you this. Pro wrestling training is three times harder than MMA. It's harder because of the psychology, the positioning, the bumps, hitting the ropes and cutting promos." You can read the full interview at

Shore's Slant: I don't understand why he made these comments on MMA. This is not going to do well for Lawal's career in the sport. Trashing the sport is only going to add to the problems he has created by working in wrestling while also working in MMA and "blurring the line" as it were. I hope he learns a lot about wrestling, because that may be the only outlet he has if he keeps insulting MMA fans.

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